Top Reasons, Why Android Apps Are Ruling

An Android, is known as a dynamic market platform which is appearing as the most rapidly growing channel. In today’s era, smartphones have become a basic need of the audience to live in this modernized world. The demand for smartphones is rising roughly, and the most important thing among this is, Android phones have already defeated Apple in 2017 with the massive number of availability.

From a business point of view, generating an android application for an enterprise, startup or an old business agency is a supreme choice. There are hundreds of thousands of applications which are featured on Google Play-Store, they deliver more flexibility into a user lifestyle.

A report says, “In 2016 android users crossed a figure of 2 billion monthly active users with more than 80 billion yearly downloaded apps”.

Let’s bound together to take a look at why Android is a mega platform;

Free Of Cost:

The most interesting thing about the dynamic android platform is, it is an open source platform. It means that an Android SDK (software development kit) can be utilized without worrying about the costs. A developer can communicate with any Android development channel for the upcoming release versions. Through which they can use those plugins into android application developing projects.

Dynamic Graphics:

It offers a vast range of graphical designs. As compare to others, Android has many high-quality graphic designs with superlative designing features. This is the reason when any game app development comes up, project managers almost always prioritize android. It works out as the most magnificent platform for splendid and superlative graphic design. Such android app channels deliver to develop the foremost 2D and 3D graphics which obviously engage audience towards its detailing.

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Rapid Massive ROI:

As mentioned earlier that Android software development kit allows a user to develop some of the splendid mobile apps with significantly lower developing cost. Also, app development cost can be divided into 3 multiple ways; development, testing and launching. All the developing firms have to pay one time of registration fee for the distribution of mobile apps. Doesn’t matter if you are building Android app from a Dell, HP or any else computer device, it permits all computer devices for developing and testing a project on their smartphones, certifying low investment and increase the engagement among an audience. Eventually, an audience can get a highly interactive mobile app through which the investor or owner will gain a rapid return on investment.

More Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Apps Supported:

It must be very interesting to know that Android delivers best virtual reality results as compared to all other mobile phone devices. Android users can enjoy modernized and rich quality service through their phones. Just imagine, a real live app on your phone which is delivering dynamic results through its best graphic card and processor.

According to a report, Android phones will develop their own virtual glasses soon they will generate a marvellous systematic tool, but also no one knows what Apple will come up with as compared to this.

Users can find numbers of mobile apps with same accessibility and functionality which make Android rules on the platform of mobile applications like a triumphant king.

Extremely Customizable:

Obviously, users’ interference can make or break an apps’ proficiency. In comparability with iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, the Android applications are highly customizable and swift to manage. Its features are highly focused on developing the users interface customizable to help developing firms to generate custom android applications for companies, entrepreneurs or any other business channel. With being free of cost program, it allows developers to give a life of their desires and fantasies by generating a remarkable and superlative mobile app which can attract an audience through its innovation. Android app developers offer a vast range of customizable options to the users including entire data management features, e-commerce features, and multimedia plugins.

Number Of Sale Mediums:

Diversified from other mobile apps platforms, Android applications can be easily utilized in multiple ways. An employer does not have to communicate on a single market channel for distributing the apps. It’s not necessary that an employer must sell his app on Google Play Store, they also have an access to sell their app to any other third party, and even an employer can create his very own sales and distribution channel. It’s simple a developer can build it, and he can publish it whenever he wants. With targeted audience or specific audience, an employer can make his own marketing strategy which surely spreads its availability on a number of channels.

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Swift In Adoption:

Mainly Android applications are coded through Java software programming language which holds a rich and huge set of libraries. A developer who is familiar with Java coding will easily generate mobile app. In a survey, a huge number of developers from different countries showed us that Java experts can swiftly code applications for Android in comparability to programmers with the hold on other coded languages.

World’s Most Popular Platform:

More than 80% of mobile devices are connected to an Android platform as it creates enormous scope for app development future. Its user-friendly platform has boosted its popularity among the developers and those firms who want to do innovative creativity. The number of android application users is rising day by day. Consequently, the developers of its platform are enjoying the advantages by getting heavy usage of their creativity. Now such type of functionality has made it highly popularized platform.

An Ending Statement:

In this blog, we talked about why Android applications are ruling over their competitors. To create superlative android apps, including augmented reality and virtual reality applications you may find numerous development companies but for choosing the best android app development company, you must grasp the services of Appedology. It has achieved dynamic victories on the platform of developing mobile apps.


Ajay Dalal
Owner at Dricki
Ajay Dalal is founder of Etalk Tech and Dricki ( Digital Marketing Agency ) . Also working as a Freelancer on Upwork Help business owners to grow their business and increase ROI.

Working in this field from Last 7 years and served hundreds of clients. Passionate about digitization, new technology and Gadgets.

Ajay Dalal

Ajay Dalal is founder of Etalk Tech and Dricki ( Digital Marketing Agency ) . Also working as a Freelancer on Upwork Help business owners to grow their business and increase ROI. Working in this field from Last 7 years and served hundreds of clients. Passionate about digitization, new technology and Gadgets.