Best Mixtapes Apps for Android and IOS

10 Best Free Mixtapes Apps For Android & iOS 2022

1. What is mixtape app?

Mixtape is a music application that lets users create playlists of songs they want to hear. You can add songs to your playlist by searching online using keywords, listening to songs via streaming services, or downloading them from iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, etc. Mixtape also offers features like shuffle mode, repeat mode, and shuffle album mode.

2. Is there an app for mixtapes?

Yes! There are numbers of app available on Google play store and Apple store, where you can create playlists based on music genres. You can search for songs using keywords, artists, albums, etc. Then add them to your playlist. You can share your playlists with friends and they can listen to them.

3. How do you make a mixtape playlist?

1. Create a list of songs that you want to hear while working out.

2. Add music that makes you feel good.

3. Play the song that gets you pumped!

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have a complete playlist.

4. Where can I download mixtapes for Iphone & Android?

We have listed the most popular mixtapes app for android and Iphone users from where they can download.

Top 10 Best Free Mixtapes Apps of All the Time for Android & Iphone

1. Mixcloud – Music, Mixes & Live

With Mixcloud, you can play, share and make money from music. You may play any type of music on Mixcloud, create communities, and receive direct payment. The music copyright is taken care of for you by us.

This is the only streaming platform that handles music copyright for you. People can come together on Mixcloud to support audio culture. People gather here to listen intently to music of many genres, tastes, and scenes.

Key features:

  • Publish across multiple platform
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Global audience
  • Creator first policy

Downloads: 5M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.6, 123K

Get Mixcloud-Music, mixes & Live for Android

Get Mixcloud-Music, mixes & live for IOS

2. DaMixhub – Mixtapes & Music

The best website for listening to and downloading hip-hop music and mixtapes is DaMixhub. We’ll make it possible for fans and artists to connect in new ways. Come along on the ride. Feel the seduction.

Key Features:

  • A sizable collection of songs and mixtapes. Get the most recent information and classics that you don’t want to forget.
  • A sleek audio player enables users to stream music nonstop while on the go. Download a tonne of songs at lightning-fast rates.
  • Save your preferred mixtapes and make as many playlists as you want. Keep your playlists safe and sync them across all of your devices.

The app has basic as well as premium membership.

Downloads: 1M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.1, 52.7K

Get DaMixhub-Mixtap for android users

Get DaMixhub-Mixtap for IPhone

3. My Mixtapez: Music & Podcasts

The top music and technology portal is called My Mixtapez. Millions of people use our mobile app daily to look for the newest music and news. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get their attention.

All of the hip-hop music community can access songs and news through My Mixtapez. Learn about the hip-hop and rap industry, listen to music from independent artists in a variety of genres, and choose the sound that most appeals to you.

Listen to carefully tailored playlists of the hottest new music from your favourite artists wherever you are. We offer you the most authentic and complete rap listening experience.

Downloads: 10M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.5, 342K

Get MyMixtapez-Music & Podcasts for Android

Get MyMixtapez for IOS

4. Audiomack: Music Downloader

The app is Free for android and IOS users. It is limitless, free music sharing app for Artists, tastemakers, lables and fans.

With video material, playlists, picture essays, and interviews from New York to the cosmos and back, Audiomack expands globally to advance music.

You can listen to as many new or popular mixtapes and full songs as you want. Be the first among your friends to know what is coming up.

  • Download complete albums and songs to listen to them offline, without using data or wifi.
  • Unlimited streaming and listening – play as many complete Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, Electronic, Reggae, and dancehall tracks as you like.

Downloads: 50M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.6, 2.5M

Download Audiomack for Android

Download Audiomack- music downloader for Apple

5. DigitalDripped Music, Mixtapes & Videos

Your favourite Hip-Hop, R&B, and EDM artists have new tracks, videos, and mixtapes that are updated every day.

Check out our Top Songs section to find the most popular songs on our platform now, this week, this month, and ever.

Visit our trending section to find the newest Hip Hop, R&B, and EDM music and videos.

Downloads: 50K+

Get Digital Dripped for Android

Download Digital Dripped for IOS

6. Mixtape Music Player

The Mixtape Music player is based on the folder structure in addition to the artists or albums. You may quickly search for relevant online music videos/MVs by artist or track with the help of Mixtape Music Player, which will help you locate all the music files in a matter of seconds.

You will have the finest user experience if you mix the more appealing and user-friendly User Interface with the clear and simple layouts.

Downloads: 1K+

Reviews and Ratings: 5.0, 31

Download Mixtape Music player for Android

Download Mixtape Music Player for IOS

7. edjing Mix – Music DJ app

edjing Mix, a brand-new iteration of the popular DJ programme that has been overhauled to ensure even higher performance. Turn your phone in DJ with this best app.

Developed in collaboration with professional DJs, edjing Mix pushes the boundaries of mobile DJing by giving you unrestricted creative freedom.

Access millions of music from SoundCloud, Tidal, and all of your local folders, remix them in a flash with more than 20 DJ effects, and more. Not to mention the sampler and hardware integration to push the limits of mobile DJing even farther.

Downloads: 50M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.4, 1.35M

Get edjing Mix for music recording, Download for Android

Get edjing Mix for IOS

8. Groovepad – music & beat maker

Groovepad is an intuitive music-making tool that will undoubtedly inspire the musician in you. Some of its outstanding attributes include: – A sizable library of unusual and eccentric soundtracks where you may start by searching for your preferred songs. Hip-hop, EDM, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trap, Electronic, and more are some of the most well-liked genres. Create your own music or mixtapes using Groovepad.

  • To produce top-notch music that seamlessly combines all the sounds, use Live Loops.
  • You can revive the party with the help of fantastic FX effects like filter, flanger, reverb, and delay using nothing but the music from your drum pad app.
  • Share your works with others, and use your DJ skills to astonish and inspire your loved ones.

Downloads: 50M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.6, 1.59M

Get Groovepad-music and beat maker for Android users

Get Groovepad music maker app for IOS

9. LiveMixtapes – Hip-Hop Mixtapes, Music & Playlists

Streaming and downloading of your favourite mixtapes is made possible with the best mixtape app. There is just one official, fully functional app available in any market. Of any mixtape outlet of the greatest calibre, we deliver you the most exclusive global premieres. Only one mixtape website,, continues to offer all of your favourite mixtapes across all genres. All of our mixtapes are available to you for free with a few minimal commercials on this, our first mixtape app! The finest mixtape streaming quality available with no waiting for downloads!

Downloads: 1M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.3, 20.1K

Get LiveMixtapes-Hip Hop Mixtapes for Android

Get LiveMix tapes-Hip Hop Mixtapes for IOS

10. Spinrilla – Hip-Hop Mixtapes & Music

Hip-hop mixtapes 800-lb gorilla is Spinrilla. The first mixtape music app in the world, Spinrilla offers nonstop hip-hop music. Learn about independent and up-and-coming hip-hop artists, and be the first to hear the next big song.

Everyone dropped first on Spinrilla, starting with Lil Nas X, MoneyBagg Yo, and Lil Uzi Vert. With new tracks from your favourite underground artists being added every day, Spinrilla puts one of the largest independent hip-hop archives in your palm.

Downloads: 1Cr+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.5, 93.6T

Get Spinrilla-Hip Hop Mixtapes & Tapes for Android

Get Spinrilla Music making App for IOS