10 Biggest Logo Design Trends for 2021

You do not need rocket science to analyze the ‘tick mark’  on a pair of shoes to connect them with Nike. The sketch of ‘Uncle Sanders’ tells you from afar that a KFC is approaching. 

Logos are a creative representation of a business. So, you should not mistake them as an image that is part of a brand, just for the sake of having one. And, exceptional logos tend to attract user attention, like few other factors. There are several on-demand app benefits and logos help bring them to a forefront with effective marketing.

Similarly, bad logo designs tend to take away much more from a business, than just its aesthetic value. It might make a brand unattractive to its prospective customers, leading to direct loss of sales; apart from the loss in terms of brand value. For instance, the ‘bing logo’ from the Microsoft teams was condemned by designers the world over, in terms of the lack in its design innovations, and aesthetic value.

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As a  business, you would need a logo design that successfully helps you excite your customers. It should thus:

You could choose to develop a Wordmark (a logo made of only text), brand marks (logos with an image that tell the brand story), combination marks (a combination of images with brand names), emblems (combination marks with innovative fonts that make logos look like brand emblems) or letter marks (abbreviations or stylized fonts with focus on initials) for your business, as you please. Just make sure, the above-stated pointers are well included.

Why does your business need a logo?

Let us now analyze what could a well-designed logo build into your business presence:

  1. Helps enhance brand recognition: A well-designed logo becomes the first thing about a business, that viewers see and first impressions do matter. In course of time, logos tend to develop into images and emblems that viewers begin connecting a brand with.
  1. Viewers tend to retain them better: It is a well-proven fact that humans tend to retain images and audios, up to 10% better in comparison to text or simply written brand names. This diagram is proof:

So, if you are a new business, that requires image recognition with your tentative market, you cannot miss out on the enormous benefits of having a well-designed business logo.

Logo Design Trends that you should be aware of before you build your logo

If you had thought that finalizing a logo is easy and you could do it yourself instantly, you are sadly mistaken, my friend.  Logo development requires the indulgence of designers amongst the various design options and then sieve out the ones that are the most closely related to a brand’s mission and vision.  Let us now track the latest logo designs that you  might include as an intrinsic part of your logos:

1.  Perspective Drawings:

When looking for your perfect logo design, you must ensure that it looks and feels the part it is meant to be for your business; and perspective drawings help in achieving just that. With an added edge of 3-dimensional image developments within a 2-dimensional plane.  It sorts of gives depth to an image, making it showcase the business story.

For instance,  the above-stated AT and T logo describes the services of the brand in one go. Its blue lines across the globe mark its presence in terms of telecommunications all over. But, it nowhere includes a physical telephone, as the company offers much more than telephonic services. The mission and vision of the company ’to connect the people the world over is signified within its scope. 

2.  Dynamic Logos:

A dynamic logo is a simple logo that can be customized as per the viewer’s likings or as per the context of the environment. For Instance: Have you seen the ’Google Logo’ on its home page. Its team tends to reimagine and reconstruct it in several ways as per the topics they wish to iterate.

You can change the color, shape, or fonts as you may want in course of time, to make it better suited for the context you’re going to use it.

Also, remember that utilizing a dynamic logo for your business does not mean you necessarily need a different logo for every time your company is going to communicate with your audience. Also, while working with dynamic logos, to keep the consistency intact; you must keep some basic elements untouched. Logo designers should have a marked idea of the elements that stay the same and the ones that change. Dynamic Logos are good for businesses as they tend to provide a sense of versatility and adaptability to the marketing strategies of your business.

3.  Stained Glass Design

There are several logo designers out there who look for ways to somehow include a touch of the Midas medieval times within their logos. Stained Glass logo designs successfully deliver this depth of thought.

The inclusion of colorful images into glass-paint-like solid color trends within contemporary designs seems to give them an added depth of character. They tend to lend a touch of the classic abstract to an otherwise ordinary-looking concept.

Stained glass is also associated with sanctity given its roots in the medieval church. The trend is thus, often used to focus on the symbolism of beautiful vistas of nature, including its purity and sanctity. The trend is expected to gain further popularity in 2021.

4.  Minimalistic text-based logo designs

One of the best logo designs, it is still the minimalist wordmark trend that includes publishing of brand names in various styles.

Minimalism comes in all shapes and sizes and is always evolving.  With its basic distinctive features include clean lines, elementary shapes and simple colors; these designs tend to give businesses a contemporary feel.

As you incorporate more elements, logos get harder and harder to recall. Simple and minimalist designs are so famous amongst businesses globally because they are easier to look at and remember. For small businesses as well, minimalist logos are also more time- and cost-efficient as most of these designs have a longer staying power and are less costly to print. It is thus touted to be a rage in the coming times.

5.  Text Destruction

Another common logo design technique taking prominence these days is printing brand names with destructed texts.

Removing an alphabet or a part of an alphabet is a common design for logo development as it helps to pique the creativity of the logo designers (by playing with fonts as well as their shapes and designs) as well as the interest of the viewers. However, the brand name, at the end of the day, stays crystal clear and the brand name tends to resonate within the viewer’s mind for a  longer time.

6.  Soft Sans Serif fonts in soft colored backgrounds

This is another logo design trend that tends to keep the minimalism feel intact, yet provide it with a  contemporary outlook.

2020 has been an overall stressful year with the covid-19 pandemic and its ill-effects. Soft-looking brand logos with sans serif text (text with soft curves and no edges) within soft colored backgrounds seems to somehow relieve this stress. 

Shades of jade green, buttercup yellow, mauve, lavender, rose, and periwinkle blue are calming hues that are known to soothe the eye and thus, appear more frequently in logo design. We are expecting the trend to continue for quite some time now.

7.  Perfecting Portraiture

If you want your brand to stand out from the competition instantly, portraits should be your choice for a business logo. As the business owner, you could even get a sketch of yourself and turn it into your logo.  Remember, the famous Uncle Sanders portrait logo for KFC?

Portraits help to differentiate the brand from its competitors in the first instance itself and also  deletes all issues related to plagiarism in the coming time. It also tends to enhance a brand’s emotional connectivity with its users.  These portraits are easy to develop, using online tools and can be used to reflect diverse races, cultures, genders, age groups, etc. Portrait logos also tend to create an authentic and real impression for businesses, which helps people connect with a brand instantly.

8.  Unique characters

This design trend for logos has been quite famous in the current times and is set to further grow in 2021. From a rat-playing doctor to a flamboyant donut dandy, caricatures are being utilized by several developers to attract viewership through exaggerated humor.

Caricature logos especially find liking within businesses that deal in lifestyle choices, comfort,  entertainment, etc. They tend to put their business audiences at ease, with an overall feel like they’ve found a friend instead of a brand.

9.  Colorful Logos

If you want to attract user attraction instantly, you should be looking to inculcate colorful logo designs for your business.

Vivid and bright, color combinations are a sure way for a logo to make the instant ‘wow’  impact. It makes a business look bold and brassy. It is a sure-shot way to stand out from the competition. Defying old color standards also ensures a bold and modern look for the brand altogether. This logo design standard is thus, sure to stay within the frameworks of several businesses in the times to come. Now, if we take another perspective of displaying colors into the logos, take the example of Facebook among a few top social apps. Facebook keeps its theme blue as the founder Mark is colorblinded. Therefore, the theme blue is used to make it friendly for colorblinded users.

10.              Geometric Designs

An interesting design idea for logos is to utilize geometric shapes like straight lines, squares, triangles, etc. to form informational images that successfully narrate brand stories.

Simple geometric shapes tend to have a creative prowess of their own that effectively helps developers and logo creators develop impressive logos. This strict adherence to shape minimalism in these logos provides them with an air of minimalistic appeal. The developers might herein take liberties elsewhere—such as in richly saturated colors. Simple layering atop these geometric designs may help designers to create an illusion of structure and depth. The trend is sure to witness more usage in 2021.

If possible, get the Logo designer

There is various DIY logo designing tools available online that can help you develop your business logos. But, mostly than not, these software’s tend to dish out logos in a mechanical manner. Hiring a logo designer might be a bit pricey, but they tend to ensure you would have a logo well worth the brand image of your business and client’s time. You can also refer to already existing design ideas on platforms such as Instagram. Moreover, you can use tools such as best Instagram savers and forward your favorite designs to the graphic designer to recreate. We sincerely hope that the above-stated design trends will help you finalize your logo design!

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