12 Best Freestyle Raping Apps | Best Free Apps for Rappers | Download Studio Rap apps for Android

In today’s technology world, nothing left which does not come under the umbrella of internet. We are talking about the music industry especially that is designed for Rappers. There are lots of apps and sites designed for rappers to create great lyrics and ideas associated with music raps.

With the help of apps and sites, it has become easier for them to find best Lyrical ideas, find beats for rap over, and make their own beats, getting ideas of new rap and tune. How easy it has become for them.

In spite of all the stuff available on internet, people have lots of queries about how to use these apps, How to make beats and many more. We will try to figure out all the searches of people.

1. What do rappers use to make beats?

Music is produced by beat makers using older songs and albums. Beatmakers are persons who essentially only sample the music of other artists or purchase online loops, slice it up, and then create something fresh from it. Really, they don’t write any original songs. The drums and/or bass are the sole instruments they most likely compose. A rapper is a creative person, who may write lyrics or compose music.

2. How do I start to write a rap song?

All the things start with the great idea of a rap song.

Write Lyrics that fits with the music beats.

Practice and Practice with any of below listed apps.

Memorize and you will get it right.

3. Is making beats easy?

Nothing comes easy in life; making beats also. It all requires the control over song, your grip and confidence with the beats. With your imagination and small tools you can make beautiful beats. Use the below listed apps for practice and improving your beats skills.

So, in this article we are discussing about the latest and real music based Rap Apps that will help rappers to identify their real potential.

Here are the list 12 Best Freestyle Raping apps for Rappers.

1. Rap Fame – Rap Music Studio: Best App for Rappers

Recording studio for rap made with the rapper in mind. It is designed with rappers, rap artists, and hip-hop fans in mind. The rap app is constantly creating new features for music studios. Everything you do should be rap-related.

The Best Studio for Recording Music has following features:

  • Freestyle and record raps in the Rap Studio with Audio Effects.
  • Over master rap beat producers’ beats.

Downloads: 10M+

Ratings and Reviews: 4.2, 118K

Download Rap Fame for music rappers

2. AutoRap by Smule: Rap to Beats-Freestyle Raping App for Android:

You always have a platform to share your raps and rhymes using AutoRap. Use great beats to create something original, or use your voice to recreate your favourite rap album. Choose from more than 5000 beats by well-known musicians like Cardi B, Post Malone, Drake, Eminem, and Dr. Dre, as well as our own AutoRap “Originals” and a tonne more beats that other rap artists and producers have shared in the community. Create an audience for your raps, share them with friends, and take pleasure in competing against other artists.


  • Mobile recording studio: Record a rap song quickly and easily, no experience necessary.
  • Enhance your rap records with self-expression-focused audio and video effects.
  • FREE Beats and Instrumentals: Select from more than 5000 beats produced by well-known musicians, AutoRap Originals, and local producers.
  • Freestyle: Hone your freestyle verses and demonstrate your rap prowess.
  • Share on social media: Promote your music on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other platforms.

Downloads: 1 Cr+

Ratings and Reviews: 4.0, 4.56L

Download Autorap By Smule best app for Rappers

3. Music Maker JAM: Beatmaker app for freestyle rappers

Music Maker JAM is a free beat-making and music-making programme for DJs, producers, and other music creators. Create or remix music beats and songs utilising loops from a number of musical genres, such as Trap, EDM, Rap, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, House, Pop, Rock, and more with Music Maker JAM, an intuitive song-making tool.

This is the ideal way to create music without being a member of a garage band, whether you’re an expert beat creator or just starting out. JAM the music maker is like to holding your own recording studio in your palms.


  • Create music or remix existing songs: More than 500,000 loops are available in more than 300 Mix Packs.
  • Put your own spin on it: The list of available musical genres is limitless and includes Trap, EDM, Rap, Hip-Hop, House, Pop, Rock, Dubstep, Jazz, Latin, Techno, DnB, and many more.

Downloads: 10M+

Ratings and Reviews: 4.4, 731K

Download Music maker JAM app for rap studio

4. BARS – Rapper’s Delight Launched by Facebook:

A brand-new app called BARS makes it simple and enjoyable to make a high-quality rap. No formal rap training is necessary; regardless of how long you’ve been freestyling for, you can still produce outstanding music. Try it right away!

The New Product Experimentation team at Meta created BARS. To use BARS, you must be 13 or older.

Ratings: 4.8

Download BARS Rap App by Facebook for Iphone users

5. Rapchat: Auto Tune Music Maker- Freestyle Rap Studio app

Rapchat is the simplest platform used by millions of people worldwide to record and create music.

This software is for you if you want to compose music with your pals for pleasure or if you’re a musician who is serious about your career.


  • Mobile song maker and recording studio with vocal effects and auto mastering
  • 150,000+ free instrumentals and beats
  • Community of 10 million music creators worldwide
  • Music video sharing to anywhere including Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and Soundcloud
  • Exclusive competitions and freestyle rap challenges for song creators to win prizes and get discovered – featured feed of awesome songs created on the app recording studio from music creators around the world.

Downloads: 1M+

Ratings and Reviews: 4.1, 47.2K

Download Rap Chat Auto Tune for Android

6. BattleMe – Rap Battle Arena & Recording Studio App


Our cutting-edge platform gives you the option to battle random or chosen opponents.

Open, blind, acapella, audio, or video combat

Who will judge you: the general public or judges you choose?

It’s time to rule the rap game!


  • On-the-go recording of freestyle rap battles!
  • Select judges or make the process public.
  • Use Free Beats or Acapella instead.
  • With auto vocal tune effects, rap studio
  • Discussion of rap music and battleme in the global public chat
  • Top Charts listing the top rap battle video games

Downloads: 500K+

Ratings and Reviews: 4.3, 5.44K

Download Battle me for best rap studio apps

7.Self Rap – Record hip hop beat – freestyle rap app:

Using the autorap creator software, you can RAP. Write song lyrics, begin vocal recording with background tracks in a hip-hop studio, and triumph in the rap battle!

Take a professional voice lesson, learn to rap, and learn to sing… or challenge me using the autorap creator app feature!

FLOW AND RECORD – write your rap with words and a background track, or record some freestyle rapping to prepare for any rap fight.

The social music prediction community for fans of hip-hop and rap is called HIP-HOP COMMUNITY FOR MCs.

The best rapping app and hip-hop backing tracks.

Downloads: 100K+

Ratings and Reviews: 3.9, 319

Download Self Rap Record hip hop beat for rappers

8. Rap Music Studio with beats – Freestyle Rap Maker for Android

One of the best applications for creating professional rap music is Rap Maker, a rap music studio with beats. With this Rap Music Studio with Beats – Rap Maker programme, creating a rap audio is quite easy. You can create a rap song with your own voice using the platform provided by Rap Maker, a rap music studio with beats. You can record your own music with the pre-installed music beats in this Rap Music Studio with Beats – Rap Maker programme. Rap Maker’s own audio library is utilised to create stunning rap audios in the Rap Music Studio with Beats programme. With the help of this Rap Music Studio with Beats – Rap Maker programme, you may mix some mind-blowing musical rhythms to create your own rap beats.

Downloads: 500K+

Ratings and Reviews: 4.2, 1.8K

Download Rap Music Studio with beats free best rap apps for android

9. Freestyle – Apps for Rappers Rap

In order to help you create a seamless rap, Freestyle offers you rhymes and images that have been approved by other users.

Simply choose a language and a beat, and then hit Play! The music for your rhythm will begin, and you can rap along to the supplied rhymes. Additionally, images display on the screen for your inspiration.

Downloads: 100K+

Ratings and Reviews: 3.9, 795

Download Freestyle rap app for rapper

10. Rap Music-The best Rap app:

The Rap music is the greatest rap music available for free on your smartphone (phone and tablet) android

For all rap music fans, free of charge, with a live stream of more than 400 rap songs every single day.

Rap music for free is a service that offers the most popular forms of rap music, hip hop free music, Spanish radio rap, radio rap, and other contemporary musical genres. The radios in the list are diverse.

With Spanish rap radio; your smartphone is transformed into a true source of excitement and enjoyment. You can also listen to a wide range of songs from all the best rap musicians.


  1. Interface that is sleek and contemporary;
  2. Favorite’s option;
  3. Timer (automatic shutdown)

Downloads: 100K+

Ratings and Reviews: 4.7,589

Download Rap Music app for free

11. Rap to Beats- Free Rap music app

Rap to Beats is made to allow you to practice anywhere, without setting up any equipment, and to improve your abilities and outlook.

The Demo Tape folder in your Music folder will be where files will be saved on your device. Earlier versions were saved to your root storage under Demo Tape. So why are you still waiting? Give the world a taste of your talent by sending your raps to Beats right away.


  • Free version, ad-supported, has restrictions, and uses the device’s microphone to record.
  • Add lyric pad Make, save, and distribute lyrics
  • Move data to an SD card,
  • A compact app,
  • Available New languages Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and German

Downloads: 1M+

Ratings and Reviews: 3.5,18.1K

Download Rap to beats best music rap apps for Quality studio beats

12. Rap Maker- Recording Studio:

The Rap Maker collection offers a wide variety of top-notch tracks, and a potent auto voice tune will let you adjust your voice.

Within a minute, record your voice over the typebeats and send it to your pals!

You may import them and rap over them if you already have your own.

This programme allows you complete control over the voice effects, making it your actual professional studio.

Rap Maker is a royalty-free app, so you can distribute your best songs wherever you like!


  • Large and excellent type beats
  • A beat collection featuring high-quality samples and stems produced by renowned sound designers that is royalty-free.
  • Import your own beats
  • New regular content

Downloads: 1M+

Ratings and Reviews: 3.8, 4.51K

Download Rap Maker recording studio for rapping