3 Best Agencies for Digital Transformation and Extended Reality

Are you trying to find the best Canadian digital transformation and extended reality app development companies? In addition to changing how you connect with your consumers, AR and VR technologies may also be used to measure service performance, deal with staff turnover, and improve product quality and responsiveness. Therefore, you need to work with capable AR developers in Canada to provide comprehensive solutions that address these complex business-related issues. To help you find the ideal business fit, we compiled a list of the Top 3 Canadian virtual reality companies. Find the best digital experience and extended reality development agency in Canada with this list, and then select the one that suits and meets your business needs.


Aequilibrium is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based, multi-award-winning provider of digital services and consultancy, and they’re here to help you succeed online as aequilibrium.com.

AEQ is truly entrepreneurial. They are striving to be leaders in this field and going for it. As a result, they \ were awarded many industry awards, which signified that they a

re focusing on the right stuff – sharpening their craft and hiring the right people.

Aequilibrium has been helping organizations embrace their potential since 2012. The fintech, healthcare, retail, high-tech, and public sector industries are the real experts in digital transformations. They strike the ideal mix between technology and user experience design to tackle challenging business problems.

They are a dependable partner for banking, retail, and healthcare businesses, solving challenging issues in digital ecosystems. Their skilled automation engineers, cloud strategists, UX designers, and other professionals can modernize, enhance, or entirely change your digital operations.

They are renowned for their competence, agility, and quickness. Speed in terms of how they expedite the completion of your job and produce quick results. Flexibility in how we respond to your particular demands. Expertise on how their digital gurus get spot-on results you can shout from the rooftops. It is Canada’s most trusted and advanced digital experience and extended reality development agency.

Félix & Paul Studios:

Félix & Paul Studios aims to produce cinematic virtual reality experiences. The Montreal-based studio, led by filmmakers and visual artists Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael, has created a cutting-edge technology platform for virtual reality cinematography and a distinctive, avant-garde, and in-depth approach to the emerging field of virtual reality storytelling. It is one of Canada’s finest digital experience and extended reality development agencies.

The studio’s works set the industry’s highest standards for quality and provide viewers with an immersive feeling of presence, time, and place that any other form of media hasn’t matched. The two directors originally combined their creative energies in 2006 to create internationally acclaimed stereoscopic 3D movies, multimedia installations, and advertisements.

The proprietary 3D 360o camera and accompanying software that Félix and Paul developed today, along with a fully functional team of artists, software developers, and engineers, set the industry standard for the highest-quality VR filmmaking. As a result, audiences are invited into personal, visceral, and emotional cinematic experiences as producers of original content and content created in partnership with pre-existing intellectual assets.

A fully immersive sense of presence, time, and location are provided to viewers by this innovative type of storytelling that has yet to be accomplished on any other media platform. The company recently announced a content production relationship with Oculus. It also directed and co-produced Inside the Box of Kurios with Cirque du Soleil Media and Jurassic World: Apatosaurus with Universal Studios.

Félix & Paul Studios began as a two-person business in 2013 and has now expanded to a staff of twenty artisans actively working.


The majority of the mixed reality (XR) content that is currently available has been created by teams of highly skilled and technical professionals who have worked with professional 3D engines or have programming backgrounds. The amount of information is constrained because of the steep learning curve and challenging nature of producing XR.

The finest sandbox for non-programmers to create their own XR settings is StellarX, powered by OVA, which enables users to do so with just a few drag-and-drop operations. They believe there will be hundreds of millions of computer content makers, and XR makes this tremendously accessible to individuals, much as Minecraft enabled 70 million people to become 3D content creators.

StellarX is the enterprise’s route to totally accessible XR content development. Both the trend toward more user-friendly technologies and the quantity of 3D data they are now gathering are still current today.

Utilizing these assets is now simpler than ever, thanks to StellarX. At OVA, they’ve spent the last four years creating a top-notch sandbox that makes it simple for creators of 3D content to create virtual worlds.

The development of mixed reality, which requires 3D, is another trend driver. Their digital “things” will challenge the significance of our physical “stuff” as they spend more time online.

Amazon is the place to buy physical items, but there is a big opportunity in the market for digital goods. That’s why we believe it’s imperative to revitalize the production of 3D content.

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