4 Great Marketing Strategies for Health and Fitness Companies

The health and wellness industry is one of the fastest growing sectors right now, and there are lots of excellent opportunities for new businesses. However, health and fitness companies often struggle to get themselves noticed because there is a huge amount of competition. Whether you’re running a gym, a nutrition company, or a fitness equipment business, you will struggle unless you can find ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. These are some of the best marketing strategies to use.

Focus on Success Stories

When people invest money in health and fitness, it’s because they want to change something. They want to lose weight, get healthier, or improve their strength. So, you can give them all the information you want, but the thing they need to know is whether it will work or not. People are less concerned about how it works, as long as it does work. That’s why you should focus on success stories as much as possible. Encourage customers to share reviews with photos of their improvements. Seeing real-life results is far more convincing than any marketing materials you can create.

Give Useful Freebies

Boosting your brand is important if you want to cut through the noise and stand out from the competition. Health and fitness companies can do that by giving out useful freebies that help people on their wellness journey. Things like custom water bottles by Anthem Branding are perfect. Every time a person is exercising, they’re using a bottle with your brand on it. Other great ideas include food portioning tubs, exercise equipment, or workout clothes. Giving out these freebies increases brand awareness and helps you build trust with consumers.

Build an App

Building your own app is a brilliant way to entice new customers and add value to existing products and services. For example, if you sell fitness equipment, you can create an app filled with great workouts. Not only are you helping existing customers get more out of the product, but you are also showing new customers that you’re an authority in your area and demonstrating how your products can benefit them. Not to mention that you’re giving them something for free, which is always a bonus. Nutrition companies can do the same thing with recipe apps or calorie counting tools.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are the best digital marketing tool for health and wellness companies. There is a huge amount of health content on Instagram and your target audience uses the platform for finding workouts and recipes and sharing their progress. You need to leverage that audience by creating a winning Instagram ad campaign. Other social media platforms are still worth using, but Instagram should be your focus.

Starting a health and fitness business is tough because there are already so many established brands out there. Using these marketing methods will help you get ahead, but you need to think about what makes you different. If you can’t pinpoint the thing that sets you apart from the rest, you will struggle to get the business off the ground.