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7 Best FPS Browser Games in 2022

In all gaming genre FPS games are the most played games. If you are looking for best First Person Shooter (FPS) Games then you are on right page. Fps games are the best options if you like fast action games which require quick reflexes, better hand-eye coordination and capability to plan strategies. In this post we have shared top collection of FPS browser games:

1. Warmerise: Red vs. Blue

2. Krunker

3. Wolfenstein 3D

4. Mini Royal 2

5. Superhot

6. RushTeam

7. Bullet Force

1. Warmerise – Red vs. Blue: Best FPS Browser games    

Warmerise: Red vs. Blue is an online browser based First Person Shooter game with a futuristic theme.
You can directly play this fps game on browser, there is no need of any plug ins. This game provides a full 3d experience by using a new technology WebGL.

In this game you can play with the players all around the world. This game provides different weapons, maps and modes for dynamic gaming experience. You can purchase new items and weapons by game currency named as cash.

You can get cash by different ways:

  • By playing the game and gaining XP (XP Stands for Experience points)
  • By selling weapon skins
  • By purchasing Cash with real money


  • Three modes Team Death match, Elimination and Rambo
  • Have many weapons including carbines, UMP 40, plasma guns, rifles, A12s and more.
  • Multiplayer game play
  • Weapon skips, secondary weapons, capes, and other upgrades
  • Leader board

2. Krunker – FPS Browser Game

Another FPS Browser game is Krunker. If you want to play a game without downloading it then, Krunker is another fps game for the browser. This game have total 12 classes, each with different weapons -Triggerman (Assault Rifle),Hunter (Sniper Rifle), Run N Gun (SMG), Spray N Pray (LMG), Vince (Shotgun), Detective (Revolver), Marksman (Semi Auto), Rocketeer (Rocket Launcher), Agent (Akimbo Uzi), Runner (Combat Knife), Bowman (Crossbow), Commando (FAMAS).


  • Modes- Free-for-all (FFA), Team Deathmatch (TDM), Capture the Flag (CTF), Hardpoint (POINT)
  • Krunker has an in-game 3D Editor.
  • Krunker features community-created skins ( You can Learn Adobe Photoshop in context of making gun skins for the game) 

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3. Wolfenstein 3D – Shooting Browser Games

Wolfenstein is one of the earliest First person shooting game released in 1992 for MS-DOS developed by the legendary id Software and published by Apogee Software. This game has been called the “grandfather of 3D shooters Games. This game is based on an incident during World War II. In this game the player play a role of American spy William “B.J.” Blazkowicz. As William escapes from the Nazi German prison castle Wolfenstein and carries out a series of missions against the Nazis. The player is fighting against the soldiers and dogs of Nazi with guns and other weapons. After clearing each level of the game player have to kill the General Fettgesicht (chemical program head) and thus ending the Nazi`s chemical program.


  • Six episodes
  • Wolfenstein has three main weapons, the pistol, the machine gun and the chain gun.
  • Free to play and smooth graphics with realistic gaming experience.

4. Mini Royale 2 – Shooting Game

If you like Battle royal games like PUBG, COD, Fortnite then Mini Royal 2 is the best fps game for browser. It is a survival shooter game, in which 10 player from all over the world join and land with parachute to survive. During match player have to collect supplies and weapons than kill enemy and have to survive till last to become last man alive.


  • Multi weapons AK-47, UZI, M16A4, Sniper, Shotgun, smoke grenades, grenades, and many more
  • Chemical weapon effect
  • Parachute landing
  • Easy to use controls

5. Superhot – FPS Game

Superhot is a smash hit FPS game where you can smash your enemies with punches, by throwing guns and fire. Cinematic Slow Animations effect makes game outstanding. During game you have to snatch weapons from fallen enemies to shoot. Enemies are as red human shape. Time only moves when you move in this game.


  • Speed runs mode, Endless mode
  • More weapons
  • More stories

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6. Rush Team – FPS Team Game

Rush Team is objective based multiplayer FPS Team game. The game has been built on Unity, a 3D engine and Photon network engine. This game is more likely the FPP versions of shooting games, where player can test their shooting skills against the players of all over in the game. In this game player has an role of an infantryman; player get a knife, a pistols and get weapons by reaching higher levels. By completing objectives and killing enemies player can increase their game level.


  • 5 Game modes
  • You can change the character`s appearance
  • Levels to unlock equipments
  • Customizable inventory.

7. Bullet force – Multiplayer FPS Game

Bullet force is a famous Android Multiplayer game with over 10M+ Downloads. This is also the best fps game in browser. This game has made its way to the browser. You can play this game on every device. The game features multiple maps and modes to play. It`s a 20 player war game where you have to survive till last with your teammates. You can purchase weapons, RPG`s and much more.


  • 7 Modes- Gun game modes, Conquest, Free for All , TDM mode, Hardcore TDM, Hardcore FFA and VIP
  • Practice mode
  • Weapons customization
  • Over 20 weapons (including M4A1, Compact .45 or M67, CX Scorpio, MPX, MP5, and 870 MCS), multiple optics, lasers sights and attachments.
  • Kill streaks(special ability to use in the games)