A Guide To SOAP Notes: Why Chiropractors Use Them

Soap notes for chiropractors offer a structured technique for patient care in your clinic. Using an out-of-date EHR app makes it difficult for a practice to keep SOAP notes. This is because the practice will not be able to customize macros or perform instant syncing. Incorporating the Chiro800 EHR app allows you to include the SOAP notes to improve your performance. Here’s an explanation of what SOAP notes are and why they’re important in a chiropractor’s practice.

What are SOAP Notes?

SOAP notes are simply techniques of keeping records in a healthcare practice with details of patient diagnosis and treatment. SOAP initials stand for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan notes that help medical specialists follow a patient’s progress during treatment.

  • Subjective: This section describes the patient’s medical condition history and how the condition affects their daily operations. These details include the severity of pain, the nature of discomfort, the duration of the complaint, and so on.
  • Objective: This section assists in quantifying the patient’s comments. It also shows the findings and proofs of transitions since the previous visit.
  • Assessment: The assessment part of the SOAP notes allows you to point out opinions on the patient’s progress or decline. Here, the doctor can give their suggestions for advanced treatment, diagnosis change, and imaging outcome.
  • Plan: This is the treatment plan given to the patient during their appointment. For chiropractic spinal manipulation, the parts adjusted are added.

Why do Chiropractors use SOAP Notes?

SOAP notes are a comprehensive tool for providers to assess upcoming chiropractic sessions. Chiropractors need to keep the SOAP notes, as they help their practice stay organized, adhering to all the licensing and reporting guidelines.

They also have important details that the stakeholders may require when assessing the treatment details. Chiropractors will also require these tools to schedule the patient’s visits to deliver high-quality care as they meet their needs. The notes make patients feel much appreciated because they get a personalized treatment that responds to their issues.

SOAP Notes Provides Protection

Apart from tracking treatment progress and keeping patient records, SOAP notes safeguard a practice from strict insurance evaluations and heavy fees due to violating the CPT coding guidelines. When operating an insurance-based facility, the SOAP notes need to go hand in hand with the chiropractic biller fees. The notes have details about the services offered and detailed explanations of treatments given to a particular patient. The information is required by third parties when paying compensation.

Chiropractic SOAP Notes are Easy-to-use

SOAP notes for chiropractors help the EHR management to work effectively. This tool is easy to work with and comes with personalized macros and automatic aspects that help chiropractors create more time with their patients during visits. Practices wishing to elevate their documentation process and patient care can consider installing the SOAP notes app.

Coding Compliance

SOAP notes apps come audit-proof with an evidence-based treatment approach. SOAP notes for chiropractors comply with the CPT coding guidelines needed by other stakeholders.


SOAP notes are great apps to help chiropractors to improve their documentation process in their practice. Engage a team of professionals to enjoy more benefits.