Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting for upcoming and leading businesses

As a business owner or independent contractor, you are always looking for ways to save money. Running a business doesn’t come cheap, so it’s important not to overpay for underutilized features and services. An IT bill is a good example. Many business owners are unaware of budget-friendly solutions like QuickBooks hosting, and often overlook the hidden costs of legacy systems. But in most cases, moving to cloud-hosted systems is much cheaper.

Benefits of Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

Shared Data Access

If you share your company’s accounting responsibilities with others, you will understand how the QuickBooks Hosting program works. The program is based in the cloud, so all you need to access it is a username and password. This means that anyone in your company who has a login can use the software. It doesn’t have to be on a specific computer. There are also options for additional users. Choosing one of these upgraded packages will allow multiple people to use different aspects of the program at the same time.

No local Backups

The fear of losing data is always at the heart of the traditional QuickBooks program. It was originally stored on your computer and backed up to your personal server (and a USB stick where you can put it), so it’s possible that if something goes wrong with your office technology, this important information can be lost. Luckily, with Hosted QuickBooks, this isn’t a problem. The program automatically backs up everything and stores all of your company’s financial information on Intuit’s servers.

Automatically Send Invoices

QuickBooks Hosting needs to send invoices and statements to customers on a regular basis. Instead of going to the old-fashioned way of printing these invoices and mailing them with supporting documentation, you can have QuickBooks mail them to you. All you need is the email address of your company’s accounting department to send invoices and statements, and the program takes care of the rest.

Run Reports from anywhere

Since the program is in the cloud, you can get to it from wherever your laptop is located and the user can access their QuickBooks data with the help of Hosted VDI remotely. When your client or higher management asks for a report on your morning commute, you can easily get it on your iPhone and send it. This interconnectivity makes your job easier.

Automatic Software Upgrades

Upgrading software can be difficult. You should stop working, back up your existing programs and all their information, and hope that the upgrade installs correctly. Otherwise, you’ll spend hours in help centers and, on the phone, trying to fix the program. With the cloud version of QuickBooks, this is no longer an issue. The program remains in the cloud and new versions are handled automatically. QuickBooks handles these upgrades in-house, so you don’t have to lift a finger. The new version will magically appear.


Hosting QuickBooks with an Intuit Authorized Service Provider such as Apps4rent who also guides on migration and hosting services to host your software like Issabel PBX on the cloud with optimum data security while also providing end users with several benefits. The users can also get flexibility, automatic updates and remote access, while improving the possibilities for real-time collaboration and file sharing.