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Best Apps for Blending Photos | Photo Blender Apps

What is Photo Blending?

Photo blending is combing multiple images into one single image by using some photo blending techniques and software. There are various tools and software that lets you do best photo blending in an easy way. There are various ways of blending: image blending, Exposure blending, Digital blending.

Blending modes are one of the most common tools in photo editing and graphic designs. Blend modes can make your ordinary photo into professionally designed photo. It allows you to blend things together. The greatest elements of many photos taken at the same area can be combined into one photo using photo blending.

To acquire the perfect photo of a stunning scene or environment, you can also combine photos to remove particular components from a picture, like people or objects in the way of the subject.

List of Best apps for blending Photos

  • Ultimate Photo Blender
  • Blend – background eraser
  • Photo Blender
  • Auto Photo Mixer
  • Fix the Photo app
  • Blend me Photo editor
  • Adobe Photoshop mix

1. Ultimate Photo Blender/ Mixer

You can mix two or more images using The Ultimate Photo Blender to get a stunning double exposure effect. You may regulate the blending process using a range of various choices, enabling you to produce the desired appearance. You can use the program’s large library of stunning images to make your own double exposure effect.


  • Mixer/Blender: Mix or blend more than 2 images with advanced blending tools.
  • Editor: You can also edit pictures like professional with any editing tools.
  • Enhancer: Take photos to make them HD
  • Crop your images
  • Border,Frames Sticker, text and many more

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2. Blend – Background eraser

For digital artists, startups, small businesses, online retailers, and online resellers, Blend is an application that combines photo editing, graphic design, and poster creation.

Automatically remove, eliminate, or alter backgrounds from photographs, to generate high-quality product pictures, use one of 1000+ templates.

No longer necessary to employ photographers and graphic designers. Photoroom eliminates the need for pricey green screen picture shoots. Your phone’s built-in photography and design studio is called Blend.

Blend makes graphic design, poster creation, and professional photography exceedingly accessible for everyone. No laptop or PC is required. Furthermore, the output is flawlessly pixelcut. The full-featured backdrop editor Blend comes with layers, gifs, and stickers.


  • Text on Photo
  • Collages and stickers
  • Posters, banners and graphic designs for your shop
  • Create designs for mailchimps
  • Create Shopify store photos and etsy Seller photos

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3. Photo Blender

The best picture editor and blender effect app is Photo Blender Editor, and it can help you create amazing photo collages from many sliced photos. You can use Photo Blender Editor to blend common photographs to make lovely collages. You can edit your customised photographs using the Photo Blender Editor by adding text and stickers.

The finest picture blender is the photo blender app, which offers square/collage and quick-take photos for Instagram.

All-In-One Photo Editor, Collage Maker, Mirror Image, Blur, Splash, and Scrapbook App!

With the photo blender software, you can upload full-size pictures to Instagram without cropping them, with blur, a mosaic background, shadows to make the picture stand out as art, and a tonne of awesome stickers.


  • Collage maker
  • Crop and resize
  • Filter
  • 1000+ funny stickers
  • Creating an image using scrapbook
  • Add blur background for your photo

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4. Auto Photo mixer – Photo blender

The best photo editor and blender effect tool, Auto Photo Mixer – Photo Blender & Photo Editor, enables you to create amazing photo collages from automatically cut photos. With the help of Auto Photo Mixer, a photo editor and blender, you can combine common photos to make lovely collages.


  • Use advanced blending tools to combine and blend two or more images.
  • Use a variety of editing tools to edit photos like a pro.
  • Take the photo’s backdrop out.
  • Apply effects to images to enhance their beauty.
  • Applying an overlay will create double exposure.
  • Rotate, resize, and zoom the image to ensure that it exactly fits.
  • Add text and modify the text’s font and style

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5. Fix the Photo:

The expert photo retouching services offered by FixThePhoto properly satisfy the needs of an experienced photographer looking to save time or a novice who wants their photographs to be modified in a skilled manner.

Fix the photo is especially dedicated to

Portrait Photo Editing ($6 per photo)

Wedding Photo ($0.25per photo)

Body ($6 per photo)

Newborn ($6 per photo)

Product ($2.5 per photo)

Jewellery ($6 per photo)

Photo Manipulation ($30 per photo)

 And many more

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6. Blend me Photo Editor

 Blend Me Photo Editor allows you to combine two photographs with a blend effect and shape overlay. Additionally, you can combine numerous images at once.

The original shot’s beauty is being enhanced by the photo editing app, which also creates a lovely composite image.

AI Photo Cutout: The best tool for quickly changing the backdrop and erasing the background is cut out. Simply pick out the items you wish to eliminate accurately, and then erase them. We offer tens of thousands of backdrops, including those with romantic love, the outdoors, famous tourist destinations, and vibrant colors.


  • Auto blend
  • Photo filter
  • Photo Editor
  • Background collection
  • Shape blend

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7.  Adobe Photoshop mix – Cut-out, Combine, create

It is one of the best photo blending apps. With this tool, you can create and merge multiple images, reorder layers.

With the touch-friendly Photoshop Mix app, your iPad will be covered in creative explosions. Using web-based imaging technologies, the software enables you to create beautiful photo compositions.

There are no of tools you can use of to make your photo unique and stylish.

  • Cut-out tool
  • Add/subtract selector
  • Feather edges
  • Looks tool
  • Crop tool
  • Enhance tool

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