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Best Apps for Hiding app | Applications that hide Apps for Android

A approach to keep communications or sensitive information private or safe is to hide an app. People may choose to conceal applications on Android for a variety of reasons.

if people don’t want other users to be able to view their private files, emails, documents, or photographs. The installed apps and other data on Android can then be hidden using third-party apps.

In the event that a user’s phone is stolen or lost, their data, including trade secrets and financial information, will be safe.

So in this blog post, I am sharing a complete list of application that hides apps from your android phone.

How do I hide an app?

  • Import the app you wish to conceal into App Hider.
  • To check that the cloned app is functioning properly, launch it in app hider.
  • Remove the Origin app from your phone or tablet. You can only open that app right now through App Hider.

List of applications that hide apps for Android:

1. Vault – Hide Pics, App Lock

A smartphone software called Vault is made to let you conceal personal photos and videos on your device. More than 100 million users use Vault now to safeguard their mobile privacy while taking use of App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup, and many more beneficial features for nothing at all! Now join them!


  • Hide and Protect Photos and Movies: Imported photos and videos can only be viewed or played when the proper password is entered. For further security, these pictures and videos can be be backed up to cloud storage.
  • App Lock (Privacy Protection): Protect your social media, photo, call log, and phone apps with App Lock to stop privacy leaks.

Downloads: 10Cr+

Ratings and reviews:  4.5, 12.6L

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2. App Hider-Hide Apps and Photos:

The greatest app for hiding other GooglePlay apps is App Hider, particularly for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. You can use App Hider, a great app cloner, to access numerous accounts from a single device. In addition, App Hider may transform into a calculator to hide itself, as well as images, videos, and App Hider itself. Our Strengths:

  • Hide Apps – Import the app you wish to hide into App Hider, and then remove it from your Home system.
  • Extremely designed for social media apps, including Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp.
  • Clone Apps (Dual Apps) – Access numerous social media accounts (such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) from a single smartphone.

Downloads: 10M+

Ratings and reviews: 4.1, 399K

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3. Hyde App Hider – Hide Apps

The most convenient solution to HIDE APPS on your phone in a secure environment

In two clicks, hide apps

Are you looking for a tool to conceal apps? You’ve just discovered the HYDE App Hider – Hide Apps Tool, the SOLUTION!

WhatsApp and other apps may all be hidden in a hidden app vault with Secure Folder Hyde – Free App Hider!

The ultimate App Hider is the really straightforward yet incredibly effective Hyde utility! It has never been simpler to hide apps. Therefore, it’s critical to safeguard your privacy.

Downloads: 1M+

Ratings and reviews: 4.1, 10.9K

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4. App Hider: Hide Apps

You can conceal applications in a hidden location with password security using App Hider.

You can hide private apps with App Hider, which offers you a private area.

In order to better safeguard the hidden apps, App Hider helps you create a clone of the system programmes that you may subsequently conceal.

You can connect into two accounts on your phone simultaneously by using App Hider, which also lets you preserve the system app and the app copy.

An software called Hide Apps allows you to conceal app icons from screens without having root access.

Based on a parallel space behind the false calculator, this secret programme operates.

Duplicate dual-app messengers and cover the original.

Downloads: 10M+

Ratings and reviews: 4.0, 46.9K

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5. Calculator hides app Hide apps

App to Hide Apps – Calculator App to Hide Calculators – Calculator is a covert programme that has the ability to hide videos and vault photos. Your files will be kept in a secure vault where only you have access to hidden folders and privacy files. Calculator App Hide

Calculator App Hide On your Android device, you may simply conceal apps, images, and videos that you don’t want other people to see by using the hidden apps or calculator app hider application.

Calculator hide app your images and movies safely and privately with a photo vault and video vault.

Downloads: 1M+

Ratings and reviews: 4.7, 22.7K

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6. Apolo Launcher: Boost, theme, wallpaper, hide apps

You may view the most recent notifications on Facebook and Whatsapp with just a quick touch. or use the shortcuts for your programmes.

Home page

The amount of rows or columns, size, colour, and other rendering options can all be changed on your screen.

Light mode

With night mode, go to the dark side and add a sophisticated touch to your smartphone.

Hides application

The applications you want to protect should be concealed and kept private.

Editable icons

You can completely personalize your Smartphone with your favorite theme, or you can customize each symbol separately. There are over a thousand themes and icon packs that work with the Apolo launcher!

Downloads: 10L+

Ratings and reviews: 3.7, 19.9T

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7. Notepad Vault 32 Support

You may hide any app with the aid of Notepad Vault. Moreover, protect your privacy by concealing apps. You can access hidden apps through Notepad Vault or the phone’s interface. Additionally, Notepad Vault offers a hidden picture function that imports your photos into the gallery but prevents others from seeing them. In hider’s gallery, you can view photographs that are protected.

Features of the app:

  • Disable all installed programmes (No ROOT Obtaining)
  • Password security (When the first time,need to create the password)
  • Encourages hiding all mobile applications (Easy way hide apps)
  • In addition to using the phone’s standard interface, the hidden app can be utilised in the Notepad Vault.
  • If you don’t know the password, you can’t utilise the Notepad Vault; just use the app as you would a conventional calculator.

Downloads: 100K+

Ratings and reviews: 3.6, 1.57K

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8. Hide App, App Hider Premium

You and your privacy now have a secure second place thanks to Hide Apps icon.

1. Any programme, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, WeChat, Twitter, etc., can have a copy of itself added to this private area.

2. To simply dupe everyone, use a disguised calculator icon and interface.

3. To access your secret zone and use these hidden programmes, you must be the only person to input your password in the calculator.

Any application can be copied to your private second space using the Hide Apps icon, making it safer to conceal applications.

The dual-opening tool known as Hide Apps icon is also very good. On a mobile device, two accounts of an application can be logged in simultaneously.

Downloads: 1M+

Rating and reviews: 3.8, 7.28K

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