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Best Digital Working Scale Apps for weighing | Find Working scale android and IOS apps

Applications known as “digital scales” use the device’s accelerometer to estimate a certain weight for you.

Although there are literally hundreds of applications available that promise to provide you with the greatest digital scale through their app, this isn’t necessarily the case because only a select few of them actually work.

In this blog post we are sharing some Digital scale apps grams that really work for Android.

How do I use my phone as a gram scale?

Install the “Working Scale” app first on your Android phone or tablet. Place a post-it on top of the phone or tablet by folding it so that the sticky side is on the outside. By doing this, you can stop the items you wish to weigh from falling off. Put your gadget on the slightly inflated sealed bag after that.

When the app is ready to begin weighing objects, open it and wait. Place the item you want to weigh carefully on the post-it (a coin, for example). In a little while, the app will show the weight to the nearest microgram.

Is there an app to weigh grams?

Yes there are numerous app and sites that will work. We have listed some of the app below.

List of 10 Best Working Scale Android app for weighing measurement:

1. Digital weight scale grams/kg

  • Simple Price Calculator; enter weight in grammes or kilogrammes.
  • Enter the weight in kilogrammes, grammes, or just kilogrammes to calculate the price.
  • Enter the product’s price and the desired quantity to sell or buy to calculate the weight.
  • In a Sell list, add and add up your calculations.

Downloads: 10,000+ downloads

Rating and reviews: 4.7, 110

Get Digital weight scale grams/Kg

2. Kitchen digital scales notes – Working Scale App

The app is specially designed to make notes and weighing scale. A built in scale converter is installed in the app itself and it helps in weighing products , spices, fruits , vegetables or you can also measure gold, coins, rings and other jeweler etc. The database is recorded in the app itself.

App for KITCHEN DIGITAL SCALE FREE APP can be used to record notes when weighing other well-known items:

Small amounts of liquids, such as tea, coffee, and cocoa; coins and other metal products (such as gold, silver, and diamonds); seasonings, spices, cereals, and porridge; small things used in daily life; and jewellery scales (rings, earrings, chains, etc.).

Downloads: 1,000+ downloads

Download Kitchen Digital scale note app for Android

3. I Digital Weight Scale Monitor

Your body weight will be tracked with this digital weight scale monitor in kilogrammes, grammes, and pounds. This APP FOR WEIGHING SCALE was developed as an awesome digital scale tool like a weighing scale primarily to help and motivate people who are on a diet to reduce their weight and/or take care of an exercise programme to reach their goal by monitoring their food scale with this practical digital scale weight monitor and achieve desired target weight scale quickly. Later, some kitchen scales will be added for better diet assessment. Because it is a pocket scale that is simple to use, this app aids you in daily life.

Downloads: 1,000+ downloads

Download for Android

4. Kitchen Scale – working scale free app

The most comprehensive database of measurements and weights for culinary supplies and food items may be found in the mobile app “Kitchen Scale.”

Both seasoned chefs and regular housewives need this vital assistance.

What volume of flour is in a glass? What amount of salt is in a teaspoon? You can cook without kitchen scales with the aid of “Kitchen Scale”!

188 different cereals, flours, nuts, seeds, dairy products, oils, berries, spices, beverages, and other products are represented in the table. You may easily find out how much any ingredient will weigh in a teaspoon or tablespoon, in a 200 or 250 ml glass, by selecting it.

Downloads: 1L+

Ratings and reviews: 2.7, 327

Get Kitchen Scale for Android

5. Sensoscale Lite digital scale – Best Scale App

A REAL WEIGHING DIGITAL SCALE THAT IS. It offers accuracy measurements but is not a “fun application” like many other comparable apps on the Android market.

To view the running apps with the SENSODROID digital bluetooth scale, utilise the DEMO button in the app.

Without first pairing a Bluetooth scale from the SENSODROID brand, this app cannot provide a true weight reading.

Downloads: 10L+

Ratings and reviews: 3.2, 3.12T

Get Sensoscale app for android

6. Working Scale Android App

The app “Working Scale” uses the sensors on your phone to calculate the mass of a small object you lay on it. With ordinary Android smartphones, you can precisely measure a minimum mass of roughly 5 grammes. For masses between 10 and 100 grammes, the best results can be attained.

For instance, if you put your Android device on a carpet and use your finger to gently press down on one end, it will return to its original position once your finger is taken off. The carpet has characteristics of a spring.

With the use of a known mass (referred to as a “calibration mass”) and the spring-like characteristics of everyday objects, this software can measure an unknown mass. The “Working scale” employs two separate approaches.

Downloads: 5,000+ downloads

Ratings and reviews: 1.3, 224

Download for Android

7. Right Weigh Load Scales – Working scale android app

With the Right Weigh app, you can work quickly, maximize your load capacity, and save time. Utilizing your smartphone, tracking load weight is now simpler than ever. Download the app to get axle weights at your fingertips and connect your Right Weigh Bluetooth® connected digital scale.

The majority of commercially available Bluetooth POS printers may be used to print weight tickets, share the current weight through email or text message, and monitor axle group weights. Customizable scale names, net weight with tare buttons, overweight warnings, and air suspension pressure displays are additional features.

Downloads: 10,000+ downloads

Ratings and reviews:  3.7, 69

Get Right Weigh load scale

8. 3 Grams Lite Weight – Apps for weighing grams

3 Grams LiteWeight is a DIGITAL SCALE FREE APP simulator that enables you to estimate the weight of small objects like jewellery and coins using the tilt sensors on your smartphone. It is also called as “timbangan digital gramme” in some nations.

The weight measurements may be comparable to a true digital scale, such as a food scale or balance, if they have been calibrated. It depends on your smartphone, whether your sensors are calibrated correctly, and how you balance your phone, so we are unable to guarantee this.

Downloads: 1L+

Ratings and reviews: 2.4, 434

Get 3 Grams Lite weight  for android

9. Ideal Weight – BMI Calculator & Tracker

You can quickly and easily examine the most crucial details with Ideal Weight. When you use the slider to pick your weight, the tracker will use our patented Weight Wheel to determine your BMI (weight range). Every time, the app will automatically save your info. It is that simple.

The graphs quickly provide the information you need. The 3-month and yearly views allow you to watch your progress over time, while the monthly view enables you to observe how recent dietary decisions have affected your weight. To lose weight quickly and easily so that you can control your weight more quickly and stress-free, use Ideal Weight.

Downloads: 5,000,000+ downloads

Ratings and reviews: 4.0, 1.15L

Download ideal weight BMI calculator & Tracker

10. Happy Scale 

By employing mathematical analysis to make sense of your scale weights, Happy Scale assists you in making sense of the annoying ups and downs of weigh-ins.


  • recognize your true trend;
  • Lessen the pain of plateaus; and
  • You know your expected weight for an approaching event.
  • DISCOVER YOUR REAL PROGRESS: Happy Scale use advanced arithmetic to determine your real progress’s trend. Each week, you may see how much you are actually shedding.
  • NO MORE PLATEAUS: To see consistent improvement each day, choose the moving average progress monitoring settings!
  • THE RACE IS WON BY SLOW AND STEADY: a great deal to lose? So that you can concentrate on immediate, attainable goals, divide your weight loss goal into small, incremental milestone goals!

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