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Best Polaroid Frame Apps for 2022 | Polaroid Filter Apps for Instagram


When you stop and think about it, moments—both life-altering and ordinary—are what make up each of our existences.

There isn’t much time in the modern world to appreciate what is there in front of us. Everything has a fleeting, ephemeral quality. Nothing remains long enough for us to move. We won’t tolerate that. To make us feel linked; to make us feel human.  To make us connected, we try to capture every moment of life. It feels so energetic when we frame those memories in a single frame. In this blog post, we are listing down the best Polaroid apps that makes picture look like polaroids.

This apps make your beautiful moments look like capturing in a single frame or photo album. You can capture, edit, and share moments with these Polaroid applications for Android in few minutes. People are also looking for some more queries:

1. What app has a Polaroid frame?

We have listed below some of the apps that have Polaroid frame. Now you don’t need to buy Polaroid camera to get Polaroid frame.

2. Is there a Polaroid app for iPhone?

Yes, there are numerous Polaroid apps for iPhone. In this blog posts, you will find some of the apps for iPhone users like Polaroid app for iPhone, Signature Frames, MolyCam Retro filter and many more.

3. How does Polaroid app work?

  • Convert a digital photo from your phone into a Polaroid snapshot.
  • Combine two, three, four, six, or nine frames to make a collage.
  • Using our AR function, embed a video or additional image into your Polaroid photo.
  • View your augmented reality images to see the memories of you or your friends come to life.

List of apps with Polaroid frame:

1. VNTG | Vintage Photo Cameras

With the popular polaroid photo frame app VNTG, you can give your pictures a retro feel. Just snap a photo or import one from your gallery, pick an effect, and send it to your friends. Alternately, you can use the VNTG print service to print it for a scrapbook or photo garland.

Use your smartphone to take or import a photo that you can edit whatever you wish!

  • Unique and aged Filters; Handwritten Fonts
  • Photo Adjustment Tools; Vintage and Colorful Textures
  • Different Format Borders
  •  Vintage and Colorful Photo Gallery

Downloads: 10L+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.2, 23.9T

Download VNTG Vintage Photo Camera App for Android

2. Polaroid- Polaroid Filter Instagram:

Utilize the free Polaroid app to get more out of your analog instant photos.

Utilize the Polaroid Lab to produce genuine Polaroid images:

• Convert a single digital photo from your phone into a Polaroid.

• Combine two, three, four, six, or nine frames to make a collage.

• Utilize our AR tool to incorporate a video or additional image into your Polaroid photo.

• View your augmented reality images to see the memories of you or your friends come to life.

Downloads: 500K+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.6, 2.23K

Download Polaroid Frame app for android

3. InFrame – Photo Editor & Frame

A strong photo editor featuring a ton of fantastic photo frames, effects, and filters is called InFrame. Your photo will be instantly remixed into amazing art. You can choose the perfect frame, customize your photo with a filter, sticker, border, text, and more. It is totally free!


  • Countless gorgeous photo frames that turn your pictures into works of art.
  • Instagram square photo with a white border and blurred backdrop.
  • Amazing filter effects can be applied in real time to your photos.
  • To create a photo collage in a number of ways, combine up to 9 photographs.
  • 100+ Photo Frame or Grid Layouts for Different Uses!

Downloads: 10M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.6, 184K

Download Inframe- Photo Editor and frame for Android

4. Retro Cam: Vintage Camera Filters & Photo Effects

You can easily replicate analog photography from the 1980s and 1990s with Retrocam. Your photo needs to be loaded into the app before you can add light leaks, scratches, or dust textures.

Even the most uninteresting shot will appear beautiful and well-composed thanks to Retrocam’s carefully developed vintage filters, which faithfully mimic the bygone mood.

Play around with highlights, shadows, tints, fades, saturations, vignetting, and light leaks to create the look of vintage film and classic cameras. Retrocam is made to accomplish tasks that take only a few taps on film.

Downloads: 1M+

Reviews and Ratings: 3.9, 18.9K

  Download Retro Cam-Vintage Camera Filters & Photo effect for android

5. Nichi: Collage & Stories Maker

Nichi is a status and Instagram stories editor that aids in the creation of lovely ig collage layouts for Instagram stories. Additionally, Nichi provides a huge selection of story themes and frames to make it simple for you to gain more likes and followers on Instagram and Snap. Make headline-worthy tales and astonishing stories!

Nichi  is an Polaroid filter instagram editor can also assist you in designing stunning Instagram stories layouts. On a blank canvas, you can draw stories that you can then edit with text, free stickers, frames, templates, and brush characteristics.

Downloads: 10M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.1, 34.4K

Download Nichi: Collage & Stories maker app with Polaroid frame

6. Lomopola Cam-Vintage, 1998

An copy of the Instax retro film camera has been made by Lomopola Cam. This program functions just like a real Lomo when attached to a printer. It can produce photos of high quality.

 Lomopola Cam Features

  • 25+ free light leak effect overlays, film burn, and dust texture effects;
  • 30+ retro antique camera filters; unique photo frames that resemble Instax paper;
  • Perfect imaging results from a vintage camera lens;
  • Flexible size, ratio, HSL, and detail adjustments;
  • Delicate editing for vignetting, skin retouching, and VHS glitch.

Downloads: 1M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.5, 19.3K

Download Lomopola Cam best Polaroid cam App for Android

7. Moly Cam-Retro effects Camera for iPhone:

The 1970s are the new black. MolyCam easily edits your images with beautiful analogue film qualities, making every moment in life as valuable as it should be.

 Record each priceless moment

Amazing pictures are occasionally taken accidentally. Molycam creates each element in the traditional fuji manner. Every priceless moment of life can be captured with the viewfinder.

 50+ vintage film filters transport your image back in time.

By using the incredible presets in MolyCam, you may quickly experience the allure of vintage movies. A total of more than 50 vintage film filters are available to recreate the various effects of film cameras and transport your shot back in time.

Reviews and Ratings: 4.5

Get MolyCam best Polaroid app for iPhone

8. InstaMini – Instant Cam, Retro Cam

Take a picture and shake it to see the development.

Take pleasure in the anticipation of waiting for a unique photo.

Every image taken with InstaMini is genuinely unique.

You have the authentic instant camera experience with 10 films every day.

Downloads: 5M+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.1, 29.9K

Download InstaMini insta Cam Retro cam Polaroid camera app

9. YouCam Perfect – Photo Editor

The Perfect Corp. totally developed YouCam Perfect in Taiwan.

The best selfie camera and photo editing app, YouCam Perfect, has been downloaded more than 300,000,000 times. For all the selfie and photo editing tools you require, including face retouching, photo effects, camera filters, collages, typefaces, and stickers, download YouCam Perfect.

Save pictures to your cloud storage so you may access them from other devices. Use YouCam Perfect to create artistic masterpieces from your adorable selfies.

For more advanced features, you can upgrade the You cam Premium version.

Downloads: 10Cr+

Reviews and Ratings: 4.4, 20.7L

Get YouCam Perfect Photo editor Polaroid camera app for android

Get YouCam Perfect for iPhone

10. Signature Frames

This app is best for iphone users. It has advanced features and it will help you to improve your photos and images with more vintage effects. This is the paid app and you are required to purchase the subscription to get vintage and classy look.

Multiple Frame

• Add Multiple Text

• Lots of Fonts

• Change Frame Color

• Choose background color

Get Signature Frames app with Polaroid frame