Best Radio Apps without internet for Android | Install Simple Offline Radio app

The technology of the past has improved tenfold, if not more, in the digital age. Boomboxes, portable radios, CD players, and similar devices were commonly carried around by music fans back then. However, we can now listen to FM radio through apps that we may download to our smartphones, allowing us unrestricted access to music by using an internet connection. Despite our best efforts, there are times when we are unable to connect to the internet or Wi-Fi, such as when our mobile data is running low or we are on vacation in an area with poor signal and no connectivity.

So what do we do if music is our only source of comfort? There are FM radio apps that you may use even when offline or without the internet, so all is not lost, fortunately.

Is there an offline radio apps?

Yes, there are lots of offline radio apps and sites available that are used as offline radio apps for android and ios. Below we have listed some of the apps that can work as offline radio efficiently.

How can I install offline radio in Android?

Get best radio app from the below list and install it.

Open the application.

Use a set of wired headphones as an antenna by connecting them.

Left-swipe, then press I’m Ready!

Select a radio station by selecting Local FM Radio or Local Stream.

List of Best Offline Radio Apps Without Internet for Android

1. Dash Radio: Best offline radio apps for android

The largest platform for original digital radio programming worldwide is Dash. Dash Radio features the biggest DJs, personalities, and curators in the world on 75+ original & exclusive stations across every genre, streaming live around-the-clock.

Dash offers a quick and simple user interface that allows you to just click on your preferred preset stations and start listening. There are no ads, pop-up windows, or searches. Every action only requires a tap.

Downloads: 100,000+ downloads

Ratings and reviews:  1L+, 2.6T

Get Dash Radio app offline

2. Radio Fm without Internet – Wireless FM

The simplest way to listen to your favourite FM radio stations, Internet radio stations, wireless FM stations, and free radio stations is via FM radio.

The Radio FM app makes it simple for you to find what you’re looking for by displaying all the well-known local radio stations. Popular Radio Stations from all around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom, are included in our list. Over 50000 Live Radio Stations are available on Universal Radio, often known as Universal Online Radio, and more are being added daily.

Downloads: 100,000+ downloads

Ratings and reviews: 2.9, 1.82K

Download Radio Fm without internet radio app

3. Radio FM – fm radio app for android without internet

An app Radio FM (Radio for Mobile) lets you listen to Internet radio stations. You can listen to and enjoy a range of genres on Radio FM, including classical, rock, pop, instrumental, hip-hop, gospel, songs, music, discussions, news, comedy, shows, concerts, and other programmes from different Internet Radio Broadcasters across the world.

The only app in the Play store that provides the genuine radio experience with the best tuned features for free is Radio FM. Favorite List: Add to Favorites Use of the recent list SLEEPSIZE TIME (Auto OFF).

Downloads: 50,000,000+ downloads

Reviews and ratings:  4.6, 8.38L

Get Radio FM best offline radio apps for android

4. NextRadio Free Live FM Radio without Internet

On your smartphone, you may listen to local and live FM radio with the NextRadio app. Get FREE FM radio now for your Android smartphone!

EMERGENCY LISTENING CAPABILITIES: There are two ways to get live, local FM radio with NextRadio. Listening to local, terrestrial FM radio saves battery life and uses less data than streaming if your device has an FM receiver chip that is turned on.

Downloads: 50,000,000+ downloads

Reviews and ratings: 3.7, 1.23L

Get Next Radio radio without internet app

5. iHeart: Music, Radio, Podcasts

Find free music, radio, and podcasts that you’ll enjoy. iHeart lets you stream tens of thousands of live radio stations and podcasts. Any device can be used to listen, including tablets, Chromecast, Wear OS, and smartphones.

Listen to radio stations on AM and FM, such as KIIS 1065 in Australia, The Edge, 2GB, and ZM, Newstalk ZB, The Hits, Radio Hauraki, Flava, Radio Sport, Coast in New Zealand.

Listen to millions of music from countless artists, all without advertisements.

Downloads: 50,000,000+ downloads

Ratings and reviews: 4.6, 22.8L

Download iHeart Music radio offline for android

6. TuneIn Radio: News, Music & FM

Live sports, music, podcasts, news, and AM and FM radio from all over the world are all combined in one free app TuneIn.

With the largest collection of live, on-demand, and original audio at your disposal, you can hear the things that matter to you the most and find new things that move you.

You can always find something fantastic to listen to thanks to live sports, premium online music channels, breaking local and international news, more than 5.7 million podcasts, and more than 100,000 AM and FM radio stations worldwide. Without ever leaving the TuneIn app, you can watch your favourite English Premier League match, binge your favourite podcast, tune into the local news station in your area, and find new music.

Downloads: 100,000,000+ downloads

Ratings and Reviews: 4.7, 22.4L

Get TuneIn Radio best internet radio app

7. Radio FM AM app – fm radio app for android without internet

You can get free music, live radio, news, and sports on am fm radio or local radio. Install the AM Radio app and you may listen from anywhere in the world, whether you are in South America or Asia. You may easily make your own favourite list of the top radio stations from around the world thanks to the huge selection of radio stations, live music, and free music. With our AM radio app in your hand, listening to your favourite song or the most recent sports news is not a huge deal.

Downloads: 1,000,000+ downloads

Download FM AM radio App for android

Get FM AM radio app for iPhone

8. Radio Offline App – best offline radio apps for android

A special app lets you easily and for free listen to your preferred radio station on your mobile device. You can listen to the radio whenever and wherever you like.

Downloads: 100,000+ downloads

Ratings and reviews: 3.0, 421

Get radio offline app for android