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Best Tech News Apps for Android and iOS

Technology has changed human life so much since last few decades.  We are living in the age of science and technology. Every day a new technology is developing all around us. As far as technology is developing with time, new technology is replacing the old one. Because of this evolution, Resources around us are changing. There are a large number of tech news channels, websites and apps to keep you updated with this development. In this world of smart phones it is easy to keep yourself up-to-date with tech news apps.

Here we are providing a list of best tech news apps for Android and iOS –

  1. Science News Daily
  2. Google news
  3. Inshorts – 60 words News summary
  4. HN – Hacker News Reader
  5. Cnet
  6. Flipboard
  7. Gsm arena
  8. Microsoft start
  9. Feedly
  10. Geek Tech – High Tech News

1. Science News Daily

Science News Daily is the best tech news app; it provides news related to latest scientific inventions and discoveries.  This app is free to download. If you are a student or a teacher or a person who loved to stay updated with new inventions than this app is best for you.

This app also provides features like – Science Dictionary & Science Facts: Search & learn about any scientific term & topic. Daily News from various fields of science. Here you can read more than 30000 science news and articles.

 Science News Categories:  Space News: Astronomy news, Technology News, Physics News, Biology News, Chemistry News, Mathematics News,  Health News,  medical news, and latest cures for our health problems, Environment News,  Earth Sciences, Nanotechnology News, Archaeology News,  Anthropology News,  Geo Physics and other Earth Sciences subjects,  Engineering News, Genetics News, Industrial News and much more.

Download Science News Daily for Android

Download Science News Daily for iOS


2. Google news

Google is a well known for its Tech services. Google News is a news aggregator service developed by Google. Who currently has more information than Google? It has a special column for technology, where you can read all latest news about tech. Authenticity matters the most in the field of news and Google news is more trusted source for news.

Download Google News for Android

Download Google News for iOS

3. Inshorts – 60 words News summary

In this fast-paced world, Shorts are the new trend for entertainment, education and news. That`s why we have placed Inshorts at this place as it provides every news in 60 words. Inshorts is a news app that selects latest and best news from multiple national and international sources and summaries them to present in a short and crisp 60 words or less format, personalized for you.

Download Inshorts for Android

Download Inshorts for iOS

4. HN – Hacker News Reader

HN- Hacker News Reader provides news related science and tech world. It is run by a startup accelerator Y combinator. They have a unique interface where you can ask HN your questions. It also has a job column where you can find new hiring in the field of science & tech. HN focus more on news related to hacking and cyber community.

Download HN- Hacker News Reader for Android

Download HN- Hacker News Reader for iOS


CNET is an American media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally. It is owned by American news company Red Venture. Everything in the new CNET app (designed for phones and tablets) is focused on the areas you (as a tech fan) care the most about: staying up-to-date with the news and making informed product purchases.

Download CNET app for Android

Download CNET app for iOS

6. Flipboard

Flipboard is a free mobile news app both for iOS and Android devices, that lets users create magazines, by adding content from news, stories and articles. This is one of the most downloaded and reviewed news app. You can personalize flipboard app for the contents you want to read. With this app you can also update yourself with the local news around your location; for this you have to unable location services. Collect stories you like into your own Flipboard Magazine. Use the + (plus) button on any story in Flipboard to add it to your own Magazine. Make your Magazine public to share ideas and insights with an ever-growing community of enthusiasts curating on Flipboard.

Download Flipboard for Android

Download Flipboard for iOS

7. Gsm arena

You can get tech news, rumors and tech review at Gsm arena app. Catch up on the latest news developments in the world of Smartphone’s, tablets, and wearable’s. In this app you can read long-form reviews formatted perfectly for the screen of your mobile phone, see ratings and scores for critical aspects such as display quality, device performance, and battery life for the top Smartphone models. You can also check out detailed phone specifications and compare phones head-to-head in gsm app. See phones from all sides in device photo galleries, filled with official photos and gorgeous original photo content.

This app is available only for android users.

Download Gsm arena for Android

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8. Microsoft start

Microsoft Start app personalizes news and information for you based on MSN.Com. With Microsoft Start you can explore the world around you. Find restaurants, discover places nearby, and learn more about what your community has to offer. Have fun with hundreds of free Microsoft classic games, plus read the latest Esports news and follow trending streamers. Earn Microsoft Rewards points toward free gift cards or donate your points to your favorite charity.

Download Microsoft Start for Android

Download Microsoft Start for iOS

9. Feedly- Smarter News Reader

If you want all the content in one place, in a clean and easy to read format than Feddly is the best news app for you. With Feedly, you can easily organize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, and more in one place and consume and share more efficiently. People use Feedly to read blogs, learn new topics, and track keywords, brands and companies.

Download Feedly for Android

Download Feedly for iOS

10. Geek Tech – High Tech News

Geek Tech is an intelligent information application that allows you to track all High Tech news in real time from multiple sources of information. This app has covered variety of topics related to tech and has also reviewed tech tools.

Download Geek Tech for Android

Download Geek Tech for iOS