can someone hack my phone by a text message?

Can Someone Hack My Phone Through a Text Message?

What is Hacking?

Hacking is a way of mean of getting unauthorized access to your unpublished or confidential information. They are unauthorized person who break into computer system for stealing, change or destroying information. The threat of computer hacking including personal email phishing,  sending suspicious links, sending suspicious text messages in order to spam  is increasing exponentially.

What are the Common techniques of hacking?

Hackers have access to a wide range of hacking techniques, tools, and technical know-how when they set out to target people or organizations. Fight fire with fire if you want to keep yourself and your family safe. Most common methods of hacking are :

  • Bait and Switch
  • Credential reuse
  • Browser locker
  • Cookie Theft
  • Phishing
  • DNS spoofing

But in recent days texting message hacking comes up in mind. There are lots of questions in mind whether someone hack your phone by texting message, Can someone hacked your phone to phone number?

In this blog post we are trying to find out the answer of these popular questions.

Can someone hack my phone by texting me?

You might be surprised to learn that one of the most common ways for cybercriminals to access a smartphone is through text messaging. It does not, however, imply that hackers may access your phone just by messaging you. Your subsequent actions after receiving the text will determine whether or not your smartphone is hacked.

 There is currently no technology that can assist in breaking into a device just by sending an SMS. Why then are text messages one of the main points of entry?

It is thus clear that your phone can’t be hacked just by simply opening a text message.

Yes it is possible that the text message contains some unauthorized link and if you click on that link, you will be redirected to another fraudulent website that might hack your confidential information.

Can someone hack my phone from my number?

With just your cell phone number, hackers may now easily cause much more harm. Your mobile phone number, however, is much less likely to be kept a secret than your Social Security number because otherwise no one will be able to contact you.

Every mobile phone number can be a target for hackers, regardless of whether you have service from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile. And wrecking your online existence only requires a tiny amount of effort.

Someone who obtains your phone number effectively assumes your identity. A hacker can start taking over your accounts one by one with your phone number by sending a password reset request to your phone. When you phone customer service, they can deceive automated systems—like those at your bank—into believing they are you. Even worse, they can use your hacked number to access your company’s information by hacking into your emails and papers.

How to protect your phone number against Hackers?

So one simple way to prevent being hacked is to protect your phone number or use two factor authentications or multi factor authentications.

The cybersecurity precaution known as two-factor authentication (2FA) secure against unauthorized access to your accounts. You can ask them to put a backup password on your account by getting in touch with the customer support team at your phone provider. By doing this, your phone number can only be changed or transferred out by you.

  1. Always use two Factor Authentication(2FA)
  2. Use a VPN

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