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Human civilization has made great progress so far. In actuality, most people’s lives were quite difficult for the most of human history. People died relatively young and lacked access to essential medications. People with illnesses lived in severe pain for much of the time they lacked access to medications.

But we had crossed that time and in todays technology era we have surrounded by many of facilities, for e. g. online payment apps, Health apps, Food delivery apps. These apps will let you to assess everything on your Phone screen. You just have to tap on the mobile screen and you would get it.

In this blog post we are analyzing one of the best on demand apps for Health.

Doctor on Demand:

The Doctor on demand app is based in the US. In contrast, the concept behind this app is for users to schedule appointments and then meet with professionals online in a matter of days rather than offering immediate consultations. Doctors also write prescriptions for patients.

A comprehensive range of medical and mental health services are available through Doctor on Demand.

The platform provides assistance with a variety of urgent care problems, chronic diseases, women’s and men’s health, lab tests, screenings, preventive medication, prescriptions, and general medical counselling.

Care is always accessible, whenever and wherever you need it, thanks to 24/7 access to doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and other medical experts. Right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, choose and see your preferred suppliers time and time again.

Even better, over 98 million Americans have access to Doctor On Demand through their employment or health plan.

You can get personalized care for your body and mind.

Doctor on demand is providing Urgent Care, Mental care, Preventive Health and Chronic care.

Cold & fluSkin ConditionsWomen’ s healthMen’s HealthAllergies
FeverAcneUTIsJoint oainCommon allergies
CoughRashesFatigueProstatitisSkin Rashes
Nausea & vomitingCellulitiesMigrainesSTIsSeasonal Allergies
AsthmaAllergiesYeast infectionsStress managementEpipen Refills
Sinus infectionsHivesMetabolic SyndromeIBSHives
and moreand moreand moreand moreand more

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Doctor on demand Cost without Insurance:

Yes, it accepts insurance. Various insurance policies are accepted by Doctor on Demand.

To find out if your insurance covers Doctor on Demand’s services, add your plan when you register. You can verify whether your benefits are applicable by going to the “Insurance” section of your account details after creating an account and logging in.

Because there is no subscription option available for this service, you must pay for each virtual visit.

Before insurance, the price ranges for each kind of appointment are listed below.

You must pay the following to consult with a psychologist:

A 25-minute consultation costs $129.

A 50-minute consultation costs $179.

You’ll need to pay to consult with a psychiatrist:

45-minute initial consultation costs $299.

A 15-minute follow-up appointment costs $129.

For a 15-minute consultation with a doctor or other medical expert, you must pay $75.

Apps like Doctor on Demand:

Apart from doctor on demand, there are numerous apps like doctor on demand. You can consider the following list from below which are best alternatives for health checkups and preventive health care.

  1. Teledoc
  2. Amwell
  3. Live Health online
  4. Good Rx Care
  5. K Health