Fake Social Media Generator Apps

Fake Social Media Generator Apps for Android, iOS and Web

As on social media feeds like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, you would have seen screenshots of people conversing with wonderful personalities.

 Even phony political remarks, sometimes excellent or even nasty ones, are created using bogus social media generators. This will have an impact, either positively or negatively. For the web and mobile, there are various kinds of fake social media generators. The Fake Social Media apps were made only for amusement; however the majority of individuals abuses them and fails to use them.

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Here is the list of Fake Social Media Apps for Android:

1. TikJoke Fake Live & Prank Chat

Install Tikjoke if you want to prank your friends by fake TikTok profile. This is the best fake social media app with which you can make fake TikTok profile, chats, followers, following, live chat, likes, comments and many more. You can write all comments yourself and make fake live translations. This app looks almost similar to TikTok. Also you can add videos and photos in your account.


  • Create Multiple Fake Accounts
  •  Create Video and Image Posts with Likes and Comments
  •  Fake Live Simulator
  • Fake Followers and Following
  • Automatic Chat with Chat Bot
  •  Realistic Screens

Downloads:  1M+

Ratings and reviews: 4.3, 18.3k

Download TikJoke Fake Live & Prank Chat

2. Fake Posts Creator:

Use the fun tool Fake Posts Creator to frank your friends.

No one will realize that it generates false Face book postings.

You can only share an image you produce with your friends.

The post’s content, image, likes, reactions, comments, and date are all yours to pick

Spread the word to your friends.

This is the best fake social media app.

Ratings and reviews:  4.4, 2.3K

Download fake posts Creator fake social media maker

3. Funsta – Post and Direct Prank

You may prank your pals by making straight phoney conversations and posts on Funsta.

It is simple to create fictitious discussion screens and edit each and every element on the screen. This realistic-looking screen will make it simple for you to amuse your guests.

To quickly share it with your friends, take a screenshot or utilise the app’s Share screen option.

Never has playing pranks on your buddies been more enjoyable.

Features: –

  • Add fictitious comments, likes, and posts.
  • Make fictitious Contact and fictitious Groups.
  • For you and your pals, add phoney Stories.
  • Increase the group’s false membership

Downloads:  1Cr+

Ratings and reviews: 4.7, 2.28L

Get Funsta Fake social media maker for android

4. Faked – Fake chats, profiles and news for memes

Faked allows you to make amusing news flashes, conversations, and postings for a variety of social media platforms.


  • Make fictitious posts
  • Make phony talks
  • Making Profiles
  • Make false news

Downloads: 100K+

Ratings and reviews: 4.1, 1.11K

Download Faked- Fake social media maker for android

5. Fake Profile Generator

Create a fake profile by completing a simple 2-step form and uploading a photo. You can quickly edit and modify the profile however you want! Share your finished product with your friends or save it to your camera roll once you’re satisfied!

Create and distribute phoney match screens with ease. Simply enter a name and choose two photographs to build your own match. Make your pals think that you are partnered with your favourite star!

Ratings: 4.0

Download for IOS

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6. Prankmenot

Create fictitious Twitter or Face book posts, and create amusing Chats that never happened.

Utilize the ideal wording produced by our message, tweet, and Facebook status generators to start teasing right away! Make them think something ludicrous by claiming it was a screenshot of the genuine twitter or facebook page.

Visit Prankmenot

7. Fake All – Call, Chat, Message

Fake All – call, chat, message app is available only for Iphone. As the name describe, with this fake social media app you can create fake call, messages and fake insta, whatsaApp, fb messenger chats. This app is free (have ads).


  •  Create Fake Chat with Messenger interface or WhatsApp interface
  • Easily switch the role of people in the conversation
  • Customize the chat with anything you wish
  • Save the screenshot of fake in your device chat to prank friends
  • Choose the background picture you want in fake message notification, we provide some default pictures
  • Set Timer for fake call start
  • Customize our Ring and Vibration sound, Voice with your own easily
  • Perfect call screen similar with 99.99% Iphone screen

8. Zeoob – All in One Fake Social Media Generator

If you are searching for all fake social media generators at one place then Zeoob is best for you. This is a web page, where you can create fake chats, posts & tweets on different social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and iPhone iMessage.  


  • Fake Tweet Generator with reply
  • Fake Instagram Post and Chat Generator
  • Fake Facebook post and chat Generator
  • Fake Snapchat Post Generator
  • Fake Whatsapp Chat Generator
  • Fake Iphone SMS Generator

Visit Zeoob – All in one Fake Social Media Generator

9. MeMi Message

This is the best App on the Play Store for fan fiction authors and Alternate Universe (AU) text messages conversations. Make Fake Chat conversations to prank friends. With multiple features with this you can create fake chat stories to prank friends.


  • Delete individual messages
  • Add pictures & stickers
  • Edit Time, Edit Battery
  • Add camera functionality
  • Auto play text conversation
  • Group Chat features 

Downloads:  1M+

Ratings and reviews: 3.2, 25.2k

Download MeMI message

10. Fake Chat Post Insta Maker

This is another fake instagram app to create fake profile, chat, and post. With this app you can also create fake story. Simulating chat conversations for user Inta chat. Have fun with your friends making them believe you are actually chatting.

 This app is totally free.


  •  Create user and post.
  •  Edit/Add new profile photo, post photo.
  •  Generate likes, comments, caption, time posted as you want.
  •  Crate chat story maker.
  •  Create chat prank chats with anyone.
  •  Control both sides of the conversation.
  •  Alter every single detail in the conversation.
  •  Crate your own full screen story.
  •  You can use verified user badge for your fake profiles.
  •  Full emoji supported fake chat.
  •  Image and fake video, audio send chat.

Downloads:  100k+

Ratings and reviews: 3.9, 1k

Download Fake Chat Post Insta Maker