How to Play Fortnite on PC – Easy Guide for Beginners!

Fortnite is one game that will give beginners a tough experience if they lack key information. Maybe you’ve been playing games with a console all your life and are just trying PC gaming for the first time. We have all the tips to get you started.

In this guide, we’ll share some tips that will help you optimize your PC for the best gaming experience. Also, we’ll share some beginner tips to ensure a smooth start on Fortnite. Also, don’t forget to add some Fortnite hacks to your toolbox.

Tips for playing Fortnite on PC

1.    Your PC should meet the minimum requirements.

While Fortnite is available for gamers using different devices, including PCs and consoles, some other things still come to play. For the best gaming experience, your PC should meet the minimum requirements.

Key criteria your PCs must satisfy are in the following areas: GPU, RAM, and CPU. An Iris Pro 5200 or Intel HD 4000 are the required GPU. In terms of CPU, a 2.4Ghz Core i3 processor will do a fine job.

Lastly, your PC should run on a minimum of 4GB ram. Also, you’ll need a Windows 7 PC at the least.

2.    Exit the Battle Bus at the last seconds

You’ll hear the Battle Bus honk as soon as it’s time for players to drop onto the battleground. Many players will jump out of the Bus as soon as the Horn sounds, and most of them will die prematurely. This is because they’ll land amidst too many enemies.

When this happens, the enemy who gets a better gun first ends up killing vulnerable enemies in sight. The best time to leave the Battle Bus is close to the last 5 seconds. That way, you’ll likely land far away from other players.

Even if you don’t get the choicest loot at this time, you’ll find some valuables. This is better than dying in the first few seconds.

3.    You don’t need those sniper rifles for now.

You’d love to wield a weapon that can finish a kill with a single shot or two, right? While sniper rifles will help you do the job, you won’t need them most of the time. The first weapons you’ll need while figuring out the game are SMGs and Assault rifles.

As you advance, you’ll get Gold Bars, which you should spend at vending machines for weapons. Some notable weapons you should go for are the Ranger assault rifle, Hunter bolt-action sniper rifle, and the Striker Burst rifle.

4.    Get good headphones on that PC

Being able to hear the sound of gunshots is one thing that gives shooter games that thrilling feel. In addition to the feel, you can also hear special sounds that act as indicators, especially footsteps.

This will help you to take the needed precautions, such as ducking behind covers or switching weapons. More so, a good set of gaming-specific earphones should also hint at the direction of the footstep you’re hearing.

5.    You’re not immune to heights.

You’ll be forced to climb high structures at some point in the game. If you’re a sniper player, you’ll do this most of the time. However, be aware that dire situations might require you to jump. Only jump if the structure is not too far from the ground.

As a general note, dropping from buildings more than three storey high will cause you some damage. You’ll lose 100 HP if you fall from heights as high as 23 meters. However, the damage your character takes will be reduced if you fall onto a ramp or a pyramid.


Gaming on PC gives you additional advantages, such as creating hotkeys and improving your visuals. Also, you can use peripherals to boost your accuracy, which is much needed in Fortnite. While paying attention to sound in Fortnite is key, doing so with good headphones serves better.

You can increase your survival chances by waiting for most players to leave the Battle Bus before you. For now, make the best out of SMGs and assault rifles; go for snipers later. Lastly, if a structure is too high, avoid jumping from it. You’ll lose XPs or die if you are already in critical health.