Secret Decoy Apps for Android & Iphone – List of Best Decoy Apps

Decoy apps are applications that mimic real-life apps to trick people into giving away personal information. These apps are designed to look exactly like the real thing, but they actually collect data about the user’s phone. Once collected, the data is sent to third parties who use it for their own purposes.

1. What Is A Decoy App?

A decoy app is a type of mobile application that imitates the look and feel of popular social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. These applications allow users to create fake profiles and interact with others without revealing their true identity.

2. How Does A Decoy App Work?

Decoy apps work by using a proxy server to mask the user’s IP address. Proxy servers are web-based services that allow people to access websites anonymously. When someone uses a proxy server, they appear to be accessing the website from a different location than where they actually are. In order to use a decoy app, a person would need to download the app onto his or her phone and then connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Once connected, the user would have to enter his or her username and password before being able to log in to the decoy app. After logging in, the user would be able to view content similar to what he or she would normally find on a social network site. However, unlike real social networks, decoy apps do not store any information about the user. All data is stored on the proxy server instead.

3. Why Would Someone Use A Decoy App?

There are many reasons someone might want to use a decoy application. One reason could be to avoid getting caught doing something illegal. Another reason could be to protect personal information. If a person were to use a decoy account to post pictures of themselves online, those images could be easily accessed by law enforcement officials if they searched for the individual’s name.

4. Are There Any Risks Associated With Using A Decoy App?

Using a decoy app does carry some risks. First, the user may unknowingly share sensitive information with a third party. Second, the user may unknowing reveal his or her actual location. Third, the user may unknowlingly disclose information about himself or herself to a third party. Fourth, the user may unknowleing reveal information about himself or herself that he or she did not intend to share. Finally, the user may unknowlngly share information about himself or herself with a third party who was not supposed to receive that information.

5. Where Can I Get More Information About Decoy Apps?

In this article we are providing the best decoy apps list for android and iphone users. These decoy apps are based on reviews and star rating on google play store and apple store. We tried to fiqure out the decoy apps for our readers.

Why Kids Use Secret Decoy Apps? And Should Parents must Know About It?

1. To hide their identity

Kids have been using secret decoy apps since they were first introduced. These apps allow them to use a fake name instead of their real name. This way, if someone tries to look at their phone, they won’t find out who’s behind the app.

2. To avoid being tracked

If kids want to keep track of what they’re doing online, they’ll often install tracking software. But these programs can easily be detected, especially if they’re using a secret decoy app.

3. To stay safe

Some kids don’t want anyone to know where they go online. That’s why they use secret decoy apps. If they get caught using a tracker, they can say that they didn’t do anything wrong.

4. To make friends

There are lots of reasons kids use secret decoy apps, but one of the biggest ones is to make friends. Kids might not feel comfortable telling people about their favorite games, movies, or music. So they use secret decoy applications to share those things without having to worry about getting caught.

List of Secret Decoy Apps for Android and Iphone

1) Calculator – photo vault

Use the best calculator photo vault to hide photos, hide pictures, hide videos.

Calculator Photo Vault is the Vault app can secretly Hide Photos, Hide Videos and other files without anyone knowing as gallery lock installed in your phone looks as just a beautiful calculator, and works very well. Your files will be secretly stored in vault and can only be viewed after a Numeric PIN is entered on calculator panel of this app.

Download for Android & Iphone

2) Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Download Keepsafe to join over 50 million people who have entrusted more than a billion pictures to Keepsafe: the most popular Photo Vault & album locker app on Android.

Keepsafe secures personal photos and videos by locking them down with PIN protection, fingerprint authentication, and military-grade encryption. It’s the best place for hiding personal pictures and videos. With Keepsafe, you can protect your privacy, secure your photos, and save phone space.

Download for Android & Iphone

3) GalleryVault -Hide Photo Video

The most beautiful and simple private photo & video protection app — ThinkYeah GalleryVault (Hide Photos & Hide Videos, Support Touch ID)

GalleryVault can disguising its app icon and keep your privacy absolutely safe.

What’s more, GalleryVault has the beautiful design, it provides you the smooth and amazing media browse experience.

1. Hide photos and videos.

2. Support unlocking with Touch ID

3. Support lock with Pattern Lock and Passcode Lock

4. Support adding photos or videos by Sharing

5. Support changing App Icon

6. Support disguising GalleryVault looks like another app

7. The beautiful, smooth and elegant user experience No storage limitation to hide photo and hide video

8. Integrated with Private Web Browser and support downloading all images and videos in web page with just one tap

9. Support hiding and playing GIF images

10. Support Break-in Alerts and know who is trying to break-in

Download for Android & Iphone

4) Photo Vault PRIVARY Ultra Safe

Download Privary and enjoy highest protection for your personal photos, videos and documents. Already trusted by over 5 million people worldwide and locked over 650 million files.

Feel the difference.
Privary is more comfortable than your default gallery and protects you with the same encryption that governments use!
Organize your photos, keep them private and protect any video or document.

Download for Android

5) KYMS – Keep your media safe – Vault to hide and lock media

Kyms is an inviolable vault that allows you to hide and encrypt multimedia files, documents, passwords and much more with military grade security (AES Encryption).

Kyms is the only App on the Store that decrypts files in real time, without any waiting! By tapping on a video, for example, it will start immediatly and the decryption will continue in background.

With KYMS you can hide, encrypt and protect:

– Photos: includes also an editor with thousand of effects

– Videos: non standard formats too (Flv, Avi, Wmv, Mkv etc.) ALL DECRYPTED IN REAL TIME WHILE WATCHING!!

– Documents: Pdf, Text – can be created and edited -, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers, etc.

Download for Android & Iphone

6) Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone and iPad.

Millions of people trust Private Photo Vault® to keep their photos hidden.


• Password Protected App Entry

• Pin Lock

• Pattern/Dot Lock

• Password Protected Photo Albums

(Keep people out of your private albums)

• Break-in Report: Photo + GPS

• Decoy Password

+ Face Down Lock

Download for Android & Iphone

7) Clock Vault-Hide Photos,Videos

Clock Vault (Secret Photo locker & Video Locker) is great privacy protection app to keep it safe & easily hide photos, hide videos within private gallery to lock files that you do not want others to see in your device.

Photo video vault App for protecting your privacy by keep it safe behind the secret time password!

You can easily manage the albums of the gallery to View, Import, Move & Export the pictures.

Download for Android

8) Sgallery – hide photos & video

Sgallery is a fantastic privacy protection app to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos, apps and any other files that you do not want others to see.

Sgallery can hide its app icon and keep you privacy absolutely safe. You can import your private images and videos in this secure space, and nobody knows the existence of it.

Download for Android

9) PhotoGuard Photo Vault: Hide Photos Keep Safe Lock

Keep your personal photos and videos safe in our private photo vault.
We put security and privacy at the highest standards, along with a great UI/UX design.

PhotoGuard Photo Locker secures your secret photos and videos by locking them with a Password, Pattern, PIN or fingerprint, using Military Grade Encryption AES-256 bit.

Download for Android

10) Hide Pictures with LockMyPix

You want to protect your most important photos, videos and documents to make them truly invisible to anyone else but you? Hide photos and documents with LockMyPix in your private photo vault and video vault.

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