Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging Camera App | Get Android thermal imaging app for Android

What is Thermal imaging?

By detecting the infrared radiation emitted by the objects and building a picture from that data, thermal imaging is a technique for increasing object visibility in a dark environment. There are many techniques of night vision:

  • Near infrared illumination
  • Thermal imaging
  • Low light imaging

Thermal imaging is the most useful method among them, unlike other two methods it can work in environment without any ambient light.

Applications of Thermal imaging:

Home inspections:

  • Detecting damaged heating
  • cooling systems
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Detection of Moisture or Leaks

Having considered the applications of thermal imaging cameras, one cannot deny the importance of thermal imaging camera. But these equipment are very costly and difficult to use. There are some thermal imaging camera apps that will let you take authentic thermal images with the help of other devices at an affordable cost than thermal camera.

So we have cited some of the best thermal imaging camera apps that will help you to take thermal images.

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List of 10 best thermal camera app for Android:

1. Night Vision Thermal Camera

You can learn the mysteries of the night with the help of a night vision device.

You can view things from a different perspective by using the Night Vision, Thermo Vision, and UV Vision filters that we can offer you.

Your camera gadget receives these filter updates in real time. Simply swipe up and down to switch them on or off.

Try it out for yourself to see the difference.


  • Night-vision device
  • Heat Vision Filter
  • UV vision protection
  • Video and Photo Mode
  • Detection of Objects ( 100 different objects)

Download for IOS

2. Thermal scanner camera VR

Based on the colour intensity of the image, the thermal scanner camera software inserts a colour gradient to the video stream of your built-in camera.

View everything in Thermal Filter Effect in colour. colours like red/yellow for bright objects and blue/green for dark things. Change the colours’ look by using the built-in wheel.


  • Editor for gradients
  • In virtual reality (VR)
  • Zoom, front-facing camera switch, flash, and of course quick capture are examples of camera controls.
  • choosing different colour gradients.
  • full support for portrait and landscape.
  • Thermo-scan any currently stored images on your smartphone.

Download for Android

3. Seek Thermal

The best method to experience and visualise thermal energy while on the go, at work, indoors, or outdoors is through the use of Seek Thermal. You can quickly and precisely detect, examine, measure, and visualise thermal energy from your smartphone or tablet with this free app and a Seek thermal imaging camera.

The official Seek App makes it simple to:

  • Transform your phone into predator vision with connects and detect convenience
  • Capture and quickly share, store, or document thermal photos and videos
  • Take spot temperatures and thermal images detailing the entire scene
  • Accurately inspect, diagnose, and assess the source quickly

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FLIR ONE Pro cameras provide the measurement capabilities and exceptional thermal resolution you need to complete the task quickly. You may use the FLIR ONE Pro and the FLIR ONE Pro LT’s features to find issues fast and make sure they are fixed properly.

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5. Thermal Camera FX: Sim/Prank

With the help of the software Thermal Camera FX Vision Booth, you may mimic the effect of thermal vision to snap incredible pictures, outstanding stills, and discover new perspectives for your photo collection!

You may save your photographs, share them on Facebook, Twitter, and even email them with this app! Use your device’s camera to shoot photos in real-time, either the front or rear (for devices with front cameras), and then watch in astonishment as the world appears to you in a new thermal style of light.

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6. Thermal Cam Effect Simulator

The temperature of a genuine object cannot be determined by the “Thermal Cam Effect Simulator,” which is merely a picture filter or simulation of a thermal camera. Android phones are unable to distinguish between hot and cold objects since they lack an integrated infrared light sensor or other thermal sensor.

You may view your camera view with an additional thermographic camera filter thanks to this joke tool. This software uses the live video feed from your built-in camera to analyse it and then uses the results to produce a view that closely resembles the image from a hardware thermal camera. For pixel brightness detection and colour gradient mapping, it makes use of cutting-edge algorithms.

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7. Thermal Imaging Camera

This software is not a thermal vision infrared camera or a pair of binoculars, but it does include a powerful light increasing algorithm for nighttime shooting and excellent image processing zoom.

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8. Thermal Camera Real Simulator

The app contains a built-in thermal vision simulation radar camera effect that can imitate heat signatures in infrared, in addition to the ability to snap images like a conventional camera. It would be able to snap images of temperature simulations that were color-coded to represent various infrared heat levels. Additionally, the software would include various thermal vision camera filters that could be used to display various levels of information.

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Is there a thermal imaging app for Android?

Yes there are numerous apps and websites that work as a thermal imaging camera. You can found many features like infrared thermal imaging, Night vision device, heat Vision filter and UV vision protection etc.

Does my phone have a built in thermal camera?

No, all android phone does not have built in thermal camera. You can check the various Apps on android and iPhone listed above for thermal imaging.

But recently there are various Android Phones that have in built thermal images camera.