3 Pros & Cons Of Social Networking Sites

Social networking websites have entirely change the way in which we communicate. However, not each and everything is hunky Dory about the social networking websites. Due to this very reason, if you’re addicted to social networking websites, you have to 1st look into the pros and cons of the social networking website. Once you’re able to look into these pros and cons, thereafter only you would be able to get a proper picture about the social networking websites.

Today we would discuss both pros and cons in order to provide you with a clear picture about social networking websites.


Easy communication:

Earlier, we use to try and get the phone number of your friends who are living away from you and thereafter you use to communicate. However, on social media you can easily send them a friend request online and thereafter you would be able to communicate with them throughout the day.

Free connectivity:

On social media, you need not spend anything in order to communicate with anyone. That is why, for free you would be able to communicate with your family and friends.


Whether it is for a just cause or whether it is for the business, you would be able to collaborate easily with other people on social media. This ensures that you are able to use social media for the causes well.


Loss of privacy:

One of the main disadvantages of social media or social networking websites is that whenever you’re uploading something on social media, you would no longer be able to keep it private. That is why, there is loss of privacy.

Loss of family values:

In the United States alone, there are thousands of cases each and every year there are divorces which take place due to an affair which was started online. That is why, when you’re completely engrossed in social media, it can sometimes lead to loss of family values as well.

Spread of scams:

There are many fake news website as well as scam attempts which are running on social networking websites. That is why, this is another risk of social networking websites. Although in addition to that, social networking websites are pretty addictive as well due to which, they have become time-consuming.

So, whenever you’re looking into the pros and cons of social networking websites, these are the things which you should always keep in mind.