How to Build Kick Ass Website Using Layers Pro?

Building a website can be a daunting task for those with no programming experience.  While WordPress has made it easier for non-programmers to build sites, creating a user-friendly beautiful website can still be challenging.

For non-programmers, looking to build beautiful sites, for very little money, using a drag-and-drop page builder WordPress theme is the way to go.  With drag-and-drop page builder themes, you can create professional looking sites by only pointing and clicking.  The only knowledge needed is the ability to use a mouse and keyboard!

Working with developers and not having a clue about programming, makes people feel vulnerable and it ties their hands.

However, with a point and click, drag-and drop WordPress theme, business owners and bloggers can have control of their websites without depending on a programmer.

Another benefit of drag-and-drop WordPress themes is that they save time.  So even if you are a programmer and have computer programming knowledge, using one of these types of themes, takes time out of your site development process.

wordpress theme

There are many drag-and-drop website builders on the market.  Here are a few that are worth looking into.

  • Layers Pro 2
  • Simbla
  • Divi
  • Elementor

These drag-and-drop themes are easy to use and very flexible.  While some of them have drawbacks, they will all ultimately lead to a beautiful responsive site with NO CODING.  Before purchasing either of these themes, or any drag-and-drop WordPress theme, I suggest you do research and read reviews.  Also, if a free-trial is offered, you should take advantage of that before making any kind of investment.

As an additional note on easy website building through WordPress CMS, here are a few WordPress themes that non-programming professionals may find useful.

Peak Theme:  Portfolio theme designed to integrate with Layers to show off designs and images (ideal for artists and photographers).

Audaz Theme:  Tailored for small business and organizations looking to build a name for themselves.

Rayne Theme:  A blog theme built for Layers with a simplistic design feel made for writers, travelers, and storytellers.

Adeline Theme:  A WooCommerce fashion theme designed for fashion companies and professionals to sell and promote millennial clothing styles.

There are many tools and programs for non-programmers to easily build beautiful website, drag-and-drop WordPress themes are a great place to start.

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