10 Awesome Applications OF Enterprise AI In Various Sectors

AI is penetrating almost every industry. Being in the development stage, many unexplored potentials are yet to be explored. Many theoretical scientists have pitched it even more powerful. Let’s see if AI bots and destroys the world or not. That isn’t our concern, let’s focus on the part that is been worked upon.

Here we have extraordinary applications of AI to give you a glimpse of how far have AI reached its potential and how you can take advantage of it. Explore the enterprise AI sectors and if yours is not on the list, please feel free to add it in the comments section.

Enterprise AI In Marketing

Marketers have benefitted the most from this AI boost. AI has everything that marketers need. AI can reach more people, it can personalize itself, it can manage the huge load of the search engine by itself.

To put it in layman’s terms, you can take the example of e-commerce and social media advertising sites. You see ads on YouTube according to your search patterns, you see e-commerce ads on websites according to your internet habits and many more. So, how does this affect marketers’ job? It increases the marketers’ responsibilities, increases the planning work and decreases the mechanical work. It has been provenly considered as revenue increase factor in the marketing field.

Enterprise AI In HR Recruitment

When it comes to understanding human intelligence and behavior, the sector that comes into mind is HR. AI understands and interacts with human and thus when applied in HR it is giving more efficient results than ever.

Comprehensive services including sourcing, funneling, testing, sorting and analyzing can be done in bulk numbers and with quality results if you have AI integrated services. Such online service providers like Questy are increasing in numbers as the industry is growing.

Enterprise AI In Banking

When you listen to the word bank, you involve the following words in your mind to the description: security, money, fraud, money services. Now that every monetary service provided is being technologized, the risk rises to its maximum. Also, the handling of the customer becomes difficult.

The banks thus are developing fraud detection systems using AI. Some also have developed Chatbot and virtual assistance for customer convenience. Deep learning has helped immensely in the security systems of the bank and now it’s the turn for consumer relationship. Banks save a lot by using AI in these two areas.

Enterprise AI In Finance

That day is in the past when you have to buy and sell stocks with human intelligence and efforts. These operations are not conducted by artificial intelligence. The name and area “FinTech” alone has more value. It is changing the whole scenario of how financial markets work. Data is the key in financial markets and AI is trained to process that data in no time and act with intelligence.

Enterprise AI In Agriculture

In agriculture, it is important to utilize the resources most effectively. It is a challenge for most farmers around the world. Though provided with mechanical technology, you need to provide them with strategic technology that ensures results.

AI is being developed now to get the best research done on agriculture to solve the worldwide issue of hunger and population rise. It helps farmers detect soil quality, soil restoration technology, pesticide quantity, and quality determination.

Enterprise AI In Health Care

AI saves lives too! Heart patients and other serious diseases can be improved and prevented by AI signals. Keeping track of heart conditions, nursing homes and helping in chemotherapies technology is the important contribution of AI in health care. The main advantage of AI in healthcare is that it doesn’t disturb the whole medication process and effects. It just puts everything in the right place and makes medication more effective.

Enterprise AI In Gaming And Creative Jobs

How do you think PUBG and Fortnite works? AI has been the most impactful in one industry and has earned a lot for the industry – the gaming industry. The animation and graphics industry has also been made easy and more developed due to AI.

Content automation tool, image recognition, musical compositions are some of the few creative field uses of AI.

Enterprise AI In Space Technology

Where there is huge data involved, AI can help! In space technology too there are tons and tons of data to be processed and that too with certain machine learning and deep learning. The AI tools and software involved in the space technology should be accurate and correct most of the time as space discoveries would highly depend on its results.

Enterprise AI InChatbots

While it generated revenue for marketers, enterprise AI would When the services are getting more and more personalized, it is difficult for service providers to pay attention to every consumer and retain them. Almost all websites and all mobile applications have Chatbots. And thus AI now gives a sense of importance to every customer and thus increasing the retaining rate.

AI being in the learning stage isn’t compatible to answer all the questions, but some have developed to a stage that is high enough target for the rest. Amazon Echo, Google’s Virtual Assistant, and Apple’s Alexa are the classic and untouchable examples of how well a chatbot can be developed.

Enterprise AI In Autonomous Vehicles

And last but not least, autonomous vehicles are the trend that has been in the eyes of all. You have seen the experiments, the fails, and success. Whatever may the perspective of yours, you must agree AI is making the “Autonomous Vehicles” dream come true. There are partially self-driven cars in the run now, and with this advance deep learning and AI you can expect a fully self-driven car soon.

For this, the AI is collecting data from the vehicle radar, camera, GPS and cloud services to produce control data to use for the operations. Deep learning ensures the vehicles predict the actions properly and drive safely.

To conclude the post, I would like to ask you, what do you think would be AI’s impact in the future?

Author Bio: Jenny Watson is a technology enthusiast. She is studying the rise of technology integrations in every field, including the trends in human resources management. She is an avid reader, knowledge seeker and a content aficionado.