10 Best Cut and Paste Photo Editor Apps for Free Download | Photo Cutting & Pasting Apps

 As People began to take an active interest in photography, a wide range of image editing tools began to surface in app stores.

Make-up, hairstyles, color processing, and filtering are among the services available; everyone will find something to their favor. You can choose the applications based on your need. As it turned out, finding the proper one among all this variety might be really challenging!

Here is the list of 10 best Cut and Paste Photo Editor Apps which can be downloaded freely:

Cut and Paste Photos App:

Cut and Paste Photos app is an App that provides customize features for photo editing. It will replace professional photo editing tools and save your time.

Cut & Paste Photos can help you take your creativity to the next level. Discover amazing new techniques to erase or replace your photo’s background, chop out any section of a photo, and mix with any other photo background.


With our fantastic Lasso tool, you can cut off any section of your shot or extract people from it.

Select any section of a photo and instantly cut out that specific area. You can use this cut-out piece on any background image.


With our Eraser tool, you may erase the backdrop of your photo, eliminate any undesirable objects from your photo, and erase the corners and borders of your cut-out photo.


Merge and Blend your Background image with your Foreground image like an expert with our 30+ sophisticated Blending Modes. To experiment with different versions of your blended photos, change the opacity and colors of each blending option.


Make your images more meaningful and expressive with 200+ trendy Fonts and 100+ colors for each typeface.


To get a fun clone effect, paste numerous copies of people into images.

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Adobe Photoshop Fix-Photo editor App:

Adobe Photoshop Fix allows for strong yet simple image repair and restoration. Make tweaks and adjustments to heal, smooth, liquify, lighten, and give you the exact look you want. Sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud to access modified images in other Adobe mobile and desktop apps, where you can further improve them or utilize them in other creative projects — it’s all driven by Adobe CreativeSync.

Download Adobe Photoshop Fix-Photo Editor App

Auto Photo Cut Paste App:

Auto Photo Cut Paste is a NextGen Cut Paste Photo Editor program that allows you to cut out any section of an image and paste it on another image or background with the Auto Selection tool.

Auto Photo Cut Paste is a simple and quick way to produce stunning bespoke images. Simply touch the region of the picture you want to erase, and Auto Cut Paste will use color detection AI to detect the entire area and erase it for you, allowing you to paste the image on any other picture or one of our 30+ HD backgrounds.


  • Cut one face and paste it on the other to make a face swap.
  • Remove the photo background and replace it with whatever you want.
  • Cut off the people and place them on a different background.
  • Crop the faces of animals from one photo and overlay them on your friend’s photo.

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Cut Paste Photo Seamless Editor with AI:

With a highly clever Neural Network algorithm, you may cut any object or section of a photo and paste it on another picture or background with a flawless mix.

Cut Paste Photo Seamless Editing is a next-generation photo editor program that allows you to create fantastic cut paste photo effects with no effort.

Cut Paste Photo Editor can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

Cut and Paste Photo: Copy any object from one photo and paste it on another.

Face Swap: Cut people’s faces out of photos and paste them on other people’s faces.

Background Eraser: Easily erase picture backgrounds.

After auto-erasing, use the Background Changer to change the background of any image.

Downloading Cut Paste Photo Editor App

Cupace: Cut and Paste Face Photo:

Cupace is a basic photo editor that allows you to clip and paste people’s faces into photos. By using this app, you can make memes, hilarious photographs, and change faces in photos. Cut out a face or a section of a photo and paste it into another. Text and stickers can also be added to images.


Face Shaved

1. Cut mode: Cut a face in a photo by tracing a path on it using a magnifying glass.

2. Zoom mode: In a photo, zoom in on the face you wish to chop off.

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Cut Cut-Photo Editor and CutOut:

Cut Cut Photo Background Editor, we can easily cut any parts of photos and videos and give it to new background by inserting another image.

There are dozens of background which we can choose from the app.

With over 50M+ Downloads and 4.4 ratings, the app is best for Photo editing.

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Background Eraser:

This program allows you to trim photographs and make the backdrop of a picture transparent.

The images created can then be used as stamps in other programs to create a photomontage or collage.

In “Auto” mode, related pixels are automatically erased. There are 100M+ downloads and 4.6 reviews in Google play store.

Download the Background eraser Photo editing app for Android

A Color Story-Photo Editing App:

Fresh photos, on-trend editing approaches, and vibrant colors are the centerpiece of A Color Story. Instead of forcing you to take a single picture, the app has—

• more than 400 meticulously built filters, including purchases

• more than 120 moveable effects (including purchases)

• unique filters preserved from your editing steps

• over 20 FREE tools, including HSL + curves

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Copy and Paste Photo Collage:

There are four primary tools in Copy Paste Collages:

1. Copy Photos – Make a copy of your photos so that you can put them into photo collages.

2. Trim Photo Edges – Adjust the edges of your copied photos to make them look better when you place them on collages and other screens.

3. Copy Collages – Photo collages can be made by pasting copied photographs onto one of 20 various themed backgrounds. Text on Photo Collage, Draw on Collage, and Photo Stickers are among the features accessible.

4. Nature Collages – Choose from a huge selection of photo collage backgrounds for your picture collage. Professional Photographers have licenced these Nice Photo Backgrounds.

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Face Swap Cut and Paste Editor

Change faces, backgrounds, and trim or clip a section of an image. As a pro, create photo montage and scrapbooks with ease.

Although there is only one app, it serves multiple purposes. It allows you to take out a section of an image and combine it with other images. The cropped image can be used in a variety of ways with the programme. After you’ve cropped an image, you can resize or rotate it and combine it with other cropped photographs.

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