10 Best Free SMS Blocker App for Android – Text Message Blocking Apps

According to the Federal Trade Commission, frauds that started with scam messages cost Americans $86 million in 2020. 334,524 complaints were filed in 2020, which is equal to 916 reports every day on average. In relation to text scams, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received around 14,000 complaints last year.

Spam text messages are unwanted communications that are delivered to a mobile device via SMS (Short Message Service) without the recipient’s express consent or request. You may be tricked into providing your personal information, such as your password, account number, or Social Security number, via spam text messages.

So, in this blog post we are going to share a detailed list of Free SMS blocker app for android. Stay tuned!

1. Spam blocker for android-Free SMS Block Text:

The app has various features for users:

  • Text Blocker
  • Free Spam Blocker
  • Email Spam Blocker
  • Text backup
  • Organized SMS
  • Character & SMS charge Counter
  • Dual SIM feature
  • Powerful search
  • High performance

Easy text blocking the most effective methods to block text messages based on mobile number, sender name, content keyword, email text message, and wildcard rules may be found in Key Messages. Block texts from unknown senders, text that doesn’t contain numbers, and class 0 messages. In your organised inbox, see only the communications you want and need, or the “Key Messages.”

Downloads: 1M+

Reviews and Rating: 74.1k, 3.8

Download Spam blocker for android

2. Call & SMS Blocker – Block Text app for Android

Simple call and SMS blocker app offers a wide range of call and SMS blocker features.


  • Use the blacklist to block incoming calls and SMS messages.
  • Block personal phone numbers.
  • A whitelist of contacts whose calls should never be barred.
  • Filtering out everyone besides contacts.
  • Call blocking and message logs.
  • Blocking all phone numbers with a prefix, postfix, or area code.
  • Use the “Do Not Disturb Mode (dnd)” to block all calls and messages for a certain amount of time.

 Downloads: 1M+

Reviews and Rating: 92.2k, 3.6

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3. Call Blocker – Blacklist,SMS Blocker for Android:

Use a call and Free SMS blocker as soon as possible because this is a fantastic solution that will let you add this person to your blacklist straight away. So no matter who calls, Blacklist – Call and SMS blocker will help you block them and make your own blacklist if you don’t want to answer.

With this software, you can simply add the numbers to your blacklist rather than worrying about incoming calls or wasting time by answering them. You only need to add them to the blacklist and we’ll help you maintain your calling schedule spam-free!

Downloads: 1M+

Reviews and Rating: 31.1k, 4.0

Download Call and SMS blocker for Android

4. Block Calls & Block SMS- Spam Messaging App for Android

The app is able to manage and blacklist of all the contacts and unknown numbers you want to block is provided.

  • It is simple to add a phone number from the Call Log or Contacts List to the Blacklist.
  • Block undesirable callers and SMS senders.
  • Simply tell debt collectors and telemarketers to stop calling before they waste your time.
  • Automatically snoop on calls and SMS sent to private or unknown numbers.
  • Call and SMS blocking history is accessible.

Downloads: 100K+

Reviews and Rating: 1.76k, 3.3

Download Block call and block SMS for android

5. Hiya – Caller ID & Block-SMS blocker for Android:

Hiya (formerly Whitepages Caller ID) Call Block Security lets you know which calls you should answer and which numbers and texts you should block. Hiya is completely free (ad-free!) and very simple to use.

Receive nuisance call notifications, block obnoxious calls, add undesired phone numbers and SMS texts to a blacklist, and conduct reverse phone lookups on incoming caller information.

Millions of satisfied Hiya customers who rely on the app daily and a database of hundreds of millions of phone numbers are what power Hiya.

Downloads: 1 Cr+

Reviews and Rating: 2.52L, 4.2

Download Hiya for Android

6. Root Call SMS Manager-Text Message Blocking app:

The programme enables blocking of unwanted SMS and calls, both inbound and outbound.

Dual SIM cellphones are supported.

The application doesn’t miss the initial call, blocking is done at the system level, and there is no dialer window or illuminated screen.


  • Outgoing call and SMS blocking.
  • Support dual-SIM cellphones with the option to specify different blocking parameters for each SIM
  • A private discussion. The option of changing the caller’s phone number.

Downloads: 1L+

Reviews and Rating: 2.1T, 4.0

Download Root Call SMS Manager from Play store

7. Truecaller: Caller ID & SMS Block for Android:

 Truecaller will reveal and alert you about robocallers, fraudsters, scammers, telemarketers, and other unwanted or shady phone numbers. Unwanted calls and SMS are immediately blocked and avoided by the Advanced Spam Detector. The phone numbers on this spam list are updated in real-time by millions of users worldwide to keep you safe.

Spam Call Blocker & Detector of World Class:

 Block calls, SMS, and spam.  The spam call blocker automatically blocks telemarketers, robocallers, fraudsters, fraud, sales, and more. The Caller ID identifies numbers.

Millions of individuals worldwide update the phone numbers on the spam list in real time, enabling you to block spam calls, robocalls, and fraud.

Downloads: 50Cr+

Reviews and Rating: 1.78Cr, 4.5

Download Truecaller for android

8. Call Control – Call Blocker-Text Blocker App for Android:         

The Original Call Blocker and Community Blacklist App is FREE. Instantly blacklist and ban thousands of spam callers and robocalls. Free reverse phone lookup on countless numbers, even spam calls! The finest accessible call blocker, text blocker, and reverse phone search app is Call Control, which is simple to use and highly effective.

Numerous features, including private and unknown caller filtering, personal blacklists, Do Not Disturb modes, text SMS filters, community blacklists, blocked call logs, and more

More than 12 million customers use Call Control, a fully functional blacklist and call blocker, to stop obnoxious calls and texts. Calls are secretly blocked so you never even know who called!


  • Strong call blocker and blacklist (also includes text SMS blacklist!).
  • With our Community Blacklist tool, you may automatically block robocalls, telemarketers, and other spammers.
  • Enhanced Caller ID – Recognize the caller even if you don’t have the calling number saved in your contacts.
  • Personal Blacklist – Using wildcards and other methods, block any phone number or area code.
  • Automatically block callers who violate the FTC/FCC Do Not Call list.
  • Download for free

Downloads: 50L+

Reviews and Rating: 1.1L, 4.2

Download Call and SMS blocker for free

9. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker-Text Message Blocker app for Android free

The app is designed to block spam calls and Text messages. Both calls and SMS are blocked by the programme “Calls Blacklist.” Calls and messages from undesired, private (hidden, anonymous), or unauthorised numbers can be simply blocked.

SPAM BLOCKING: “Calls Blacklist” is your solution if you’re sick of bothersome calls or messages, including telemarketing, spam, and robocalls. It is a simple, portable, and effective call blocker.

You just need to add undesirable numbers to the blacklist.

SMS MESSENGER: This programme also includes a built-in SMS messenger that is completely functional.

SMS messages are simple to send, receive, and control. Additionally, a single app can be used to manage discussions and stop SMS spam. The built-in SMS messenger of the app is accessible once you enable SMS blocking.

Downloads: 10M+

Reviews and Rating: 756K, 4.3

Download Call and SMS blacklist apps for Android

10. Block Spam Text & Call- Free spam Text message blocking app:

Avoid Text Messages with Spam & Scams

Real-time spam and fraud text message protection is provided by Trend Micro Check using AI technology. To stay ahead of new and existing frauds, download now!

Text Spam Smart Filter

Block unwanted spam texts sent by spammers and con artists automatically. You can choose to only get the text messages you desire.

Continuous Spam & Scam Detection

Be cautious of text messages that contain spam and scam URLs and text that are received from shady phone numbers.

Complete Defense

Driven by the largest spam & scam text database in the world and over 30 years of cybersecurity knowledge.

Downloads: 10k+

Download Block Spam Text and Calls for Android