20 Best Software Development Tools in 2019

We have come a long way since the software crisis, which at once felt like it is the end of software development as a field. But the contemporary evidence proves otherwise, the field of software development has emerged as the foremost aspect in the world which is used in every sector of the economy.

Now the swiftness with which the world of software development has progressed has made it difficult to keep a track of all the advancements in it. The daily tweaking and developments in the software world have really flummoxed the minds of developers. In order to decide which tools are the best for software development, here is a list that can help you decide which tools are the best.

  1. Net Beans: one of the strongest Integrated Development Environment (IDE), this development tool is one of the most popular platforms to build and modify the software. It can be used for developing desktop software along with web applications and mobile applications. It allows code editing and lets you write bug-free code for your software.
  1. Cloud9: an all-rounder in code writing and development, this is another IDE which can be used for writing codes. The in-built mechanism of the tool lets you avoid any kind of typos. You can also develop a mobile application and software like scheduling tools among others.
  1. Intellij: all the aspects of developing software like an editor, compiler and the debugger among other are inculcated in this tool. The most important feature of this software is that it provides regular suggestions to the coder about mistakes and errors.

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  1. Bootstrap: when the development process has to be done on HTML, CSS and the JavaScript projects bootstrap is the tool to go for. Its drag and drop ability to categorize and assemble the web pages can really help the developer ease the process of development.
  1. Expression Studio: when the talk is about creativity, this software development tool is the one to go for. The major factor which decides the effectiveness of this tool is that it is fast and allows for a seamless working experience.
  1. HTML5 Builder: another comprehensive tool that can build an application for mobile and web browsers. A mobile application like scheduling tools can be made with this software, for efficient management of a business work schedule.
  1. Visual Studio: we can describe this tool as the perfect development environment tool, which allows the user to not only plan and build software but also ship it on various other platforms for the organization.
  1. Kwatee: this tool can be grouped under PaaS cloud computing system, through this you can create software, application and it can also be used for Microservices.
  1. Azure: another PaaS, and a part of Microsoft, this tool can help you in building and deploying the web application along with a comprehensive management system.
  1. GitHub: a shared software development tool github can help you not only build a tool by collaborating with other developers but also helps you share your software with others.
  1. Jira: talking about agility and team development projects, Jira can be relevant. It can help teams of developers to track, manage and plan the software among the team members.
  1. The code project: a free source code developer and also a tutorial for the developers. Along with enabling developers to code the software it can also provide information through the latest articles related to the field.
  1. Cloud Forge: cloud is the future of computing and cloud forge is just what the developers of the future need. Developed as a SaaS, it can inculcate various development tools under one platform.

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  1. ATOM: an open source and free text editor and code writer, ATOM is another IDE that is used by the developers for coding software and applications. With features like autocomplete and writing codes faster than ever, it deserves a place on the list.
  1. Zend Studio: a code writer and a debugger, this tool is used to develop software and mobile based applications like scheduling tools faster and with better efficiency.
  1. Spiralogics: another cloud-based tool that can help the developers builds the applications and also customizes them on the web. It also enables the developers to deploy this software and applications.
  1. Data studio: mostly used by the data scientists and the data analysts and even the engineers, the tool helps the developers explore and build their particular data products.
  1. Code envy: a Microservices deployment platform this tool helps the developers deploy the segments of software built as a part of the larger software.
  1. Docker: although it cannot be called as true development software, it is an open source platform that can be used by developers to build and run the application which is built in segments and also allows you to collaborate all the segments into one application.

The list will never end as every day there are a number of development tools that are developed. In the coming year, there will be numerous more tools that will help us integrate and collaborate the software development world.