4 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips That Actually Work

When it comes to Facebook marketing, people face significant ups and downs. This was the first social media platform which initiated ads. Since then, it has become a benchmark of how social websites run ad algorithms. According to an official announcement made by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is planning to lower the influence of ads on user news feeds. This is a move that many marketers and advertisers see as a hit in their campaigns. But there is no need to be worried yet as Facebook will remain a powerhouse for the development and growth of social reach.

Here is a detailed explanation of why Facebook will remain the most powerful marketing tool for businesses,
If there is a comparison of every social platform out there, Facebook is known to be the biggest. By 2020, it was recorded that  Facebook has over 2.7 billion of active users and 1 billion of daily users. This is also the first social media platform that has crossed this many users. The growth has resulted within the time of 17 years since it launched.

This is a Facebook graph which shows the gradual increase in its users. If we put this into context as per TechCrunch (An American online publisher focusing on the technology industry); no other social platform has been able to reach these numbers.

As per to 2020,

YouTube has 2 Billion monthly active users.
WeChat has 1.2 Billion monthly active users.
Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users.
Twitter has 330 million monthly active users.

Whereas Snapchat has reached 46 million monthly active users. Facebook has remained its position on the top.

The Marketers Choice
Around 93% of marketers have admitted to use Facebook as their regular advertising platform. This presents approximately three million businesses which use Facebook only for marketing. But with the increase in Facebook’s usage, marketers are concerned with the new change in its algorithm.

As per Recode, (a technology news website), many marketers have reported a decrease in their ad impression. Also, by January 2018, there has been an increase in the cost.

Facebook will never abandon ads according to analysts; they expect this social media platform to produce revenue of $24.25 billion. By the fourth quarter of 2020, per-share profits $2.67 were recorded and $100 billion by 2021, which would lead to $10.26 per-share income. However, the new changes will slightly affect ads.

Even if the ads do go away, these four powerful Facebook marketing tips actually work on marketing your business:

#1 Select the right category
First of all, marketers have to know the right category for their business page; not the personal Facebook profile. When you are making your Facebook business page, it requires you to select the nature of your business. Also, there will be a particular category which Facebook offers to its business pages,

Below is an image of these six options that Facebook offers,

For many individuals reading this, local business or brand categories seem like the perfect option. The category matters a lot because every category offers unique features. If your category is a local business or place for instance, it will have a separate section for the location of your shop. However, an online or e-commerce company might not have one. This will be essential for increasing brand awareness. Like this, if you are an online brand or product, then you can select it as it would not require you to add a physical location of your shop.

#2 Vanity URL
There are numerous ways to optimize web pages; however you would want to get a vanity URL. This will provide you with a link of an easily readable page which you can post in different places and even outside Facebook. While setting up a vanity URL, you could simply use your brand name. Vanity URL helps with SEO while marketing andyour business profile is the one you set up on Facebook, it will become more searchable on Google.

The Google search engine will connect with your website keyword. Apart from that, this will give your business page a more professional look that never hurts,

3 Optimize your photos

The 3rd most powerful marketing tip to upload high-quality images on your Facebook business profile. Facebook and every social media platform use high visuals. For brands, it is a good idea to use a high-quality logo for your business profile image. Also, it is advisable to use the accurate size and right cover photo, which explains your brand product or services.

Focus on having a clear concept profile picture and also add a CTA – Call to Action as their cover photo.

This is a picture which shows two calls to actions which work as the banner and the “learn more” button. Cover photos do not need to have a CTA in it; marketers can use their creative side to show off. Here is an example from Makr (a brand who display aesthetic and personality by explaining,)

Brands can use their photos as a chance to display it to their target audience. You could tell them the three W’s;What you do? Who you are and Why they should purchase from you? This is an honest marketing tool whichcan take the brand towards success.

#4 Add Call To Action – CTA button 

Every business page owns a CTA button on it. Which would provide some options for the audience, it is suggested to use a variety of CTA to improve engagement and also an email list for EDM. There are various CTA’s which you could use,

Book Now
Contact Us
Use App
Play Game
Shop Now
Sign Up
Watch Video

These can be linked to various numbers of things like a landing page connecting to your website, a contact us form and numerous others. The CTAs depend on the ultimate business goals. Marketers can focus on how their Facebook visitors will click.

SaaS business owners
If you are a SaaS business, then you may be wondering how Saas Fb Ads Service works. SaaS businesses are searching for useful methods that can improve their customer acquiring procedure with the help of ads.

Why most SaaS Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail
When it is about improvising ad campaigns outcomes and reducing its price, SaaS businesses should focus on accurately targeted ads. Ensure your ads are reaching ideal customers. Know the basics through demographic data which will help you filter out the people who are not your promising customers.  After this, your target audience will be massive; it is best to add interest through targeting.

Create a survey for audience
Develop an audience which can answer your questions; this will help in knowing your potential buyer’s choices and preferences.

Focus on Ad Optimization
After evaluation, a clear objective is presented, and now the business would know how to concentrate on Ad Optimizing. Adjust your targets by using the following:
1- Interest.
2- Behavior.
3- Employer.
4- Job title.
5- Company size.

The headline of the Ad
Initiate with an attractive headline which will be the first thing the users will see after the images. Put the explanation in the text above images and add descriptions which come under the headlines. Your message should focus three parts:

  • Individual mobile & desktop ad campaigns
  • Bidding methods & strategies
  • Schedule experimenting

Final thoughts about SaaS Facebook Paid Advertising
Once you dive into the SaaS paid advertisement, you will discover a whole world of possibilities, challenges and particular execution strategies. If you do it accurately, you might be able to beat your competition.

Despite the changes for Facebook advertisement and algorithm, it can still be a powerful marketing tool for many businesses. The primary key to success is to concentrate on organic reach and paid advertisements. Marketers can take advantage of influencer marketing. Businesses who have a multifaceted approach improves engagement gradually. One of the most crucial things to memorize about Facebook posting is optimization. Every business page needs to be optimized, including the photos, links and videos. Basically, optimize everything and do not post without aiming for anything. Make sure the contents you develop on Facebook matters, and you will see the outcome.

About the Author
Brannen Haley is a marketing manager at a well-recognized Al-powered business messenger. She is responsible for the firm’s online social media presence and PRto know more about her and her journey head over to https://thinkorion.com/.