5 Banner Ad Design Tips To Get More Clicks

Banner ads are among the most effective forms of marketing in the digital world. They are inexpensive, measurable and broad-reaching to help businesses realize their brand awareness goals in an easy manner.

You can leverage the potential of these ads and reach out to a bigger and wider audience and prospects in a smooth and cost-effective manner. But yes, it will matter the way you plan, design and execute the banner ads and ensure maximum clicks out of them.

You can’t go wrong with the design aspect else the real benefits of these ads might be lost.

Here are some of major banner ads design tips to get more clicks – 

1 Size does matter

Yes, size does matter with banner ads and their design. You can’t expect the same-size ads to work across channels and mediums. So, the focus should be on first understanding the medium of marketing and then going ahead with the designing task itself.

Whether for social platforms or website landing pages or newsletter, the size will vary for each mediums to help get more viewers click on the ads and help you gain brand awareness benefits galore.

2 Placement of ads is key

Brands can’t go wrong with the placement of ads. You need to place them where the best purpose is served. It’s true that you won’t have much of control if the ads are placed through paid medium, but other than that, you can decide where to have them for maximum clicks.

For specific websites, make sure the ads are right on top for superior visibility. The same strategy can work wonders with ads placement on apps, social sites or on newsletters.

3 Abide by simplicity

Keeping things simple will work big time with your banner ads. So, rather than stuffing the ads with text and message, show restraint and keep them short and point to point.

Don’t go bold with color, facts, animation or messaging as it can take away the real essence of the ads. Just have a simple message or an image or CTA (call to action) and let viewers gauge the rest by themselves.

4 Choose colors matching with business ethos

Colors do have a huge role to play in the way audience receive the messaging of banner ads. They can stir emotion, convey rich meaning and grab attention to fetch more clicks in an easy manner.

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However, make sure the colors selected are a match to the business ethos and brand identity. Being subtle is hold merit and going overboard with colors can jeopardize prospects in a big way.

5 Be careful with images and graphics

It’s advisable to leverage a top-class custom banner design software so that right images and graphics can be selected easily.

The focus should be on including visuals that convey business messages in a right manner. With quality images, you can convey brand meaning in easy manner and get more viewers to give attention and clicks on the ads posted in any medium or channel.

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