5 Online Teaching Platforms That Will Make You Want to Teach Online

While online learning is sprouting with the AI technologies, it is still too early to admit a complete mastership over the tech. In the meantime, we have got our hands at some amazing online teaching platforms, which have made teaching and learning fun and more convenient.

We must note that online teaching is not limited to traditional diplomas and certificate courses alone. Many astonishing sites have emerged, who offer skill development and even hobby training as micro-modules. Today, an online course does not mean sitting and taking notes, but also involves real-time interaction and options to perform practical tasks using step-by-step tutorials.

This article aims that enlisting some astonishing eLearning platforms that not only offer traditional courses but also capitalize micro-learning to teach even the fundamental life hacks like cooking, painting, guitar, topic-wise lectures, etc.

I am certain that one or most of these platforms will have a similar tutorial forthe skills you too own. Eventually, they will encourage you to make your own courses like them and earn money selling eLearning courses.So let’s begin with our list.

1.    openlearning.com

If you are a fan of social media platforms, you will love teaching on this platform. You can call it as a social media platform for online courses. As the name suggests, it’s quite open in terms of the genre of courses one can find here. You can create online courses for make-uptutorials to Astro physics. You can concentrate on the micro-courses and teach even the basic like-hacks like resume making, Microsoft word, or even your grandma’s secret sushi recipe. It is a perfect platform to earn from even the minute skills you think are worth teaching others. The online teaching platform has teaching partners ranging from individuals trainers to even the biggest universities worldwide. 

2.    helphub.com

If you have a skill you think people would love to learn, Helphub is for you. If you are a subject expert and can help students in their academic lessons, this platform is also for you. If you are an industry expert with a mastership in the skills required to get a job, teach here. If you can help a student clear his/her entrance tests for scholarship or higher education, choose this platform. Helphub is best for live online tutoring and earning on a per-hour basis. You can teach on your terms, convenience, from the comfort of your home.

3.    teachable.com

Initially called as Fedora, teachable is a well-known name in the eLearning industry. It allows you to sign up as a tutor and sell your courses created in different formats like TXT, PDF, Video, and animations. The integrated authoring tool provides all the fundamental features required to create your digital courses using differing multimedia resources. With so much ease, you just need to sign up, create, and launch your course. Rest is taken care by the platform. Of course, it also takes commissions on the courses you sell there.

4.    varsitytutors.com

Like Helphub, Varsity is a popular online private tutoring platform with a slight difference in its business model.  If you think you can offer live tuitions to the students, you can always sign up here and get unmatched exposure. Besides online tuitions, it also connects you with the students who need in-house private consultation in their studies. It is a complete social media of tutors and learners connecting with each other and sharing reviews about their experiences. The genre ranges from academic tutoring, language classes to various test preparations. So, be an individual online tutor or big tuition center, you will find everyone looking for exposure on this platform.  

5.    udemy.com

Who is not aware of Udemy? The world-famous repository of courses from unlimited genres. Udemy is the biggest platform for selling online video courses. If you are an expert and can create video lectures of what you teach, this platform can help you sell those videos as a complete course. From individual subject experts to renowned MNCs, you can find everyone on this platform. The eLearning marketplace is one of the biggest repository of on-demand video courses from cooking to rocket science and artificial intelligence. Singing up as a tutor on this platform will offer a matchless exposure for your courses if you can impress the learners with your teaching skills.

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Why don’t you start your own eLearning platform?

If it was for a few years back, I would have ended my article here. However, this is not “a few years back” so I can suggest a more profitable way to teach online. You can start your own online teaching platforms like the ones mentioned above. If fact, creating an eLearning platform is as easy as creating and online course for the above platforms.


This is how. Check these steps-

Step 1: Get a ready-made eLearning website builder

People also call them as turnkey eLearning platforms as they are already developed and just requires some initial setup to get them live. If you are impressed by any of the above-mentioned platforms, you can just get a clone script and develop a similar website for your own. For example, there are Udemy clone script, Varsity tutors clone script, and teachable clone scripts.

Step 2: Setup your clone script

Depending on your budget, you can get clone scripts of any range. If the default features are enough, just update some details and your site is ready to go live. If you need any custom feature, you ask the script developers to add it.

Step 3: Host your site

Once the script is ready with your own branding and preferred features, you can select a hosting provider and get your online teaching site up and ready. You can create courses and set prices for them once it is live.

Step 4: Market it and wait for the learners

Once you are live, create your courses and upload on the site. Advertise about it, optimize the SEO, promote in using paid Ads, to get exposure. Depending on your marketing you will get sales for your courses from the first day itself. Otherwise, if you are already a popular on a popular eLearning marketplace, a simple social media post will let you know your students about your own eLearning site.  


Why should you start your own online teaching platform when you can sell on the above-mentioned sites?

If teaching is a passion for you, and you can generate income from it, why would you want to share a commission with the third-party platforms? If you can claim the whole income for yourself, it is always wise to take things to the next level. Who knows, you might become another Udemy, Varsity, or Teachable. Like they did, you can also start an eLearning business and become an entrepreneur, instead of just an online tutor.