These 6 SEO Tools can Help your Startup Reach on Top in Limited Time

You cannot deny the fact that most of the startups run on shoestring budgets and with flow of time they build a customer base. To carry your brand, service or product to reach more and more audience, you really require a good online visibility.

So a crucial step for an early stage start-up is an SEO tool, if you really want your business to feature first in the search engine result pages.

SEO tools are not just to find quality keywords. Reports and analytics even play vital role as well.

SEO will help your business because of 2 main reasons:

  • Less budget to invest in PPC ads: As I told you that most of the startup starts will less budget, so obviously they won’t be able to invest in PPC ads, more of when they are in competitive niche.
  • Tight resources: Most of the new businesses do not have access to all kind of resources to manage SEO.

So, now you only have two options, either outsource your SEO to a digital marketing agency or try your luck and go solo and invest in a genuine SEO tool.

Now this post will brief you about top 5 SEO tools that are really worth investing it:

1: Serpstat: This SEO tool was launched back in 2013 and is considered as a new player in the SEO world. What to say about this tool, this allows you to do organic keyword tracking, spy on your competitor’s keyword, and perform SEO site audits, PPC analysis, backlink analysis and many more.

So, I would suggest you to go for Serpstat, as this is considered as reliable tool for any limited budget start up and will also help you find trending keywords and will also give you opportunity to know what all strategies your competitors are using.

2: Ahrefs: Well, when it comes to backlink analysis, then you will easily find several tools in market like Ahrefs. Let me tell you that Ahrefs will display the most accurate link profile of you and yours competitors website.

Well, if you are a startup, it’s easy to get link building, but don’t take it lightly, as it is one of the most challenging aspect of SEO. So for your startup, you really need a tool like Ahrefs.

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With the help of Ahrefs tool, you can even tract your position on Google and other search engines for the keywords you want to rank for. Let me tell you that there is an additional feature in Ahrefs (Keyword Explorer 2.0) and this allows you know tons of keyword ideas in order to create new content for your website.

3: SEMrush: This is another amazing tool of SEO and PPC, which helps you do keyword research, backlink analysis, PPC analysis and competitor’s research.

Many famous marketing professionals say that this is like Swiss army knife of SEO tools for keyword research and competition analysis. This tool will help you to perform site audit in order to fix all the bugs on your website, dig out new keyword opportunity and even tracks your ranking in SERPs. SEMrush even allows you to know all the strategies used by your competitors to rank in search engine. So if you have a budget to go for one tool, this SEMrush will definitely give you positive reverts.

4: Ninja Outreach: If you are really looking to fetch high-quality, contextual backlinks for your website, then this is the best SEO tool for you. There are many outreach tools around in the marketing, but no other tools can compete with the features and research functionalities of Ninja Outreach.

Ninja Outreach tool is capable of lead generation, link building, collecting contact information, content promotion, Twitter and Instagram prospecting, finding guest posts.

5: Moz: Last but not the least. This tool came in light back in 2004 and this is said to be one of the most popular tool in the SEO market. Let me tell you, Moz’s keyword ranking tool help you monitor variance in search ranking. This tool even has feature of site audit, which helps you find out SEO errors and fix them immediately.

You can easily installs MozBar, which is actually a chrome extension and allows you to check your competitors domain authority, page authority, and back link profile.

6: SEOquake: Well, this tool gives you quick and easy access to analytics data on any web page. This is actually a free plugin for your website that helps you in giving organic search data. This has special features of SEO audits, Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link Analysis and also social metrics.

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