How can you Increase the Number of Customers using the Website Design?

So many people believe that the content of your website or blog is what speaks for your brand the most, but would you be surprised if we told you that’s anything but the truth?

The first impression everyone experiences when they go to a brands website, is the website itself. If it turns out the website has a poor design, sometimes people won’t even make it to the actual content you worked so hard on.

But before we get started discussing how you can increase the number of customers you receive by using website design, we first need to cover some basics that everyone should know from the start. First of all not all of these tips and tricks will work for every business. The list could go on for ages if we had the time, but we’ve only included the most basic and general ways to introduce a better website design for more engagement, simply because website design is generally very specific for each brand.

Danielle Hill from Bop Design says it best: Despite your skepticism, a plethora of studies show a well-built website will generate better customer traffic and an improved user interface will increase conversion – generating new business at an exponential rate.

This small guide is mean to show you various ways you can update your design for a more responsive UX and customer. After reading through this guide, let us know what tips you’ll be implementing into your work from now on!

Be Responsive

Keep the design responsive. Most of the traffic you’ll be getting will be from other devices other than a laptop or desktop, which means the more responsive your UX is, the better usability your website will be for everyone.

Keep It Simple

Keep your design simple, don’t go overboard. If you do go overboard it can encourage people to not come back simply because of how annoying it is to navigate. Your design also reflects your brand so keep it simple and minimalist if you want to make a good impression.

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Leave Out The Stock

Stock photos are very common, but they can really stand out in a negative way. By now, everyone knows what a stock photo is and you can spot them from a mile away. Try hiring your own photographer to work with you and to keep the website unique with the content you provide.

Challenge your brand to create original content which is also more favored by SEO, and aim to incorporate that original content into your work as much as possible. Sometimes if you find that taking your own photography takes a bit longer when it comes to releasing content, start batch working on blog posts so you have enough to post one each day!

Keep Communication Open

Make it very easy for people to contact you. If people aren’t sure where to contact you they most likely won’t deal with the frustration for more than 5 minutes. It should be seamless in everyway, that way you can easily keep in contact with people who support your brand.

Many people will include a contact page on the navigation bar as well as the footer at the bottom of your site. We would suggest placing this in both areas so no one is confused as to where to look.

Take Advantage Of The Pages

Don’t waste any space on your website, take advantage of every single page, keep it fresh and interesting! Don’t let a page become stale, because that will make people click off and most will stop exploring the rest of your website. If you have too many pages, that can also be an issue, try to keep it simple!

Keep It Consistent

If you have a logo that is very memorable and that you use on business cards and other print materials, you need to make sure that logo is focused on in the actual site design. Make sure that if someone knew your logo, they could tell it was your site right away when they first visit it, without seeing any other information. Keep it as the header or involve it somehow towards the top of your website, just so it’s always seen.

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Overall, the design of your businesses website is one of the biggest tools you have to increasing the number of customers you receive. If you don’t have a stellar design set in place, you’re going to find that engagement will be low and that it’s very hard to reach out to a solid community.

Design is what acts as a first impression, it’s the first handshake you give to someone when first meeting them. Customers without even meaning to will judge your business based on outward appearances, which is why it needs to stay true to your brand and it needs to be perfect.

What will you be changing when it comes to the design of your website? Do you feel as though your website currently follows these tips and tricks? Are there any additional tips you have found that work great for you and your brand?

Share and comment your thoughts!