Canon Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi On Windows 7

Apart from all the printer errors, the Canon Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi On Windows 7 is the one that irritates its users a lot. No doubt that Canon serves one of the best printers of the decade. But due to some of the issues sometimes it starts showing some kind of trouble.

And that is why we have come up with this article. Here, you will get to know everything about the error and all the reasons behind that.

In case you don’t have any technical knowledge then we suggest you not solve the issue by yourself. Because there are the possibilities that you will end up facing more issues like Canon Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi On Windows 7.

How To Troubleshoot Canon Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi?

There are several methods through which you can easily solve the issue. Try them one by in to solve the trouble.

Start From The Basics

You can start from the basics to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Check if you have turned the printer ON.
  • Make sure if you don’t forget to connect any wire with the printer and the router. In case you are connected with a wireless wifi, then check if you have entered the right password.
  • Check if there is any warning light that has been glowing in the printer
  • Try to change all the USB cables.
  • Don’t put your printer too away from the router.
  • Make sure that you are connected with the right network. And you have inserted the correct password.

Set Canon Printer As Default Printer

It’s really very necessary to check if you have set the Canon Printer as a default printer. As many times it happens that printer installs the software that has a virtual printer. And instead, to print any file, this printer does save the file.

To set Canon Printer as default printer just follow the below guidelines:

  • First, you have to click on the Start button and then follow these commands. Control Panel<Hardware and sounds.
  • From there click on “devices and printers”.
  • And hence, choose the Canon printer as the default printer.

After doing this, if you found that the issue is still the same, then you have to try the next method.

Restart All The Devices

If you will simply restart all the devices then it can help your printer to solve the issue of Canon Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi On Windows 7.

To do the same, first shut down your computer system and then turn off your printer too. After doing this, remove all the cables from the printer as well as from the computer.

Turn off the router and remove the wires from it too. Let them off for several minutes and then turn all of them ON by connecting back all the cables.

Check if you are now able to print something out of it.

Use Printer Troubleshooter

After applying all the steps, if you have found that the Canon Printer still Won’t Connect To Wifi On Windows 7. Then it would be better if you run the printer troubleshooter. To do so just try all the steps that have been given below.

  • Click on the start button and then open the “control panel”.
  • Then click on “hardware and sound” and you will see there the option of “devices and printer”. Click on that and then right-click on the Printer icon.
  • Click on Troubleshooter which will tell you about the issue and hence resolve the issue.

Update Router Firmware

If you are still facing the issue then it would be better if you update the router firmware. You will get all the instructions related to the same in the Canon Printer’s user manual.

Disable VPN Connections

To resolve the issue of Canon Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi, you can also disable the YPN connections. Actually, just because of the security reasons what happens is the system stop allowing it to connect with any network.

Reinstall Printers driver and software

If you have found that all the above methods are unable to solve the issue then we suggest you uninstall the printer’s driver. To do so follow all the steps that have been given below.

  • Open the control panel<programs.
  • Then click on Programs and Features<uninstall the program.
  • Click on Yes to confirm the uninstallation.

After the driver will completely uninstall then you have to go to the official website of the Canon Printer. From there download the updated version of the canon printer driver. Install the driver into the system and then try to print something out of it.

You can also install the printer’s driver with the help of a CD that came with your Canon printer.

Change The SSID

Try to change the SSID of your printer. What usually happens is, just because of too many routers with the same SSID, it sometimes confuses users. Hence, change the SSID and password then connect your printer again with the wifi network.

If you have connected with the wrong network then it will solve the issue for you.

Reset The Printer

When all the options fail to resolve the issue then it would be better to reset the printer. It will reset all the settings including wifi login credentials to re-establish the connection.

If you don’t know how to do it then you can take help from the user’s guide that came along with the printer.

And In The Last…

We hope that with the help of the above-mentioned methods you are now able to resolve the issue of Canon Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi On Windows 7.

We have written all the steps after complete research work and after using all these methods a lot of users troubleshooted the issue.

You just have to follow the methods in the same order and it would be best if you check if your router is working well or not. And for the same, you have to connect any other device with the same network.