Digital Marketing Trends and Technology that will Dominate 2018

With time the integration of the most up-to-date digital trends in your marketing strategy has become considerable to make your business booming. It’s not important what worked for you in the past may not work for you at present. Back are the days when you used to promote through brochure and leaflets, with the advancement of technology and reliance on IOTs, the demand for a website is on the top. Most of the online businesses are keen to maintain a website but they fall short to rank on the Search Engine Result Pages. Google is a wise analyzer; you have to often feed it with updates and the latest trends. If you experience that your website has been performing extremely bad, it is most likely that you have not acted in accordance with the latest trends in Search engine optimization.

That’s why you need to update your information and settle on the changes you should bring to your digital marketing approach. In this piece of writing, we’ve discussed a few digital marketing trends that will dominate 2018. Read on to know more.

Check Your Website’s Speed

What does the speed of a website mean in 2018 and beyond? Well, don’t ignore it! Do the whole lot in your power to boost the page speed of your business website for both desktop and mobile version of sites. If your website is easily approachable, make certain it works well on every device possible. If you check your website and it’s found to be less than optimum, and then contact a responsive website development company who knows how to optimize your website correctly for the speed. It’s more inexpensive than most other SEO activities, and you have nil to lose – right?

Chat bots Customer Assistance:

Chat bots are supposed to be one of the major deal-breaker in the upcoming future. Though, this style has by now kicked in to rule the digital era. Today, people barely know whether they are talking with a bot or a genuine individual in their very last customer service communication. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective choice. Results reveal that the introduction of virtual support can take the savings to up to millions by the end of 2022.

Use of Live Videos:

Social media marketing has increased the attractiveness of live videos. Most of the researches out there point at the information that videos are convincing story-tellers. Videos clear the uncertainties more professionally and speedily. You can enhance your sales by practically 70% by using a high-quality video on your website’s landing page. No matter what social media platform you’re using, be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube; at least upload 1 video per week. Make sure your videos have informative content to succeed over your spectators.

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Quality Content

Previously Google was just focused on the keywords. With the altering drift, you will have to create quality content too in order to rank in search engine results. By quality content, Google means only informative content and not promotional contents. Keeping that in mind, it is requisite to refurbish the content creation approach and focus more on delivering high-quality informative content, rather than, keyword overstuffed trash.

Social Media Redirection

As the branding of every product is moving on social media, Google is all set to assist you to rank your website. Linking your business website with Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube will have authentic profits. The more they like and review by the audience on your website on social media, the higher will be the probabilities that the traffic would be heading towards your website.

Keeping all these trends in mind, you can plan the right way to deal with your search for ranking higher on the SERP pages.