Facebook Live Video Through Mentions

If you haven’t ventured yet into Facebook’s livestreaming video feature, this post will tell you the basics that you need to know about it. It created quite a buzz among the group that have tested it and it sounds promising to those who are waiting for it. So, what is the deal about Facebook Live?

A Brief Description

If you’re familiar with the livestreaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat,  it will give you an idea what Facebook Live is.  Facebook Live offers the ability to create and watch live videos without leaving the platform. Just like Periscope and Meerkat, Facebook Live allows the viewers to comment and interact with the broadcaster and fellow watchers.


Facebook Live was first offered to celebrities and public figures. With the use of the mobile application Mentions, they can record their live videos. These videos then appear in the news feeds of their followers. They also show up in the broadcaster’s Facebook page and stay there long after the airing. The comments made during the broadcast are likewise retained in the video’s comment box.

Here are some of the celebrities who jumped on the Facebook Live Video bandwagon:  (insert photos)

How to Gain Access to Creating Live Videos

  • When it was first rolled out, only a select group of people can create Live videos. These are celebrities or public figures who have a “verified” Facebook account and whose page is classified as “public figure.”
  • If you are interested in having your page verified..
  • If you want to classify your page as a “public figure,” do the following.
  • Once you have done both, the Mentions app will grant you access in creating Live videos.

How to Create Live Videos

Now that the Mentions app has allowed you to create Live videos, click the icon to create a new post, then you will see the following options. (insert photo)

  • One of the options is “Live Video,” click that. You will get a short explanation of what to do.
  • Describe your video then click the “Go Live” button.
  • Once you’re “live,” your video will show up in the news feed of your followers and they will, hopefully, start interacting with you. It may seem scary at first but you’ll lose the “stage fright” eventually.
  • When the audience starts commenting, the comments will pop up on the screen for you to answer.

The Future of Facebook Live

It’s a safe assumption that anybody’s first Facebook Live will not go well, with stage fright and all but that shouldn’t stop you from trying again and again. Facebook Live does not require a separate app and you are saved from building an audience. Your Facebook friends and followers are automatically your captured audience. When they interact with you, their friends may also see your video.
One of the complaints about the feature when it was rolled out was its exclusivity to public figures. While Facebook did not explain the reason behind this, it’s safe to assume that they were just cautious in rolling out a feature that has the potential to make a huge change. Most probably, they wanted to iron out the kinks first before offering it to the bigger public. Once Facebook Live works seamlessly, communicating with followers will change dramatically.