How to Become A Pro At Seasonal Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the perfect time for a thorough removal. It’s not just about deep-cleaning your home in every corner. How do you even reach every tiniest corner of your home without decluttering? Indeed, you won’t. To get ready for the warmer and sunnier side of the year, check those items, too, for anything you don’t need. You’ll see how much easier spring cleaning gets after junk removal. With a plan at hand and Jiffy Junk’s team, it’ll turn into a breeze.

Get Organised

The first step to spring cleaning like a pro is to get organized and make a plan. You can either spring clean one room after another or tackle your home according to categories.

Go room by room

Create a list of each room to tackle and set yourself a goal. Commit yourself to be done with each room until a set date. If your home isn’t too large, you might be able to finish each room within just one day. Should it overwhelm you to finish one room in a day, split the respective rooms into four quadrants? Tackle one of each every day. To stay motivated, you might benefit from starting with the smallest room or with storage areas. You’ll need the space in storage areas and it’ll be rather easy to start. Most are probably packed anyway.

Categorize the spring clean

Instead of spring cleaning and doing junk removal of one room after another, make a list of each room. Give it categories according to what you keep in each room. For example, your bedroom will have clothes and bed linen. The children’s room will also have clothes, but there are toys, too.

The living room would most likely have books, DVDs, games, and maybe also some toys and snacks. You probably keep some books in your office, but also paperwork and office supplies – of which there might be some on your child’s desk. The dining room has got dishes and glasses, along with some cutlery. All of it you’ll also find in your kitchen plus food with snacks in your pantry.

Then there’s the attic or basement where you store tools, maybe long-shelf foods and clothes. And so on. Take a highlighter and highlight each category with the same color. Tackle each category one after another.

Get Started

Don’t procrastinate and start with the junk removal – or you won’t be done until Christmas. That’s why you set yourself goals and your own deadlines for spring clean. Switch on some music and turn spring clean into a fun event.

You’ll be even quicker if your whole family helps at it. For example, you could give your kids a microfiber cloth to clean the windows. Motivate your family by turning it into a competition. Whoever is done first with his part gets to choose what’s for dinner.

Take care of the obvious trash first

Each room you’ll enter – no matter which strategy you use – will undoubtedly have some obvious junk. Take a bin bag and do the obvious junk removal first. Collect all empty chips bags, hankies, sweets wrappers, old newspapers that lie around on surfaces.

Put them into the bin bag for junk removal. If you find lonely socks or other clothes on the floor, put them into a hamper.

Take three boxes

Now that you got a plan and motivated yourself, it’s time to get three boxes. Take one for items to sell, one for donations, and one for junk. Check each section or category of each room and declutter ruthlessly. Have you used the item within the last year? Do the clothes still fit? Do you even like the item you find?

Anything you don’t actually like, what doesn’t fit anymore, or what you haven’t used in a long while is due to be tossed. If it’s still functional and in good condition, offer it at a garage sale or donate it. Whatever is broken, torn, or worn belongs into the junk box. Put each item you keep back into its spot.

But give the shelf a good wipe before doing so.

Clean the furniture from the outside, too, after you’ve decluttered. Put seasonal items into a designated extra box for the next season.

Do the same with any food items you find. Check your pantry and long-shelf items for their expiration date. Toss any old item into the junk removal box.

Out of Sight and Out of Mind

Decluttering is just one part of your spring clean. To get on with it and have enough space for a thorough cleaning session, schedule a collection with removal services. You can hand them the donation boxes as well since most services are partners with charities. It saves you a lot of hassle to drop off donation items at charities.

To make it even more convenient, you don’t have to bother about putting your clutter to the curb. Junk removal services can haul out anything from where you put it inside of your home. You only have to point at the junk and before you know it it will disapear. Since those services can be around on the same or the next day, you don’t have to wait for ages until all the junk has been removed.

However, junk removal services are rather busy in spring and fall when most people do their spring clean. Schedule a collection date ahead – it will support you to stick to your deadline.

Parting Words on spring Cleaning and Junk Removal

Once all the junk is out and each room is clear, now’s the time to give your carpet a deep clean. You can rent a professional carpet cleaning device or do it yourself. Mix one cup of vinegar with two cups of water and two teaspoons of salt. Add 15 drops of essential oils to it for a nice scent and pour the mix into a spray bottle. Spray it onto your carpet and let it sit overnight to dry. You’ll only have to vacuum the next morning.