How to Choose the Best Website to Buy Bitcoins Online

Bitcoin is becoming more popular every day and ever-increasing numbers of people are getting into dealing in the cryptocurrency. However, it is crucial for anyone who wants to succeed in a Bitcoin investment and trade to know how to safely buy it. Although an individual or institution can buy Bitcoin from others without using an intermediary platform or a website, it is crucial to understand how buying works on various websites.

Due to the many sites on which investors and traders can trade in bitcoins, it can be hard to choose the best site to buy bitcoins. [JP1] This makes it necessary for you as an investor to properly do your homework to identify the best website to buy bitcoins online. In fact, you need to know the top 10 websites to buy bitcoin from so that at any time you want to buy, you know which sites to go to first.

Identifying the Best Website to Buy Bitcoins Online

When looking for the top websites to buy cryptocurrency, you need to consider their features carefully. Below are some of the considerations:

Consider the Platform Security

The security the exchange offers is a paramount factor when choosing the best bitcoin sites to buy from. This is because an insecure platform poses the risk of losing all of your investment. Some of the critical security features of the best website to buy bitcoins online include:

·          Web addresses that start with HTTPS, but not HTTP.

·          Two-factor verification, more so for withdrawals

·          Advanced and frequently updated multi-layered security

·          Improved account security through biometric logins such as face recognition

·          Frequent security reviews and checks on employees’ criminal records

The platform you choose should offer you secure trading, meaning your digital currencies are not at risk of a sudden disappearance, being divulged to third parties, or at risk of hacking.

Check the Websites’ User-Friendliness

If you are reading this, the chances are that you are a newbie in cryptocurrency; that is why you are looking for the best website to buy bitcoins online.Therefore, it will be crucial that you look for platforms that are easy to use; so, as a beginner, you can understand them and trade without any problems. You can ask your friends and relatives for recommendations on the best website to purchase cryptocurrencyand thenyou can do your research to settle on the one that best suits you.

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Check the Country in Which the Exchange Is Located

Another thing to look out for as you pick the best website to buy bitcoins onlineis thecountry where those platforms are based. The essence of checking this is understanding how laws and regulations can differ from one country to another. So ideally, the best site to buy and send bitcoin is the one within your home country. Also, as you look for platforms, ensure you check the currencies that they accept. Luckily, most exchanges accept several currencies, but to be sure, check the fine print to see the currencies they accept and which they do not.

Consider the Exchange Fees

The best website to buy bitcoins onlinehas will charge reasonable transaction fees and will be comparable to other players in the market. However, it would be best to note that charges can change over time and vary from one website to another. Moreover, some platforms charge extra fees on top of the transaction fees for digital currency. Therefore, you need to check all the applicable fees before you start the buying process.

Look at the Websites Customer Support

Because you may need to contact the company that runs the bitcoin exchange, you need to choose a website that has good customer support. When hunting for the best website to buy bitcoins online, ensure you cautiously check those sites that have excellent customer support. You can tell a site for bitcoins trading has top-notch customer support if the platform:

·          Has several ways to reach the customer service team, for example, email, telephone, live chat, and others

·          Responds in a short time to queries

·          Has support staff on stand-by available 24 hours

·          Is keen on educating customers about bitcoins and crypto generally and endeavors to make newbies crypto-savvy

·          Shows its fees upfront and the fees schedule is transparent

Consider the Turn-Around-Time

When choosing the best website to buy bitcoins online, you want to be sure that the time it takes for the Bitcoin transaction to be completed is reasonable and suitable for you. Therefore, the turnaround time depends on each person because of their needs and unique situations. A vital feature you need to check as you pick the best site for buying cryptocurrency is whether the exchange has a provision for ‘locked in’ pricing. This essentially means that the buying price is still the cost the platform will charge you, even when the bitcoins take a couple of days to arrive.

Check If the Website Is Reputable

Only those who have used a website for trading bitcoins can give feedback about it. Therefore, it will help to search for the best website to buy the coin. Look at the reviews and ask around among your friends and relatives about various websites. You should also find if the website has good customer reviews by checking out the feedback about it on various online forums, for example, Bitcoin Forum and Bitcoin Reddit. Additionally, social platforms can help, for example, Facebook groups. You will find people who have used the various sites discussing them and giving their reviews hence ease your search for the best website to buy bitcoins online.


Finding the best website to buy bitcoins online should not be challenging if you know what to look for. Some of the critical things to consider include security, the country in which the site is based, customer support, user-friendliness, reputation, turn-around time, and the fees charged.