Instagram Stories – 7 Best Tips to Creating Jaw-Dropping Visuals

The Instagram feed is not the sole way you can build audience engagement. The visual social platform launched an awesome feature in 2016, Instagram Stories, which has more than 500 million daily active users and grew very fast. It means 50 percent of IG’s overalluser base views,to be precise.

You can reach out to your targeted audience in two different sections of Instagram. You will like to make the most out of this opportunity and not bore your followers with dull images and stories.

According to an article published on, Instagram Stories can help you with loads of value and user engagement, no matter whether you want to share a story from your business profile or use your personal IG account. TechCrunch reported that 1 out of 5 IG stories shared by a brand or business receives a direct response. It helps businesses to connect directly with their targeted audience.

In this article, we will walk you through the ways you can pique audience interest and connect with them via Instagram Stories.

1. Begin with a storyboard

Did you know there are several ways to leverage IG stories? Whether you want to promote a new blog post or share exciting features, make the most out of stories to build audience engagement. It implies that you take a behind-the-scenes shot, live video, as well as iPhone photography without fretting over if it goes with the rest of the visual content.

As far as the IG Story graphics are concerned, make sure that you use visually attractivedesigns to pique your audience’s interest. The best way to kick start it is with a storyboard to generate user interest and attract visitors to click-through. You can also arrange a storyboard that displays how people can use your products or for that matter, services.

When it comes to IG stories, the opportunities are never-ending. When you have a plan in order, you can create stunning IG story designs. 

2. Develop a story-based style guide

You can use completely produced short videos and graphics for your stories. Additionally, Instagram also provides loads of design components that you can leverage to adorn your IG content.

You can start with a style guide that would specify which filters, fonts, and GIFs your brand could use from Instagram Stories to boost your brand image continuously. Build a style guide in numerous formats so that you have something handy so that you can create and share IG stories.

You will find several design options and therefore, create a story-oriented style guide to enhance your brand recognition and take it to the next level.

3. Integrate photography

It is not necessary that your IG story to have completely personalized graphic designs and therefore, it is a smart idea to change the same up and integrate photography as and when required.

The magnificence of IG stories is that not all things you post have to be superlative or professionally developed. Use your smartphone camera instead to take some behind-the-scenes shots right in the Instagram app. You can visit Blastup.comto generate genuine likes and following, but remember to include photography to take your branding to the next level.

You will find numerous free stock images that you can use too. While using these photos, ensure these are related to your business as well as the content you post or share.

4. Use your brand colors and fonts

Make sure that you retain all things you create for your brand including fonts, colors, and IG stories. It implies that you need to keep your brand kit handy to match with your brand fonts, color hex codes, logo, etc.

When you integrate your brand colors and fonts, it helps you improve brand recognition when followers are scrolling through the stories. Your followers will notice your graphics and understand that it relates to your brand without looking at your business username.

5. Reap the maximum benefits out of boomerangs

Did you know that boomerang is an IG-owned app integrated directly into stories? The users can access it easily simply by opening the story’s camera and meandering to the option directly to the right side.

As far as boomerang is concerned, it a short, quick one or two-second clip, which loops. It is an exciting way to create IG content. You can use this instead of taking pictures frequently and then, you can add some persona into your IG stories.

6. Develop design components with signs or symbols

Did you know that Instagram comes with five unique font choices like modern, classic, typewriter, strong, and neon? It indicates that your symbols and letters will have five diverse styles. When you take a couple of these symbols and letters, spin these and blow up, you will get some awesome design components to perk up your IG stories.

You can use a capital I in the modern font, spin it to one side, and develop a bar chart or for that matter, an underline or background for your copy or text. Create a pink asterisk using the modern font and design snowflakes or stars in your IG image or video. Feel free to use any appealing designs; these are just a few examples for your understanding.

7. Include a text-shadow

Let your imagination and creativity run wild with IG’s in-app design resources. Integrate a text shadow in the story-building dashboard by including two unique layers of colors of the sane copy or text.

All you need to do is type the text in a dark or light color and put it wherever you like it to sit on your IG story. You will need to do the same thing when it comes to the primary color, putting it over the top of the shadow at a small angle. It is one of the fun ways to include text or copy over the top of an image or video, which you shot in the IG app. It helps you to design your IG stories easily and quickly before you post.


Now that you have these tips handy, start creating awesome IG stories to delight your targeted audience. You can use the stories feature to add calls-to-action (CTA) to your business website.