Learn How to Email Your Way to Success ?

Email is fast, effective and efficient. It can get your message out to a broad audience with a high response rate. It is the best driver of profits in terms of lead generation. There are many facets to learning to market on the internet. The first is learning the terminology of this platform. Here are a few that you will run into.

A Bounce Rate is when an email address is bad and the mail bounces back to you. Your bounce rate is the percentage of your emails that couldn’t be delivered.

CTR stands for “click through rate”. This is the percentage of people that clicked on your email vs the number that opened the email.

Conversion Rate is the percentage of people that actually took action on your call-to-action in your email.

Open Rate The open rate is the percentage of people that open your email marketing campaign.

Opt-In This is when an individual enters their contact information and joins your real estate email marketing list.

Blacklist means you’ve been spammed too many times by email recipients.

Whitelist is the opposite of the blacklist. Your email address should be on the white list so that your emails don’t end up in the SPAM folder.

HTML emails are ones that have graphics in them.

Plain Text emails is just plain text, no pictures or graphics.

All of these terms are here for you to keep track of your statistics when you start your email campaigns.These allow you to understand what is working and what is not. They also allow you to tweak your emails so that those stats change for the better.

Now that you have at least part of the language down, it is on to what you should send with your Real Estate Email Marketing effort.

Here is a list of ideas for emails, drip campaigns and even newsletters:

  • Descriptions and stories about particular Neighborhoods
  • Restaurant and Theater commentaries
  • New Listings of all homes and condos in the last month
  • Listings of Open House Schedules for a month
  • Family Events in your community
  • Listing Videos for home sellers
  • Getting educated on the world of real estate
  • Sharing financial information about the local real estate market

So now you have your ideas. The next step is the schedule and chapters to send out to your prospect list.

The first is the Hello or Welcome email where you introduce yourself and your intentions. Then, you will want to identify what their problem is (looking for a house to buy) and describe how you will help them resolve that problem. You will need to advise them to respond right away in order for you to get the job done.

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Next is the Newsletter where you write about some of the ideas that you wish to share. You include some entertainment, some information about the local scene and details. Paint a beautiful picture of the community and the luxury of living in such a place.

And then in the next email, you bring up their problem again. (Looking for a house to buy) Show them how great their life will be when you are done helping them solve this problem. Point out the best methods of financing, of saving, of maintaining this dream house. Emotions become part of the communication.

This email is all about solving their problem. You break down the parts so that they are easier to understand and one by one you explain the solutions. You send a list of homes for them to peruse. You include names of mortgage companies. You invite them to a seminar or a class.

And, finally, you send an email that explains how everything gets solved because they have chosen you as their realtor. Using lots of descriptive and emotional words, this email should bring them to the point that they are calling you the minute they receive it.

From this point on, you should send out newsletters and invites on a regular basis. If you have had them fill out any forms and you now have their phone number, you should start making regular phone calls to see where they are in their process. The follow-up stage is the most important and the most fruitful.

Drip Email marketing is an efficient and cost effective way to leverage your company’s growth potential. Automated email advertisements are scheduled to be sent out on specific timelines. This is a powerful way to gain new customers.

Author Bio – Maddison Lake is founder of Everest Direct Mail started in September of 2014 with a small team, on a mission of providing effective direct mail campaigns for defense attorneys to acquire new clients.