The Top 5 Uses For Heat Guns

Whether you have a heat gun sitting at home or are interested in buying a heat gun, learning the top uses for the tool be hugely beneficial for ensuring you can get the most out of your heat gun. This guide is here for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their heat gun by showing you some of the many ways a heat gun can be used. 

What is a Heat Gun? 

Before outlining some of the many uses of a heat gun, it is first useful to outline a little more about what a heat gun actually is. As heat guns online explain, a heat gun is a specific type of power tool that emits powerful steam of hot air at temperatures ranging from 100-degree centigrade to 550 degrees centigrade. Heat guns are lightweight and can come in a variety of different models, making them perfect for a range of different uses. 

The Top Uses of Heat Guns

Now that you know a little bit more about what a heat gun is, it is time to outline some of the top uses of a heat gun. 

1. Paint Stripping 

A heat gun can be used to strip paint from furniture or woodwork, making it a great and more environmentally friendly alternative to pain solvents that use harsh chemicals. Not only can a heat gun be a more environmentally friendly option than other paint stripping methods, but it is usually quicker. 

2. Removing Wallpaper 

A heat gun is useful for removing old paint from wooden surfaces and can also be used for removing wallpaper. A heat gun works to remove wallpaper because the heat from the gun melts the glue and burns off the paper. This method is especially useful when you are looking to remove particularly heavy and textured wallpaper.

3. Defrosting The Freezer

Another very useful way to utilize your heat gun is to defrost use it to defrost the freezer. An over-frosted freezer can be a very frustrating problem to deal with. Having to leave the door of your freezer open to defrost can be very time-consuming, and this is where a heat gun comes in, as it will enable you to defrost the area much more quickly and efficiently. 

4. Remove Adhesives 

Just as a heat gun can be used to remove the glue from wallpaper, it can also be used to remove a wide range of other adhesives. Have you been struggling to get a label off a jar, a tile from your bathroom, or a sticker from your car? If the answer is to use, then you might want to try using a heat gun to make this process much quicker and easier. 

5. Thaw Frozen Pipes 

Using a heat gun to defrost frozen pipes can be a quick and easy solution to an all too common and frustrating problem. The trick to using a heat gun to defrost your pipes is to go slowly. You should make sure to slowly and gently warm the pipes to avoid rising the temperatures too quickly, which can cause damage to the pipe if the ice quickly thaws and expands. 

The list above outlines just a number of different ways that you can use a heat gun to help you more quickly and easily complete what can otherwise be time-consuming tasks. The list above is by no means exhaustive, as it is only meant to show you some of the many different ways you can use your heat gun to help you with common domestic tasks.