Three things to ask your team members before coming up with a creative workflow

When it comes to creating a workflow for you and your team, it is crucially important that you consider the wants and needs of the people who will be depending on it and using it every day.

In other words, consulting your team members before you create, finalize and implement a new workflow is heavily important.

 With that in mind, knowing that you should be consulting your team members when creating a new creative workflow and actually knowing how to ask them are two very different things.

So, what should you ask your team members about? Here are a few important tips to get your brainstorming process started.

Ask about how to keep track of deliverables

To put it simply, the most important aspect of a creative workflow is that it actually works in terms of improving the team’s connectivity, productivity, and more. While there are many different ways to gauge such things, the best way to do so is arguably to keep track of deliverables.

So, when it comes to monitoring the quality of work, the deadlines that team members have to meet, and the workload itself, ask your team members how they want these things to be tracked and how a creative workflow can best dictate productivity and success.

The process

Another reason why workflows are so important is that they allow everyone to not only keep track of what is being done in the short term to meet short-term goals but also what steps are being taken to meet company-wide long-term goals. Workflows are so useful when it comes to these kinds of factors because they make it harder for people to lose track of what those long-term goals are.

Without a workflow, it is very easy for teams to lose sight of what the ultimate goal is. So, when it comes to asking your team about what to do, ask them about what process would help them best keep track of what they should be looking forward to on the horizon.


Finally, it is important not to lose track of how crucial the design can be to the success of a workflow program. It should be pleasant to look at, sure, but more importantly, it should be highly intuitive and easy to use. As your team member for some insight and advice when it comes to what they would like their creative workflow tool to look like.

From here, you can get to work with your development and design team and build out a workflow that everyone on your team will enjoy looking at throughout the day.


No two workflows are created alike, and there are many different ways to make them work. What is most important is that it works for your team. Hopefully, this quick breakdown of questions to ask your team members has not only given you question ideas but has also helped you identify major areas of focus that you should deal with when building out your workflow.