Top 5 Creative Ideas to Design a Magento Ecommerce Website

With the mass popularization of the internet and countless businesses and industries shifting their focus to online management, it was only a matter of time when the physical stores would do the same thing.

With the strong emphasis on the importance of going online, businesses need to do everything in their power to create a website that perfectly represents their brand. As there are no more in-store first impressions, communicative and helpful workers, and sparkly shops with squeaky floors, businesses need to redirect their effort into creating a website that’ll leave the customers amazed.

As more and more companies choose the Magento platform for their eCommerce website, each brand needs to come with unique and creative design ideas that set them apart from the crowd but represent the company in the best light. So, if you’re unsure how to achieve that, check out these five creative design ideas.

1.    Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

By using Magento eCommerce development, the Gertrude Hawk Chocolates team created an exquisite website design featuring the brand’s signature brown and black colors that symbolize chocolate.

With a unique eCommerce website, this brand’s online presence doesn’t only feature modern, user-friendly, and simple design. Instead, the website features colorful pictures, countless choices for their customers, rich and luxurious product presentations, and much more.

The modern take on a traditional chocolate-making craft, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates match the unmatchable – royal-like, detailed design and minimalistic, simple navigation.

So, even though the visitors have a lot to go through, the layout and interface make this quite simple and hassle-free. With an excellent user interface and user experience, this brand takes each customer on a remarkable chocolate journey.

Silver and Black Imac'sImage source: Pexels

2.    Venroy

Venroy is a contemporary brand that chose a more minimalistic approach than Gertrude Hawk Chocolates. Namely, the Venroy website features minimal text, a soothing and pleasing color palette, and a pleasant browsing experience.

With more and more websites focusing on simplicity, the brands like Venroy can redirect their clients’ focus to the products they offer and remove any potential obstacles that might drive off the website visitors even before they have the chance to see the brand offers.

So, calm, earthy tones, simple, easy-to-read fonts, and high-quality pictures make Venroy’s website a perfect creative example – their website paints a clear picture of what the brand stands for and what type of clothes they sell. So, if you like their website, you’ll probably like their clothing pieces too.

3.    Catbird

Catbird is a brand working with creativity daily, so it’s no wonder their website succeeds in transferring that image on online shopping as well. With an easy-to-navigate design, the website largely focuses on the pictures of products and their detailed descriptions. Keeping in mind that Catbird works with selling unique and custom-made jewelry, they made the right choice.

The site doesn’t have any barriers or obstacles in the user experience, and the customers can immediately access what they came for – jewelry pieces.

What made Catbird stand out is making their website compatible with mobile devices. So, not only does their website perform well on computers and laptops but on smartphones and tablets too. This step enabled them to cater to their potential customers and provide them all with a seamless user experience.

Photo of Imac Near MacbookImage source: Pexels

4.    Watson’s

For a company working with so many things at once, it’s hard to make a website that will categorize and organize everything the company offers to curious customers. Nevertheless, Watson’s managed to do that extraordinarily and make stressful shopping easy, simple, and fast.

Since they sell everything from indoor and outdoor furniture, pool equipment, spa supplies, rec room essentials, and much more, keeping their interface easy to navigate and the shopping process simple was crucial.

Because Watson’s sells large and expensive pieces, some even buy once in a lifetime, and they need to ensure a good browsing experience to secure each purchase at their website. So, with the combination of appropriate links, smart suggestions, and regular special deals and sales, their business is constantly breaking records.

5.    Graeter’s

Not many people will buy ice-cream online, but Graeter’s succeeded in breaking that common belief. Their store design is simple but decorated with rich colors, real pictures of their products, stories, blog posts, and several videos.

This allows each person who enters Graeter’s website to truly familiarize with the company and make a genuine bond with the brand. The Graeter’s team openly shares their values, passion for ice-cream and candy products, what they do, and rich history, which began in 1870.

By combining the traditional values they respect today with the modern features of SEO and responsive website design, the Graeter’s succeeded in appropriating their family legacy to modern business requirements.

Macbook ProImage source: Pexels


All in all, each Magento eCommerce website brings something new to the internet. Having these five exquisite examples in mind, you’ll see that Magento brings success to all industries. Nevertheless, to succeed in today’s vastly competitive internet market, your website will need to ensure several things, including good user experience, advanced SEO, appealing design, and compatibility with various devices.