Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free USA No Charge Online

Do you need to locate someone and all you have is a phone number or do you just need to identify an unknown phone number in USA? This is actually a common problem and you are not alone. There are a few ways you can search from phone number to find name and address, and in some cases find a great detail of other information about the person.

Before you are misled by some spam website, there are some things you should consider that will help you find someone’s name and address when searching from a phone number or even cellular phone numbers.

You can search by phone number to find location about the owner using a reverse search lookup or reverse phone book and phone number tracker. There are a few great websites and mobile app that provide this service for free at no charge online; however, they are limited to landline phone numbers only in most cases. It is less common to find reverse records for business, toll-free, pager, and especially cellular numbers.

Using one of the many comprehensive online phone tracking websites and app is your best option but there are a couple of other options to try if your results are inaccurate or when your search from a phone number is unsuccessful.

Beware of misleading websites that promise you lies and inaccurate information. The purpose of most of these types of websites is to try and get you to click on ads. This is how the site makes money and does not actually give you access to any backward phone search results but may only copy bits of info from other sites and display them on their site.

Watch out for spam websites that mislead you with inaccurate information simply to get you to click on ads displayed on the site. There are actually more sites like this than there are reliable reverse and backward phone directories.

Track Phone Number Location with Free Online Tools Online 2022 – How to Find a Phone Numbers Location free no Charge in USA?

In this blog will show you the steps to take when doing a mobile number tracker app in USA with no Charge. For anyone who needs to trace an unknown caller to their cell phone, just follow the step by step instructions below.

First: Run a search online through one of the search engines (Google is the biggest) to find a reverse cell phone number directory.

Second: Go through the sites that you have found in your search and look for one that has basic telephone number lookup services as well as reverse search capabilities.

Third: Go with the one that will allow you to do a free preliminary search to see if they have the information on the Mobile number you are searching for before you have to pay any fee.

Fourth: Enter the number you are wanting to lookup in the proper field and click search. If it is a cell phone number, make sure you are not entering it in the land line section.

Fifth: The website will tell you in a matter of minutes if they have the information on the cellphone number you are searching for in their database.

Sixth: Pay the small fee which should be around $14 dollars for a one time search or around $39 dollars for unlimited searches for 12 months.

Seventh: You will receive the name, present address, previous address if any, and much more information on the cellular phone number you are looking up.

It is not difficult at all really. If you have an unidentified caller calling you or your child’s cell phone, I recommend doing a reverse phone number trace to make sure you are not dealing with a criminal.

Top Cell phone GPS Tracker Website and App’s for Free Online – Just Type in Phone Number and Find Location with no Charge in USA

Online Websites to Track a Phone Number–

1. Locate a Number –


How does it work?

Connect to our user-friendly and simplified interface, where you should enter the information related to your device. You have to indicate your country and phone number, for the proxy parameter it is advised to let it on the standard value. Do not forget to add the adequate phone code, for instance (1 for the U.S.A, 33 for France). Our servers will connect to the geolocation intermediate that will link with the global positioning satellites. It will automatically start the calculations to determine the phone’s position. In correspondence with the satellites, it will elaborate a precise location scheme using modern trilateration.

Our system is working with the same features that are used by law enforcement and private agencies to track mobile phones. As long as the phone is connected to the cellular network, it is possible to know its approximate location. Sadly, some vulnerabilities remain in the core network making the locating process easier without calling or touching the phone.

The native features we are talking about here, are common on all mobile operating systems. Which makes the process of locating a phone by number more standardized and easy to apprehend.

The Phone Locating Process – find current location by phone number in USA

The phone locating process doesn’t work in the Hollywood style. Where the guy is on the phone, and the police just need a few more seconds to determine his exact location, but unfortunately, he suddenly hangs up when the graph gets to 98%.

1 – Landline number, the in-network call signaling shows the number and its location before the call is answered.

2 – Cellphone number, the owning operator knows approximately, where the phone is whenever it is switched on. Moreover, depending on the hardware used by the network, they can probably do it more precisely by triangulation.

Therefore; if someone who has the right means and the adequate data wants to know where you are, they can find out. You have no choice but never use a cellphone to avoid getting located.

2. Yo Tracker – Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing?


How to find a Phone Numbers Location Easily? and Find Current location by Phone number free ( No Charge ) in USA?

Sometimes there is no reason for wanting to track someone’s location in USA with no Charge. And, there are times when we do have reasons. However, regardless of the purpose, these applications have been designed to provide users with the most apt solution for location tracking. Hence, it is important to know about few of the most popular apps that you might already have on your phone and did not know what else you could do with these.

  • iMessage: If you have an iPhone, you can make use of iMessage. The app is not available for Android and is specifically designed for the iPhone users. Using this app, you can send your current location to your friends and family, or whosoever you wish. The location sharing is easy and simple.
  • Hangouts: This is again an instant messenger from Google. And, it is available for both iPhone and Android users. The app lets you share location with your contacts and those who already have this app installed on their phone.
  • Find My Friends: Now, this is a completely different application. Unlike the other two, this isn’t a messenger. However, it helps locate each person in real time planning a party or meeting to a specific location together.

3. Phone Tracker Geek – Find Someone’s Location By Cell Phone Number?


4. Phone-Location – Find Location free USA


Discover Targeted Cellular Phone Location by Detecting the Last GSM Activity.

PL Tracker doesn’t require any software or app installation on the board of target device. The entire configuration process takes a few minutes. It runs in the background mode and does not influence the battery performance. You will check the exact location of any smartphone or tablet instantly in USA for no Charge. Simply specify the target phone number in international format and activate the search process. PL Tracker helps you to find the whereabouts of any mobile device worldwide with supporting the most popular cellular carrier networks in more than 150 regions. All the received and sent data available in “Dashboard” Section are fully encrypted and stored on the remote server and can’t be transferred to third parties – regardless of a request source.

5. Celltrack Eu – Track a Cell Phone for Free?


Celltrack.eu site claim that that have the only site that lets you track a phone’s location without any special software!

CellTrack originated from a passion for technology and is now indispensable for individuals as well as for companies. Every day it is very important for hundreds of customers to request a location. Some want to know where their children are, others have lost their cell phones. Whatever the reason, we try to help as well as possible.

The service we offer is very unique! There is no other company in the world that offers private individuals these possibilities. We, therefore, hope that you are satisfied with our services.

6. Truecaller – Track the caller’s ID just by typing in the phone number

Truecaller - Leading Global Caller ID & Call Blocking App

Truecaller is a Swedish company founded in 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. The app began when our co-founders were just students who wanted to create a service that would easily identify incoming calls from unknown numbers.

Today, Truecaller is loved by over 310 million monthly active users around the world, and is the go-to app for Caller ID and spam blocking.

Android Apps To Track a Mobile /Cell Current Location by Phone Numbers Online for Free in USA through Satellite

1) Phone Tracker By Number – Best Apps to Track Someone By Cell Phone Number

Phone Tracker by Number app is a robust and accurate GPS tracker that helps you locate your phones and your kids in USA for free no charge. It is designed to help you find your kids’ location by mobile number in a very accurate and fast way. Kids’ Phone tracker app enables GPS location tracking between parents and their kids in a private network. Easily add an endless number of your family kids to your network and start tracking.

Phone Tracker Service : Happily Serving 50 Million users around the world to locate their kids and even lost phones, App is translated to 44 languages.

Features :

✓ Totally free for an endless number of users.

✓ Get GPS notifications, when one of your kids are nearby.

✓ Phone tracker app uses both cell tracking and GPS tracking to optimize battery usage and accuracy of the location.

✓ Find your lost or stolen phone easily using a family member’s registered phone.

✓ The app works with all mobile network operators.

✓ You will get an instant notification when your kids move from one location to another. No need to refresh locations to get the latest location updates.

✓ It pinpoints your kid’s exact location and provides navigational help on a map so you can route to their location.

✓ See the battery charge level of your family kids cell phones in each location.

✓ See all your kids as icon on the map that shows the exact address with the battery level for each of them.

✓ Keep track of the current location of your own cell phone. Track and log all the visited locations since you installed the app.

✓ No need to ask where is my children, the Phone Tracker app is the location finder that puts this information at your fingertips. It sends you GPS location tracking alerts when your kids are moving along the way.

Privacy Protection : Your privacy is our top concern, The app requires too few permissions to protect your privacy. The only needed permissions is to perform the main app function about location tracking so no need to access your photos, accounts.

How to use it to locate kid’s phone
1. Install the app and register using your phone number
2. Inside the App tap the send invitation button and select any number of your kids.

That’s it! Once your child follows the invitation link and accepts the request both of you will be connected to each other in a private network so you can locate them in every location.

Premium features :-

✓ You can see the complete location history.

✓ Locate any time – Get faster location updates by the location refresh button.

✓ No Ads – Enjoy using the app without any Ads.

This app is not a spying or secret surveillance solution and the app can not be installed remotely or secretly. To join this service the user has to install the app himself and he has to accept the location sharing request. The user can stop tracking at any time by a single tap.

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2) Phone Number Tracker – Mobile Number Locator Free, NO Charge

Phone Number Tracker – Mobile Number Locator Free app helps you to track any phone caller location from anywhere in the world with mobile tracker. The city area, state, country and network operator of the phone number will be displayed and the current location will be shown on the maps. Mobile phone tracker helps you to get more information who is calling. You can start tracking number immediately with this mobile phone location tracking. Mobile number tracker can trace current location of mobile number to find the caller ID and identify the city and general area where the person is calling from with GPS phone tracker.

GPS phone tracker is working through GPS to track the current location and address of phone or device with mobile phone location tracking. Phone Number Tracker – Mobile Number Locator Free can identify your current location in seconds and find out who’s calling you from which location by finding the location of the phone number being used GPS phone tracker & mobile tracker in that device. The phone locator app will help you to find phone number location. You can track your own lost phone by this phone number tracker with location and address. Mobile location finder makes your life easy in location tracking by mobile location finder. GPS phone tracker is a very simple and particular app that helps you to track your own live locations on GPS maps.

Phone Number Locator 📍 :
Phone Number Tracker – Mobile Number Locator Free helps to track & locate the caller mobile number location such as State. A phone tracker shows mobile number info like Name, Network and etc. Mobile tracker is the ultimate and finest phone number tracking app.

STD & ISD Codes:
Phone tracker & mobile number locator provides worldwide cities, areas codes for subscriber trunk dialing (STD) and whole word countries codes for international subscriber dialing (ISD). Phone number location tracker can easily search and lookup almost all the cities codes with detailed info.

Call Blocker 📲 :
Caller blocker is one of the main feature of phone number location tracker app which is allows you to block unwanted calls such as spam callers, fraud and etc. Phone Number Tracker – Mobile Number Locator Free can easily manage your whitelisted and blacklisted contacts.

Compass 🧭 :
Phone Number Tracker – Mobile Number Locator Free app provides smart compass which gives you current location with the help of latitude and longitude and also determine the accurate location with GPS phone number location tracker.

🔑 Key Features ✨ :

👉 Search Phone Caller Location.
👉 Phone Number Tracker.
👉 Mobile Phone Locator.
👉 Get Phone Caller ID, City, State, Network and etc.
👉 Track & Locate incoming and outgoing calls.
👉 Current mobile location finder.
👉 Caller ID Live Location on Maps.
👉 Find STD & ISD Codes.
👉 Identify and Block Unknown & Spam Calls.
👉 Compass to find accurate location.

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3) Phone Number Tracker- Type in phone number and find location free usa

📞Mobile Number Location📞– All phone numbers location tracking application gives an opportunity to track any mobile number with its current mobile number location in USA with no Charge and network carrier information. Phone number tracker – Search phone number location can get any number present location🗺. You can search any mobile number location as this application is a mobile number tracker for android phone☎.

📞 Number tracker📞 – Phone number tracker is a very useful app as the user can check all phone number of all countries by searching the mobile number and you can locate mobile number location country easily🗺. Phone number tracker can show you the phone number network connection name and as it is a free mobile number tracker

📞 Phone phone tracker by number📞 -Find your phone location by phone number tracker application gives you’re a feature in which you can search any mobile number and it will locate and track the current location of that number and with the help of that you can search phone location also as that number is in the phone📱. GPS phone number tracker is a mobile number tracking application that has ISD CODES AND STD CODES also in it☎. You can check all the ISD CODES AND STD CODES with the help of this phone number tracker -Find out phone number location by tracking phone number current location📱.

📞 Silent Features of Phone number tracker: 📞

✅ Phone Number Tracking Function.

✅Contacts can be seen in list through this mobile number tracker application.

✅ISD Codes can be searched in this GPS Mobile number tracker.

✅STD CODES of Cities are given in this phone number tracker-Track all phone number.

✅You can save the location and the information provided by this Number tracker-Locate any phone number.

✅You can also check the carrier of any phone number easily with phone number tracker.

📞 How Does this application (Phone Number location tracking🗺) Works: 📞

In order to search any number location or you can say if you want to check the current location of phone number. You’ll have to follow these instructions:

✅First you have to press the NUMBER TRACKER BUTTON in this phone number tracker app.

✅After that you need to select country☎.

✅Enter the number in the blank search space we have provided.

✅Now you can have the location of the mobile number with its carrier information☎.

✅For checking your contacts, ISD CODES, STD CODES, you can press the given Buttons in phone number tracker-Find phone number location📱.

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4) Phone Tracker Free – Phone Locator by Number

Awesome Game Studio

Protect your family using our phone tracker and phone locator . We have developed it with the aim that it can help older people. Remember that in order to track a family member, they must first give you consent, install the application, allow localization and give you a unique code.

When the family member you want to track has given you their code, then you can add it within the app and track it. Basically this application is especially for older people who can sometimes get lost in the city. This is why we have added a functionality to know the battery of the mobile also.

Protecting our family and especially our elderly people is very important. Therefore, being able to track phone number (giving first your consent and then the code) is something that is necessary for certain people.

Locating a mobile phone by number and the code that person must give to you. With this you can geolocate and protect that person by using GPS.

Our application , unlike others, is completely free, tracking and locating family members does not require a paid version. That is why we have added ads within the application.

For Google Play moderators or anyone who wants to try the application: You can try to click ‘Be localized’ then a code will appear, copy that code and go to ‘Add new family member’, put a name and paste the code. So, in a few seconds/minutes if everything went well, you will see that your own location automatically appears.

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5) Mobile Number Location – Type in phone number and find location free usa

Onex Apps

Mobile Number Location – Phone Call Locator free app helps you to Search Mobile Number, Mobile Locator, STD & ISD codes without internet.

Free App for Live Mobile Number Locator, Caller ID & Phone Call True Location. Find Caller ID Name for Incoming Calls Offline.

Show Live Caller Name, STD ISD Codes, City Name & State for Unknown Numbers Offline.

Get Live Phone Location on Map, Call Blocker Identify unknown Calls & Block Unwanted Spam Calls.

Identify, Block Incoming Calls Offline & get call details like city name, state, operator and country.

Find area codes, country dialing codes and show telemarketer details
address information.

Block telemarketer, show list of contacts, call logs and dialer. Any reverse phone lookup display true geographic gps information.

Reverse phone lookup tool to search the mobile numbers, Input your number find true gps location address details. Reverse phone lookup will display area of the country & dialing codes.

Search Number – Mobile Locator & Caller ID for Incoming Calls. True Location – Identify Unknown Call & Block Spam Calls. Call Blocker – Number Locator, Block Calls.

Reverse Phone Lookup – Find STD ISD Codes, Caller ID Live Location on Map. Area Code Lookup – Get Caller Name City, State & Operator.

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6) Mobile Number Locator – Type in phone number and find location in USA

📞 Mobile Number Locator – Phone Caller Location📞, a great hlr lookup to get a cell phone ID, supports 122 countries and 1,204,752 areas in the world!💙💛💚
🌟 Feel dizzy in choosing a proper number locator from all manner of caller id and number locator apps?
😊 A free and easy-to-use number locator assistant is ready now!
👉 Caller id display and number info search require only one-touch operation!
🔥 Download and get started!
🌈 Hot Features:
🚀 Mobile Number Locator: Find mobile number location on the map.
🚀 Caller ID: Show detailed info of every incoming call (phone number area, mobile-phone operator, phone number type).
🚀 Area Code lookup (STD): Search for area code and STD code without Wi-Fi.
🚀 Call history and Contacts: Display call history details and your contacts.
🚀 Call Blocker: Block unwanted calls such as telemarketers, spam callers, fraud, etc.
Choose Mobile Number Locator to be your good assistant. The phone locator app will help you to find phone number location. Reverse phone lookup helps you to get mobile number. Finding mobile number location has never been easier. Locate any number and display each call location. You deserve a geolocalisation telephone to get phone number location!

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7) Number Locator – Find Live Mobile Location in USA by typing number

Number Locator is the only application that displays Caller Location on your phone screen. Number Locator provides complete information of any indian mobile number with its Service provider

Number Locator application is the best Mobile Number location application helps to find STD codes and ISD codes also.

Live Mobile Location is the only application that display Caller Location on your phone screen. Live Mobile Location provides complete information of any indian mobile number with its Service provider.

Number Locator tracks the name and location of the caller at the time of incoming call.

Number Locator is a very simple and unique application that helps you to track your own live locations on GPS Map

Live Mobile Location application is the best Mobile Number location application helps to find STD codes and ISD codes also. Live Mobile Location tracks the name and location of the truecall at the time of incoming call.

Live Mobile Location is a very simple and unique application that helps you to track your own live locations on GPS Map.

Number Locator is a must have small tool to easily track all the current location at that present time along with caller cell phone number, name and location.

Search any mobile number details use this mobile number Locator application,just enter the mobile or phone number you wish to search details and view the details.

The true caller ID name, dialer photo, birthday, social info, number location etc.

Live Mobile Location Tracker provides three options

1) Live Location: Here user can track live location on map. It becomes easy now to track location by using this live location tracker.

2) Live Address: Also helps for live mobile address tracker. Any one can easily Locate their Live Mobile Address. Also can locate their Live Mobile Address on the Map.

3) Number Locator: This helps to locate / Track the caller mobile number location such as State. This also includes the below information

a) STD Codes: Helps to find the STD Codes for all the cities. This allows user to find the information by using Code or City as input.

b) ISD Codes: Helps to find the ISD Codes for all the Countries. Allows user to find the information by using code or country as input.

This application behaves as a Mobile Number Locator / Mobile Number Tracker because it helps to locate the Incoming caller mobile number location such as State. Also for Outgoing number.

Live Mobile Location Tracker can also be used to find the Cell Address known as Cell Address Tracker.

This Application does not required your Mobile GPS to fetch your current location known as gps location tracker / gps location finder. This will only be used to show your location on the Mobile.

This application will not show the actual location or GPS location of the caller.All location information is at state or city level only. We are not storing or transmitting user’s sensitive data of the device and won’t be misuse at any cost. Mobile ported numbers are not traceable by this application.

DISCLAIMER : This App does not present themselves as a spying or secret surveillance and does not contains Viruses, Trojan horses, malware, spyware or any other malicious software also is not any related functionality or plugins. All the logos, trademarks and other symbols are the properties of their respective owners. We do not endorse or support any channel or any company.

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8) Mobile number locator USA, caller location

A new call locator app;  Mobile number locator, caller location  application helps you to find location of mobile number, STD & ISD code block unwanted callers via mobile number finder.
Mobile number locator, caller location app displays phone number details and a little details about location of caller with sim information of the caller. With phone number locator application, you can find service operator of the phone number will be display and will be shown. Phone call number location app offers latest and fast feature of mobile number finder.
It provides worldwide cities, areas codes for subscriber trunk dialing (STD) in phone number locator App and whole word countries codes for international subscriber dialing (ISD).

Find location of unknown incoming calls via mobile number finder the call id identification method used by our phone number finder application.
Our new mobile number details finder app, helps you to find any phone number details & country and area location from USA, India, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia and any other country , in the world with call locator app. Checkout our call locator name and find call location app.

This phone call number location application makes it very simple to find details of the mobile number calling you. It shows mobile number details, sim details and country location. Also can help you block numbers. Phone call location with city area, state, country and service operator of the phone number will be display and the country location will be shown. Install and check call locator details.

Easily have access to your recently or frequently contacts, this makes your communication fast and simple. You can also add or modify your Phone number book easily as you like.

With our Mobile number locator App, you can search the caller details during the calls.

This is the free app that helps you to Search Mobile Number, Mobile Locator, STD & ISD codes without internet.

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9) Mobile Number Locator – Find Phone Number Location No charge USA

———————————-App Feature:———————————

☆ Phone Number Locator: Our Phone Locator helps you to locate any phone number from USA, India, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia and any other country in the world. The city area, state, country and service operator of the phone number will be displayed and the geographic location will be shown on the maps.

☆ Full Screen Caller ID & Call Screen: You can easy see who is calling and identify unknown incoming calls via the caller id. The Color Call Screen Function decorate your incoming call screen with beautiful, stylish themes.

☆ Call Flash 2019: Shiny LED Flash Light Alert blinks to remind you of all your incoming calls. You will never miss any important calls.

☆ Worldwide area code lookup: Our Phone Number Finder is powered by a database of thousands of areas information in the world. We provides 12,982 cities areas codes for subscriber trunk dialing(STD) and 246 countries codes for international subscriber dialing(ISD). You can easily search and lookup almost all the cities codes, with detailed location info.

☆ Call Blocker: Caller blocker allows you to block unwanted calls such as telemarketers, spam callers, fraud, etc. You can easily manage your white pages and blacklist.

☆ Search offline: You can look up the phone number, show caller id, search STD code, ISD code without internet connection. P.S. Internet connection is required to show location on Google Maps.

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10) Phone Tracker – Location Tracker by Phone Number

Phone number tracker is an application that allows you to track the location of a mobile phone. To do this, you will have to install the application on both phones, always with the permission of the person you want to track, then you will enter the code of that person within the app and you will be able to locate them.

We have developed this phone number tracking application to locate family members who need it. In our case, we know older people that it is always good to locate because sometimes they forget the route they have to walk when shopping. Therefore, we are now much safer being able to locate their mobile and therefore them.

We want to help the world with this app to track numbers and track phones. Another interesting use case can be when we are at a festival with friends and having so many people we can get lost and find your friends again is very difficult in those situations, so with the phone locator, or family locator, you can be tracking numbers easily.

We know that it is not easy to configure the application, because you have to install it on both devices and have the permission of the person you want to locate, so we have created a couple of tutorials that explain how to locate a mobile phone in a simple way. Basically you have to give the code that appears on the mobile you are going to locate.

We have made it an application that uses very little battery thanks to the fact that it is not always locating phone numbers, only when you open the profile of the person that you have already added to track, is when the search for their position really begins, so the battery doesn’t run out right away.

Locating mobiles is also important to locate a lost or stolen mobile. This is because you can install the app on two of your phones, so if you lose one, you can always check the location of the other phone.

Tracking and locating numbers by GPS to know where my phone is and being able to find mobile phones using the GPS location is important. It will help us if we lose our phone and need to find a friend. Clearly, you both have to install the application and send a code to verify that you give yourself permission to do so. Finding GPS phone numbers to detect the location is the main function of the application since it can help us even by tracking the location of family members who have previously installed the app, in this way, we help older people not to get disoriented.

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