Underlining Some Prominent Graphic Design trends that are set to dominate Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one such social media platform that keeps diving into the hottest and coolest visual themes each year to shape its landscape. From trendy collages to creative fonts, you’ve a sea of design trends to elevate and redefine your Insta aesthetic in 2021.

  • Full of grit and game, color gradients are undoubtedly one of the biggest Insta trends. A gradient is a seamless color transition, which you use of filling up a space or background.
  • It’s a super popular trend for quotes and memes, with many brands using a summer color scheme that revives pastel skies.
  • In the new year, you can expect the gradience imbibing a gritter format. You can easily achieve it through layers of smooth color gradients with various photo filters.
  • Real world designs and references must dominate your design, blurring the line between reality and IG.
  • Color blocking inside the feed is another tend. If you want to drive new traffic, you can use the trend for making your grid look more cohesive and professional.
  • You can achieve color blocking by integrating harmonious tones, or by using a strict color regimen that binds your posts in one line.

Other trends

Powder pastels is right up there. Colors can rejuvenate or resurrect images, especially on IG due to the vibrant and consistent imagery of the platform. It’s time to bid adieu to baby-soft pastel shades and embrace darker, duskier tones.

  • Powder finish will replace shiny tones. You can use the color in various gradients for elevating images.
  • Just pick a pastel color as a theme and use it extensively in your posts. Viewers will associate the shade with your brand, helping your content to stand out.
  • A vintage and classic touch is everyone’s desire now. Old is gold and vintage theme in graphic design will dominate IG.
  • Grainy effects, watermarks, and presets lend your visual content a vintage appeal.
  • Color tones exhibit warmth and more saturation. They tilt towards natural orange, green, or brown.
  • Built-in color filters are cliché and passe. It’s time to create a brilliant vintage theme with Preview app.

Additionally, the time is ripe for embracing imperfections. You’ll come across shattered glass, wrinkled face, jaded novels, crumbled crust or papers, or old roofs in your Insta feed. Analogue will converge with digital when you offset perfectly-shot items through imperfections.

More on the things to come

Simple data visualizations are the next big thing on IG. Its goal must to make complex data understandable and simply communications. You can use them to sustain your followers, whom you can get through trusted sites that enable you to buy 50 likes on Instagram.

  • Geometric shapes will take precedence. Last year, you had numerous designers incorporating abstract and flowing shapes in their IG designs.
  • They are now replacing the model with hard and rigid geometric patterns and shapes.
  • The hard edges shine in contrast against subdued or muted colors.
  • Flat illustrations and icons are set to rule the show. Many brands are incorporating them kin their website design, social media graphics, and more.

They can be a compelling visual communication tool. A simple icon can convey your message in less space. Additionally, illustrations are more effective and creative than bland, stock pictures.