Web Push Notifications

Web push notification is a wide-spread tool in marketing. They are quick messages sent by the websites and their aim is to inform.

Push notifications have some advantages comparing to an email:

  • Easy to create and send

You don’t need to design an email template, spend much time on thinking over an interesting subject line and email body. As push notifications are quick messages, they contain just one or two sentences.

  • No email addresses

Notifications are convenient both for marketers and for users because email address is not required for a subscriber to receive your message. One-click subscription makes it easy and protected from spam. Once a user clicked “Allow”, they are added to your database. This way, it consists of active and interested clients and there won’t be any spam.

  • Hard to miss

Comparing to an email, push notification is almost impossible to miss. To make it highly relevant, analyze the necessary data to set the optimal sending date and time. For example, if you want to inform subscribers about a sale, they should spend some time to look through. Sending such a push in the afternoon, during working hours, it risks to be ignored.

So, you see that advantages are quite reasonable. Now you might be interested in a service offering sending web push notifications.

We recommend you SendPulse.

SendPulse is an email marketing service that allows to combine 3 communication channels – email, web push, SMS.

SendPulse has a wide range of features and options in email service, SMS and SMTP.

Web Push Notifications in SendPulse have a lot of benefits in comparison with other services:

  • They are always free

Yes, browser notifications in SendPulse are free forever without any limitations!

This is a great chance to increase conversions, sales and brand awareness. If you still doubt to start email marketing or not; or doubt which service to use – start from SendPulse. There are free trials to test each service. I chose this service when got to know about free push notifications.

  • High availability

Web push notifications are supported by all modern browsers and over 80% of devices. Google Chrome and Firefox support web push.

  • Extremely effective

Push notification visibility reaches 90 %. You can raise it with the help of analytics. After sending a web push campaign you can track the number of sent, delivered notifications and CTR.

  • Personalization

It’s possible in SendPulse to personalize web push notifications. For this purpose, you need to add the code to your website, which will be generated in your account. Another way is to add the necessary valuables, for example, name, last name, email. Its number is not limited.

  • Segmentation

Service allows to apply segmentation to push notifications.

Criteria are displayed below:

Every segment can be saved for future.

  • Automated series

You can schedule push notifications sending. It is very convenient if you plan campaigns for future. Set time and days for sending. Also, you can set sending after the predefined time after the user subscribes. That is all what is required from you, service will send campaigns automatically.

  • RSS Campaigns

In SendPulse you can create RSS campaign which is a part of automations. RSS campaign is a good method of informing. If you have a blog where you regularly publish articles, RSS campaigns will be to your advantage. Some subscribers rarely read the whole articles but prefer to be informed about them. RSS campaign allows to send notifications automatically immediately after a new article appears on your website. You just need to set manually the frequency of their sending – it can be daily, weekly, monthly.

  • Large image

It’s not a secret that subscribers look for informative images in our emails and notifications. Image is a creative and interesting representation of the text. SendPulse made it possible to insert a large image into web push campaigns. Available size is 300x200px up to 200KB.

All these features are available for free. Web push notifications in SendPulse brought more conversions to my business.

Try this service right now!