10 Great Web Design Tips to Improve your Bounce Rate

Your website receives a lot of visitors. The traffic, however, does not last long. Does this ring a bell? Every day, internet users visit millions of websites, but most of them are only visited for a few seconds. They arrive at a list, skim it, and then move on.

The ‘Bounce Rate’ is a measurement of how often people visit a page on your website and leave without visiting any other sites. You can use services like Google Analytics to monitor the bounce rate of any of your sites. Bounce rates are similar to a golf score. The lower the amount, the better. Here are a few ideas for improving your bounce rate and hire graphic designer to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer.

1. Deliver Content in a Sequential Order

Suppose you are one of the IT Recruiting Firms and want visitors to spend more time on your website. In that case, you can present your content in a continuous flow: The end of one gallery should be the start of the next, slideshows should be set to autoplay, and there should be some overlap between the various parts of your website. 

2. Recognize the Bouncers

Furthermore, if you run your webpage via Firefox, you will find that the browser does not render your website entirely or correctly. In such instances, the high bounce rate is due to technical problems rather than poor content quality. Click for more info about hire graphic designer to improve your bounce rate.

3. Use Caution When Placing Ads

The quantity and location of advertisements on your website will instantly turn off visitors, whether it’s a slew of popups, a flashy video ad that starts playing right away, or text ads that are too close to the navigation bar. Use just a few advertisements and keep them far enough away from your material.

4. Load times should be reduced

Reduce the time it takes for your IT recruiting firm’s website to load by optimizing images and code for the web and removing unnecessary heavy scripts, widgets, and plugins.

5. Make it readable and accessible.

The navigation and structure of your website should be built so that visitors can quickly find the information they need. Also, make sure that your website’s text is readable. To increase readability go this website, use a strong contrast between the background and font colors.

6. Get right to the stage.

Avoid ambiguous wordiness by being descriptive and concise. Interruptions and distractions should be avoided. Don’t have a video ad floating over your material (with a strangely unresponsive “close” button).

7. Design for a variety of screen devices

Your high bounce rate may be due to another technical issue, such as an unresponsive webpage, similar to the browser issue. Suppose your bounce rate indicates that a significant portion of your visitors uses a mobile device or a different operating system. In that case, you can test your website across various platforms and devices to ensure that it is uniformly sensitive, stable, and adaptive.

8. Recommend, Interlink, and Relate

If your website is designed by a web design agency around articles (whether the theme is tech news or Hollywood gossip), hire a graphic designer to create elements that point to similar content will help users spend more time on your site.

9. Provide quotes and previews.

You will increase your visitors’ interest in what you’re offering by including excerpts from your articles on the home page or showing samples of premium content (whether it’s an entire ebook, a video tutorial sequence, or a software tool).

10. Make use of eye-catching colours and headings.

Since your website is boring and monotonous, it might have a high bounce rate. You can make your content more entertaining by adding lively photos and separating it into sections with helpful and prominent headings.


Websites with well-designed content attract their audience and hold them coming back for more. The design choices you make as a web designer can have a significant impact on the bounce rate. So, hire a graphic designer who can provide you with the best of solutions.