What Is Social Media Archiving And How Does It Help Businesses?

Social media has become an essential part of how businesses communicate and interact with their customers. It’s hard to find a company operating today that doesn’t have an active presence on at least one of the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Businesses that can grab the attention of people will increase their revenue, those that can’t, get left behind, and will struggle to keep their doors open. It’s a “virtual” environment, but it’s very real and unforgivingly brutal.

Since the pace of social media changes so rapidly, it’s hard for businesses to keep track of the activity on their platform pages. But some solutions will allow businesses to record and store social media activity.

Businesses have been implementing social media archiving as a means of controlling the activities on their social media platform pages. This emerging trend seems destined to be a standard feature of doing business in this virtual age, where social media trends drive consumer demand, which in turn, determines profitability. Click here to find more information on what social media archiving is.

Archive Social Media?

Social media archiving involves the recording and storage of all activity that occurs on a given page. For a business, this would mean all the content posted on its social media pages, all page visitor/fan comments, everything that happens, is recorded and accessible whenever needed. 

Businesses can either do a one-time download and installation of a social media archiving software, or pay a monthly subscription fee for the service, or in some cases, there is a combination of both.

Learn From Their Customers

Archiving social media pages allows businesses to better learn from their customers. Social media and head marketing managers can use this data to develop new plans or adjust existing strategies to match the current customer trends. 

People’s first reaction is usually their most genuine expression of their opinions or feelings about a given matter. Many customers who post their opinions often delete their posts or edit their initial comments. This makes it difficult to ascertain the true feelings of fans and customers, who might modify statements out of fear of being thrown in the spotlight or facing backlash from other commenters online. 

Assess Social Media Impact

Archiving enables marketing managers to revisit the moment when customers and fans responded to specific new content. This makes it easier for businesses to assess the effectiveness of their social media and online marketing campaigns, as well as their overall social media strategy. 

It Protects Your Business

Social media is a powerful, but highly volatile space, where a business’s reputation can be destroyed in minutes with one post or comment. Small businesses must utilize every available tool to protect their brand and online presence. 

As is the case with archiving in general, social media archiving helps to protect businesses from potential lawsuits and damaging fraudulent customer complaints. 

Having access to all data coming into, and going out from their social media pages, gives entrepreneurs and managers a powerful tool that can increase their ability to be responsive to customers, protect them against lawsuits or false claims, and make better decisions about the direction they should lead their small businesses.