10 Powerful Tools To Find Duplicate Images On Windows

Pictures have become an integral part of lives these days, which came handy with modern smartphones having powerful cameras. This is the era where you would take ten shots for a moment in an attempt to choose the best one later. However, the time to shortlist never comes and you’re left with a heap of same images. Not only you’ve clogged your storage space but have also compromised with device’s performance.

Now that it is not practical to go through thousands of images and scrutinize for the best ones, the need for duplicate photo finder applications is realized. These tools go through your stored images and provide you with all the duplicates on your device in no time. Today, we’re going to talk about 10 powerful tools to find duplicate images on Windows.



What are the best duplicate photo finder tools for Windows?

When you decide to get rid of all the duplicate photos, you may deploy any of the below tools on your Windows to eliminate duplicate photos:


  • Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of the best tools that can help you get rid of all cloned photos on your Windows. Upon launching, you’re also provided with the selection of the types of scan to choose from and then the tool goes ahead for the hunt of duplicate photos. You just need to add the album or the target folder and select the matching criteria. Once done, proceed to scan the duplicate files and delete them then and there.

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  • SlimCleaner: SlimCleaner is one of the most dedicated duplicate remover software for Windows. Apart from finding duplicate files, the tool also offers photo management as well as the tool that can clear duplicates from a computer’s registry. Once you launch SlimCleaner, just select any of the three scan criteria viz.  IntelliMatch Accurate, Moderate and Quick Scan to get rid of duplicates.


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  • Comodo System Cleaner: Comodo System Cleaner is a dedicated tool to protect your machine from risk factors. However, the tool also comes with a Disk Clean feature that lets you get rid of duplicate photos too. You’re offered to employ three useful tools within the app to diminish the duplicate photos that are Registry Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, and Disk Cleaner.

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  • CloneSpy: CloneSpy needs no introduction as it’s known for its fundamental use of finding and eliminating duplicate files from your Windows. With CloneSpy, you’re provided with a plethora of scanning criteria to have your computer scanned with. Once the tool is ready with all the duplicates, you can get rid of them with just a click.

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  • CCleaner: CCleaner is among the most popular duplicate photos finder apps with its intuitive interface to clean junks. Now that CCleaner is a dedicated PC management tools that take care of the internal storage and cleaning, it also provides you with a great duplicate finder tool within it. You’re allowed to find similar files with the help of file name, file, size file content and file modification date.

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  • Anti Twin: As its name sounds, Anti Twin is a compact software that works against the duplicate photos and files on your PC hard drive. Upon launching, you’re asked to select the scanning criteria. Later, you may choose to either send the duplicate files to Recycle bin or delete them permanently.

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  • Clone Cleaner: Clone Cleaner comes to your rescue when even your bulky computers start to run out of space due to duplicate photos and files. Clone Cleaner is a lite and compact tool that works gently and with least resources needed on your Windows PC. the tool is defined with multiple icons, rotating tooltips, and wizards with the add and edit functions for search addresses, while you can also view and edit search results.

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  • Duplicate File Hunter: If you’re looking for one of the best duplicate photo finder tools, Duplicate File Hunter is there for you. The tool not only takes care of the computer’s registry but also gets rid of the identical duplicates on your computer. To make it fast, you can use the masking tool to specify the target file extension for searches.

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  • Exact Duplicate Finder: If you’re concerned about duplicate photos cluttering your storage space on the computer, Exact Duplicate Finder is the perfect app for you. The tool is smart enough to de-clutter your PC by using byte by byte comparison procedure. Moreover, the tool is a freeware, which is portable and provides fast and accurate results.

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  • Duplicate File Eraser: Duplicate File Eraser works as its name and enables you in finding and eliminating duplicate photos on your Windows PC. The tool is a simple app with an even simpler interface, which makes it easy for users to use. Just select the directory and ignite the scan to get rid of all the duplicate photos.

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Overall, it is understood that programs like duplicate photo finder apps are made to save your time and labor. You can calculate the time that you’re going to save with this app by not diving under the pile of duplicate images. Once you’re provided with the list of duplicate images on the device, you can get rid of them in just a click. However, it is recommended that you back up those images, which you wouldn’t wish to lose if a technical glitch takes place. If you wish to share some tips and tricks for duplicate images, do let us know in the comments below.