12 Best Auto Clicker Apps for Iphone, Android & Ipad – Best Mobile Automatic Tap Clicker IOS

Every human hates repetitive tasks and he enjoys changes in his routine. So when it comes to Repetitive clicks, he feels boredom and wants to get rid of those boring clicks.

There are a variety of activities, including many online games, that require the user to repeatedly and at a high speed tap the screen at a certain spot on a mobile device, or click a mouse or keyboard key on a PC or MAC.

What is AutoClicker App for Iphone and Android?

An auto clicker is a mobile application that takes over this function and conducts repeating clicks and taps on the user’s behalf. It substitutes manual clicking/tapping with automatic clicking/tapping that is rapid and continuous.

Here We have listed the 12 best AutoClicker Apps for IOS, Android,  iPhone & Ipad:

1) Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap for IOS

Auto Clicker allows you to perform repeated taps at any spot and at any interval. Auto Clicker does not necessitate root privileges.

To start/stop the automated tap, use a floating control panel. It’s ideal for click-based games.

Benefits of using mobile Autoclicker IOS-Automatic Tap

  • User interface is nice and simple to use
  • Multiple click points and swipes are supported
  • A global timer can be set to run for a specific amount of time
  • Automatic scripts may be imported and exported

Automatically click anywhere on the custom web pages or web games you want with custom durations.

Use it on your favorite sites (dating, social media platforms, novels, news, games).

Install Auto Clicker right now to save your time.

Key Feature

– Support single click, multiple click, and auto scroll.

– Automatically refresh the web page.

– Automatically start counting the touch sending frequency.

– Split screen auto clicker

– Separately set the parameters of the clicks, such as delay, touch duration and number of repetitions

– Easy to use and more helpful settings

– Save your configs

The app has 4.1 rating out of 5. You can download the automatic clicker for iphone here.

Download Auto clicker Automatic Tap For IOS & IPad

2) AutoClicker- Auto Tapper: Best Autoclicker App for Ipad

Auto Clicker IOS- Auto Tapper with a particular option to Set Click Duration for the perfect click duration. It features a float point that you can tap on any side of your mobile device; simply press the start button, and it will instantly supply users with a float point so they can easily control their click. With a single click on your mobile screen, the application will tap with a specific time interval in your mobile screen.

It is an application that will automatically repeat taps from your mobile device at any location.

Auto Clicker – Auto Tapper!

This is the application written in Swift language.

The application is useful to everyone, fast search and easy clicker, you can use it to auto click anything on the internet.

Download Auto clicker Auto Tapper for IPhone users

3) AutoClicker – Automatic Click for Iphone Or IOS

Automatically click anywhere on the custom web pages or web games you want with custom durations.

Use it on your favorite sites (dating, social media platforms, novels, news, games).

Install Auto Clicker right now to save your time.

AutoClicker Features:

1. Click with any custom period and duration

2. Clicker works up to 5 points

3. Scroll with custom period

4. Refresh with custom period


  • Auto Clicker is a programme that automates clicks, swipes, and touches.
  • Clicking on its own
  • Continuously or according to a specified number of times, conduct an automatic click anywhere on the screen.

Download Auto clicker Automatic Tap For IPhone and IPad

4) Auto Clicker -Auto Tap Tool: Clicker for IOS

True Developers Studio’s Mobile Auto Clicker IOS – Automatic Tap is a free mobile auto-clicking programme that performs pre-recorded tap sequences on the smartphone screen. It works with games and other apps that require constant input, and it can be customized to meet any user type.

Features of Autoclicker- Auto Tap tool:

Auto click: Within a given webpage position, it will enable the automatic click function.

Auto scroll: Scroll the web page automatically to see more material and set the scrolling pace.

Download Autoclicker- Auto Tap Tool for IPhone

5) Auto Clicker –Automatic tapper, Easy Touch:

This Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch programme allows you to click quickly or slowly with a defined time interval. It allows you to click once on your mobile screen or it will tap with a specific time interval in your mobile screen automatically. The application will automatically repeat taps from your mobile device at any location.

Pros of using Auto Clicker- Automatic tapper, Easy Touch:

  • Friendly UI design
  • Easy to use the App
  • Specify a click duration
  • No root require

Make fast or slow your clicks with specific time interval through this Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch application. it allows to click onetime on mobile screen and or it will automatically tap with a specific time interval in your mobile screen. the application will automatically repeat taps at any place from your mobile device.

Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch app which is provide users a Float point with it’s easy to tap on any side in your mobile place, just tap on the start button and it will automatically provide users float point with that you can easily control your click.

Download for Android Auto Clicker Aotomatic Tap App                

6) Blue Point-Auto Clicker(No Root):

BluePoint is an APK for Android smartphones that is both easy and spectacular. This application is used for a lot of tapping. This programme can be used with practically any other application. You only need to provide permission to all apps.

BluePoint is simple software that doesn’t take a lot of memory. A blue point will appear when you first open the app. You can drag this blue point to the desired area and adjust the click intervals. Then, to begin automation, click on the blue point once more. To use this app, you don’t need to root your phone.

Download Blue Point-Auto clicker App for android and IOS

7) Auto clicker- Super Fast Clicker:

Through this smart Auto Clicker Application – Automatic Tap, Easy Touch software, you may click automatically with ideal time duration. The Auto Clicker programme allows users to create an Easy Tap or Touch on the mobile screen with a precise time length using a Button.Once you click once on your mobile screen, it will tap with a specific time interval in your mobile screen.   

Features of Auto Clicker Fast clicker:

  • Get a lot of clicks in a short period of time.
  • Set the duration of the click.
  • To use in the future, save a Clicking with different Slots.
  • Move the float point to make your touch easier.
  • Allow instructing users to use it in a more straightforward manner.
  • To control the clicker, use a special float point.

Download Auto Clicker –Super Fast clicker for Android and IOS

8) Game Master- Auto Clicker:

It is one of 2022 best Auto Clicker Tapping App. No root is required for using this App. With ongoing settings you can click or swipe at any time.

The software is easy to use, and you can start automating chores right away by recording a gesture and playing it back whenever you want. To record a gesture, point to and click the “record” button. Press the “stop” button after the recording is finished, and it will be saved in the memory for later use.

Benefits of Game Master-Auto Clicker:

  • Easy Software to Save time and effort
  • Easy settings and navigation bar

Download Game Master-Auto clicker

9) Quick Touch-Automatic Clicker:

Quick Touch Automatic Clicker App is a simple android App which automatically click the screen or app open. For continuous clicking, we have to just swipe or Tap on the screen and this will help to click automatically.

You can customize every settings accordingly and ir it will automatically customize evry targets easily. QuickTouch will consistently click or swipe any spot on your screen at the intervals you specify.

QuickTouch does not require root and is compatible with full-screen apps.

We’ve got you covered if you’ve ever wanted to keep a game active, repeatedly press the same button, or tap anyplace as quickly as possible.

With over 1 Cr plus downloads and 3.1 ratings, Quick Touch is one of the best Automatic clicker app for android users.

Downloads Quick Touch Mobile Auto clicker

10) HabiTap- Autoclicker No Root Automatic Tapping:

HabiTap is an auto clicker (automatic clicker) that can repeatedly tap a location on your screen.

Its operation does not necessitate root access, therefore it is quite simple to set up. Slide the start button to begin the task, then select the point on the screen where you wish to play the auto-clicks repeatedly or record different auto-clicks. Additionally, if you purchase the pro edition, you will be able to accomplish this simultaneously with two pointers.

This is an extremely handy programme. However, it is only compatible with Android devices running version 7 or higher, and its operation is not particularly stable. However, if you’re looking to get rid of that annoying clicker, this programme can help.

Features of Habi tap:

  • Simple set up
  • Extremply Handy Programme
  • Compatible for Android 7 and other higher versions

Download Habi Tap for Best Automatics clicker App

11) Auto Clicker Macro-Clickmate:

This App will automatically provide its users to replay touch inputs or revise the repetitive tasks into apps and Games.

For assessing this facility, a user should have to record his finger gesture and let the other things done by the AutoClicker Macro. The App has more than 50L plus downloads in Android and more than 4.1 ratings in Google Play Store.

Download AutoClicker Macro For Mobile Application

12) Auto Clicker Lite:

Auto Clicker Lite assists you in completing tasks that need multiple clicks or swipes. This automated assistant tapping programme is ideal for gamers who need to utilize an auto-clicking gadget on a regular basis to play a mobile sport, auto-scroll a book, or read the news.

It requires very small space for every gamer’s requirement. But it has many features like Auto clicker, Support single click, multiple click and also multiple swipes.

Features of Auto clicker Lite:

  • Good interface and Material design
  • Small Storage

Download Auto clicker Lite for android users