How to Stop Ads on HULU for Free? Hulu Ad skipper or Blocker on Android, Chrome, Firefox – How to Watch hulu Without Ads?

Video Live Streaming solutions are gaining popularity in recent years, especially with the development of many online video live streaming apps and services such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney plus Hotstar, Hulu and many more. The Live streaming becomes also popular due to its advantage of viewing the data without having to first fully download the complete video.

But there are also live ads which influence the behavior of users and people want to skip that ad. In this article we will deep dive into an online Live Streaming Video platform and an ad blocker on that particular platform.

What is HULU?

Hulu LLC is one of the online video service providers. It offers various online streaming services to its users like on-demand programming which includes television shows, movies, clips and other video content.

Hulu is one of the top live video steaming apps as per reports.

Hulu gives its users to watch TV series with ad blocker.

What is Ad Blocker work? How does it work? & how many people use Ad Blocker?

 The advertising world has altered dramatically in recent years, with digital advertising spending surpassing TV spending for the first time by 40% to 36%. The growing problem of ad blocking, on the other hand, is having an impact on revenue for publishers and media companies that rely on advertising.

How Does ad Blocker work?

Filtering rules are used by adblockers to prohibit or hide content on a web page. During the loading of a webpage, the ad blocker examines the site’s scripts and compares them to a list of sites and scripts it was designed to block. It blocks them if it detects any.

Some ad blockers may distinguish between approved and unacceptable advertisements.

How many People Use an Ad blockers?

According to statistics from 2018, 12.2 million people in the UK used an ad blocker on a monthly basis, accounting for 22 percent of internet users, compared to 28.7% in France, 32% in Germany, and 25.2 percent in the US.

What is Hulu Ad Blocker and How to Skip Ads on Hulu for free or Without Paying?

While Netflix is still totally devoted to the “no commercials, no issue” philosophy, Hulu relies on advertisements to keep its costs low. There is a quick way to get rid of commercials on Hulu if you’re ready to spend a little more money, and it only takes a few extra clicks.

There are various methods and measures to stop ads on Hulu. We did research on whether it will work or not.

Ad blocker that works on Hulu:  How to Get Rid of Ads on Hulu for Free

1) Install and Add Hulu chrome extension:

Block adverts and fast-forward through commercials on Hulu!

Hulu Ad Skipper recognizes advertisements on Hulu, mutes them, and fast forwards through them. Hulu Ad Skipper is a Hulu-specific ad blocker.

2) Reload Hulu Page:

This is infact not a method of blocking ads on Hulu. This is only a way to make the ad shorter.

The advertising on the Hulu program page is based on the amount of time you spend on the page. If you encounter a long ad, such as one that lasts 3-4 minutes, simply reload the program page, which will redirect you to a shorter 30-minute ad. Then you’ll be allowed to continue with your studies.

3) Upgrade to Latest Hulu Plus No Commercial Plan: Stop ads on Hulu

This is the actual and valid method to get rid of commercials on Hulu. You just have to select your plan according to your choice and select it. On the Hulu platform, there are various plans for Ads and non Ads. Bundle and Save (it includes a plan of your choice Disney+ and ESPN+).

30 Day Free Trial Hulu:

It starts at $6.99/month. There are various features of this basic plan. A streaming library with thousands of TV episodes and movies. Users can have access to award-winning Hulu originals. The Series can be seen on your TV, Laptop, phone, and on a tablet. It also comes up with a user profile feature (up to 6)

30 Day Free Trial Hulu(No Ads):

The basic range of starting package is $12.99/month. It includes all features of the 30-day free Trial on Hulu. It also has some prime features including Download and Watch Facility.

With this prime plan, there will be no ads in the streaming library.

Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu+ Live TV:

It is a No ads plan for Hulu. It is just a live streaming option. It comes up with the basic price of  $69.99/month.

Visit here for Hulu Plus no Ads Plan 

4) Use Ad Blocking Browsers:

We’ve spoken about how to utilize adblocking extensions and apps. That’s how this method works. Instead of downloading an app or extension, you use a browser with an adblocking feature built-in.

There are various Ad Blocking Browsers that you can download for example Bravo. That will help to stop ads on Hulu.

Users Reviews On Hulu Adblocker

Here users are saying that even after getting a plan from the Hulu Platform they are getting ads.

How does Hulu react to it? Let’s see


How to Skip Ads on Hulu without paying and Final Conclusion about Hulu Ad Blocker

When it comes to advertising, all platforms that host content have restrictions. They also have their own set of guidelines for each of the platform’s advertisements.

With our dedicated research and customer reviews on Hulu no ads plan, we found no validity in the Hulu free ads skipper. Even users are complaining about their premium plan also.

 We found that there is not any free method to skip ads on Hulu.

However, you upgrade to the Hulu plan to skip ads.

Hulu Explanation on No Ads Plan:

We think the website is Legit and Genuine, but users do not understand its Terms and Condition*.

Our website is not associated or affiliated with Hulu or any third-party companies. For our regular users’ demand we just present a detailed analysis of Hulu free ad skipper and reached a conclusion that there is no free method to skip Hulu ads. Yes, you may upgrade to their Hulu (no ads) plan.

For more information, you can check here Why am I still seeing ads when I subscribe to Hulu (No Ads)?